anonymous asked:

what makeup do you use?

uhhHHH i guess i’ll jsut list out the stuff that i was wearing in the selfie?

eyeliner from Dollywink, but i used Clio’s “Kill black” pen liner before that. both are nice, i like them.

i also have an etude house “Dear Girls” big eyes thing, which has a shimmery light shadow for inner corner of eyes + dark brown for outer lower edge (i dont use the dark side rlly tho). 

i have a TonyMoly Delight lip stain in 01/Cherry that i really like, but i think i was wearing an Innisfree Creammellow lipstick (#8, i think?) there. 

i also use Skin79′s hot pink BB cream sometimes but i’m rlly lazy and forget half the time. 

and idk shit about other face products//eyeshadows or anything so i just stick to these bc they’re easy to use..

lmao they’re all korean/japanese brands;; on that note tho, the stuff i bought was all through roseysmtl [storenvy here], save for the dollywink. they’ve had really nice customer service and cheap shipping//relatively good prices so i’ve liked using them uwu