I love this picture of my boyfriend, because it was taken by me before we started dating. It was the first time we ever hung out. We went to the mall on black Friday with another friend of mine. And I made him try on a bunch of hats. Cause idk I get awkward around people I like. So I asked to take a pic and he let me and I thought it was so cute. And I literally thought it was jsut perfect, cause he looked hella cute, and we had a really fun day. I knew that day that I liked him. And I think he did too. There was so many times were I wish I could’ve just held his hand or Kissed him, But whatever. We kept talking and I liked him more and more. He made me really really happy. And he was so easy to talk to. I wanted him to be mine. And sure enough on 12-8-14 he asked me out, and things have been amazing ever since. I love him, and can’t believe he’s mine. so—long—goodbye I love you 😚