Ok, this is a long and very pointless story. But it made me think and I wanted to share it. It’s not interesting tho so scroll down tbh.. Also, before you start, my english is bad and I’ve always been illiterate so excuse me for my poor writing.. Anyway, enough of this. If you didn’t get bored with this introduction here we go..
Minutes ago I was taking the subway, I was happy, listening to my music and then this thirty-something married couple came in. You could feel the tension between them and how sad both of them were just by looking into their eyes. Naturally I was intrigued so I paused my music and started to pay attention to their conversation…
The first thing I heard was the man inviting his wife to go to his brother’s birthday dinner… The woman said ok but only if his brother would pay for their food because aparently the last time the family got together her mom payed for everything and asking his brother to pay was the right thing to do (kind of a shitty comment IMO but understandable after all).. The man said “mm ok” with a forced smile and understood what he was saying. They both stopped talking.
During an awkward silence the man texted someone (Now I assume it was his brother and he was going to confirm their invitation).
The awkward silence was long. You could see the man was feeling miserable for not being able to say “hey don’t worry I’ll pay for the dinner” his eyes were getting wet and it made me feel so bad I really wanted to stop listening cos the words they used and the sound of their voices depressed me :/
Basically I unpaused my music and tried to smile and be happy cos my life is actually very nice. I tried to stop getting depressed over their story, after all they were strangers to me (I always get too involved for no reason??).. Anyway, I played my music again and tried to ignore them.. I did it but for a minute. When the song ended I started listening again. After all, I didn’t want to stop listening (of course lmaoooo!!) I wanted a follow up! 😁.
Hoping I’d listen to something nice I paused my music and started to pay attention again. They kept arguing about money (the talking was all very quiet and both of them were polite and didn’t want ppl to hear anything so I couldn’t listen to all of it). Like I said, somewhat they started arguing about money and it was so awkward for me that I actually wanted to leave the subway (I was sitting in front of them, like I was sitting and they were standing up but in front of me). At that point I couldn’t just leave or change my seat and I was actually hoping to hear a happy ending (!!!!) so even if I could leave I didn’t actually wanted to.
I wanted to see a happy ending cos that’s who I am. I mean, you could see the way they looked at each other. They were in love once and the woman even tho she seemed to be less in love she desired him and wanted him to work for her and be up to her standards (she said that). They liked each other and didn’t want to argue about anything but I’m guessing this conversation had to happen some day and the day was today..
Anyway, after another awkward silence the man got a response from his (and I’m assuming) brother. His brother sent him pics of his family and somewhat the man made a comment like “see, we should have a child” and the woman response was so short and heartbreaking it made me sad, she said “do you want to raise a child in poverty?” and then the man face changed completely, he was excited about having a kid and picturing a future with his wife but her comment made him feel even more impotent and he didn’t reply (he tried tho but couldn’t find the words so he laughed with tears on his eyes) then the silence came back for a minute again..
The man insisted about it, all very shy he said “I will get a better job and I’ll call my mom for help if it was necessary” and then told his wife that he loved her, that he would wait to have a baby but that he wanted it…
Of course what the woman said was actually the most rational answer cos a baby wouldn’t save their marriage, but for a brief second she smiled and wanted to be a mom so she was ok with the idea (because she loved himmmmm!!!!! jfc!). She even said she didn’t like the idea of his mom helping but that she would ask hers cos hers was nicer.
They talked very serious about it for like 30 seconds and the man stopped holding his tears, he was happy. (In fact, I was happy even tho I didnt support the having a baby to save our marriage idea… I was happy that both of them wanted to try!!)…. Ok, I’m going off topic.. There was another awkward silence. The woman (ofc) remained serious and neutral (thinking), then she asked lots of questions like a normal person would do before agreeing to have a baby…. He replied to all of them.

And then, all of the sudden boooommmm!!

The woman asked him for a divorce and it was the saddest thing I’ve event witnessed!!! For her it was the hardest thing to do, you could tell she didn’t want to say it and that she loved him much, but their relationship was over and idk it made my skin get all ugly like a chicken and the man literally froze (I froze too) he literally laughed and smiled and mumbled things and I wanted to leave the damn place..!!!
After she said those words the three of us were silent and the man kinda crying said something I didn’t get to listen and finished saying “let’s not talk about this now please” so the conversation was over.. At least for me.

Idk what’s the point of this story or why I’m writing this… But the whole situation, the body language, the unsaid words, the fact that both of them tried to hold their tears, the way they looked at each other, the man’s laugh to hide he wanted to cry; everything was so overwhelming for me, I had to write this down :/

I’m probably deleting this in like 10 minutes but writing down things helps processing IMO. I’m a firm believer of true love and I’ve been raised by Disney so when real life hits me it hits me hard!!! Real life literally sucks and I don’t want to be unhappy! I’m a very romantic person and things like this get me all sad :/ lol ???? wtf I don’t know what else to say. 

Ps: you just wasted like 2 minutes of your life reading this, I’m sorry lol

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if we pretend these dorks went to college, what do you think izaya, shizuo, celty, kida, mikado, anri and kadota would major in? ( ´ ▽ ` ) (that was a lot of characters i'm sorry!!)

Orihara Izaya:

human biology


Communication and Rhetoric

I have this feeling that he’d take Psychology just because he can.

Or maybe he’d take personality Psychology.

then get bored


maybe economics

izaya’s a huge nerd

( ok not a nerd but izaya would probably enjoy the presentations he has to do—he could people-watch and observe what they like whilst doing that full of charisma nice-guy thing of his )

( dammit im not sure)

Heiwajima Shizuo:


Criminology? He wanted to be a detective once, and I’m actually intrigued by how he’d handle this major.

Or he’d choose photography because of this one headcanon I have.

Photographer shizuo sounds really nice.


Celty Sturluson:

Well biology of course


Maybe biomedical sciences? To help out with Shinra?

But I don’t think she’s the type to be able to handle the things that he does.


Kida Masaomi:

Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics

To prevent any further blue square incidentsTM

Mikado Ryugamine :


Mikado-kun is …


Sonohara Anri:



I mean



Astronomy, maybe?

Not so sure about Anri…

Kadota Kyohei:

He has a good sense of justice

So criminology maybe

I mean he’d make a nice police officer

Like an okay police officer

No it’s gotta be more than okay

idk man i see all these super famous white people, cosplayers specifically and i cant help but think “whats so special about you” because they all have the same features dude… and the theme of being white/asian to be a perfect cosplayer is becoming so overwhelming that it makes poc cosplayers feel less important in the cosplay community. it sounds salty but im kind of tired of seeing the same glorified white lips pale face theme going on it gets boring after the first 3 people


“If you are delivering something of quality, and somebody is giving you pickle juice. Fix the situation. Get rid of them, from your life, from your work or from whatever! And find people that know better than to deliver pickle juice.” - Tyler Oakley :]

sad songs // songs that make me want to crawl in my bed, cover myself in my blankets and cry 

01. Fever Dream - Iron and Wine // 02. Rosyln - Bon Iver & St. Vincent // 03. Sunburn - Ed Sheeran // 04. To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra // 05. What About Today - Lewis Watson // 06. Skinny Love (cover) - Aliya (Harlold) // 07. The Last Time - Taylor Swift featuring Gary Lightbody // 08. Irresistible - One Direction // 09. Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber // 10. Dream (cover) - Selena Gomez // 11. The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin // 12. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional // 13. Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran // 14. Yellow - Coldplay


Something I made in Paint. Pictures were screenshots from the YouTube video Don’t Hug me, I’m Scared.

„Delusions, too, die hard with memory. Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth. Forgetting pain is convenient, remembering it agonising. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering and our Wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory… for now.“ –Cheshire Cat [Alice: Madness Returns]

for dumb computer reasons i cant use SAI atm so here i am using photoshop to draw for the first time in five years u__u


I was just checking up on my other sims (cause sometimes they go wonky and ugh I think there’s something up with Mekhi and Janiks faces sobs ;~;) and decided to take a picture of them shirtless for no reason without Mekhi’s tattoos … so … yeah here you go XD