no but

i’m emotional

because Combeferre obviously figure they weren’t coming, he knew what the general and such were. He’s not surprised.

and Feuilly is so angry and bitter and dissapointed? too much to not have trusted them, believed they were going to come to help.

so you have Feuilly, who grew up - and lived pretty much all of his live - in poverty and struggling and out of all of les amis he would have the most reasons to be cynical - or even just a realist, because I wouldn’t call Combeferre cynical, not even by a  stretch - but he’s so far from it he almost comes off as being naively optimistic.

oh, Feuilly, you precious cinnamon roll.

I have to say, that’d be a pretty nice sight to wake up to. I mean the whole thing in general, of course, but I’m mostly talking about Mokona. It might be kind of small. CAN YOU SEE THE TINY MOKONA?



Technically these outfits aren’t even a surprise but I’m still so excited to see them anyway. Fai in his waiter outfit, Syaoran as a school kid, and Kurogane in his wonderfully Japanese get up. AND MOKONA IN HER TINY APRON WITH A  BOW AT THE BACK. NO PLEASE MOKONA WHAT DID I JUST SAY. 

Though I’m marvelling at the fact that, of all possible things Fai could be saying about the hakama, Fai chooses to comment on how fast Kurogane put on his clothes. I can’t decide if it’s because they usually finds all these strange AU clothes kinda weird and take ages to put them on, and this time Kurogane got dressed in half a heartbeat, or its because he’s slightly disappointed that he was so fast at putting his clothes on. Probably the former. But both works for me too. 









Though it occurs to me just how much money they recieved from killing that one oni. Not only enough to cover the cost of repairing a monster sized hole in the wall (which is not cheap), and also new clothes for all five of them, BUT ASO ENOUGH MONEY TO FULLY FURNISH AN ENTIRE CAFE. THAT INCLUDES CHAIRS AND TABLES AND FOOD AND TEA AND UTENSILS AND JUST. ALL OF THE THINGS.

I guess Blanche really wasn’t kidding when she said it was the fastest way to make money in Outo. 

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I'm a girl and my friend who's a guy always talks about other girls and it's annoying sometimes. Should I tell him. He might think I'm jealous but I'm not its just annoying smh.

Yeah you can definitely tell him to calm down is girl-talking! And you should tell him that it just annoys you and you’re not jealous, otherwise he might thinks that! -Jon:)

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quick question, with all of the theories about Coach maybe being on the know, do you think maybe his -suspicious against evidence- line of “So, Stiles. Great kid. Zero ability to focus. Super smart. Never takes advantage of his talents” could be him hinting more to his somethingness than his academics? to maybe test where the Sheriff fitted on it all?

It’s entirely possible. Or he’s deliberately undermining him, and basically feeding into the sheriff’s distrust of Stiles. I have a feeling he knows more than he’s letting on, but it’s not glaringly obvious whether he’s just aware or actively involved. I think he’s he might be  working with Deaton to be honest. 

To try and understand this scene I want to take you on a journey (brace yourself, it contains ramblings, caps and gifs! also there are quick questions, but seldom quick answers, lol). 

Let’s call this little dissertation: 

“The curious case of Coach Finstock”

The scene you mention happens in episode 1x05 but let’s start with the beginning

the rest below the cut because - looong

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Danny? Is that you?

Ok, so there’s this guy I know and he’s about to leave for the army, so he sometimes does weekend things to do with the army idek.

And at these army things he has a load of friends who have nicknamed him beaker.

Danny Alexander’s nickname is beaker.

So by my logic, this guy must somehow be related to Danny. They do kinda look alike…

So now every time I see him, I can’t help but think of Danny, and I think I might have a problem, it’s like he’s Danny’s long lost cousin😂

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how's brad?

oh hes great

i think he might have a crush on sam the cherry tomato

which is bad because cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes have an ancient feud that goes back for centuries

((brad is romanos tomato son))

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What if Kavi met Tristan in person

Oh boy, where do I start. I think he might surprise Tristan as he comes up to him as a purple tiger then surprises him when he becomes human. Might even invite him to his comfortable chamber with pillows and colorful decorations from India. Hey might chat with him with som chai tea and maybe talk about both of there interest. But is Tristan might start sing with a beat kavi might find interesting he might transform into a cobra and dances to the rhythm like a charmed snake( but don’t worry, he wouldn’t bite him since he and Tristan are acquaintances.) plus he might give Tristan tips on wooing a woman.

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I'm kind of surprised Tyler hasn't tweeted about caitlyn Jenner yet - both troye and Connor did and Tyler is a massive advocate for,not just gay, but lgbt rights in general, especially with Trevor and stuff - I'm thinking he might tweet something a bit later but by then it will be quite late and atm he's just tweeting about getting to 7 million which is obviously a big milestone for him but like??? idk just seems weird to me,he's usually the first to pick up on stuff because he's online so often

He just said in the livestream that he would talk about it once the 7 million thing was out of the way. I think he’s just wrapped up in lots of things today.

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Text: Dear sister mine, Mr. Crowe gave me some ideas so I can get into the right headspace. 1) I should spend either Thursday night/Friday morning with you. 2) that I should practice kneeling, following simple orders, and calling you Miss. He thinks it'll help.

Text: Thursday night it is. I expect you at my door kneeling after classes. You’ll be released Friday after I’ve given you after care for the assesment. I think he might be right.


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My boyfriend gives me zero attention and I fantasize about Dzhokhar. The only problem is now D is more attractive to me. And yes even in the orange jumpsuit and with the messed up eye. I sometimes don't even think I want attention from my boy anymore. Just want to look at Dzho all the time.

I think it might be time to toss that boyfriend. If he’s not showing you much love anymore

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There's only a week left before the show comes back! I'm so excited! :) I'm curious, do you think Jesus is dead or is he off to boarding school?

And tbh idk
Like I’m convinced we’re supposed to think he’s going off to boarding school but
How are they going to keep him away FOREVER under the pretense of boarding school? Usually boarding school kids come home for the holidays and for the summer and sometimes to visit on weekends and stuff so?? I don’t know, I think he might be dead honestly


I like the idea of Sofdti being able to interact with players once things are okay again and I’m curious what would happen if she and Rockoon would meet
I think she would be really intimidated by him but, if he knew who she was he would be really scared to upset her if the virus were to happen all over again 
and then I drew fluff because I like the idea of them eventually getting more natural around each other, Rocky would hopefully not get too natural around her to mess with her but I think he might tease her a bit, and get slapped by Kirb and be like “WHAAAAAAT I WASN’T DOIN’ NOTHIN’” 

also I know Rocky has never tried to blow up Sanctuary but I imagine one day he feels like trying it and then runs into her and is like “okay yeah nvm bad idea abort abort” he still likes to blow up Lavendera though (don’t tell Sofdti)

Guess who went on his first real ride since he’s gotten back in shape?

I finally put the saddle and took Picaro for a real ride, not just a trail ride. We did some trot work out in the open riding field, mostly circle and suppleness exercises and some light lateral stuff.

He was so well behaved and seemed very content/relaxed. I was thinking he might buck me off since he hadn’t been properly ridden in so long and he’s a bit of a hyper guy, but he seemed to enjoy it!

Alongside our ride I also worked some more on his clicker training. He’s such a little piglet that I had to work on waiting to reward him until he would stop pressuring me for treats.

Ok.. so after the new chapters this morning.. I have a few questions..

1. Is Levy’s dress going to be orange again? The design is different and super adorable, but if it is orange I am going to scream.

2. Where are Laxus and the Thunder Legion?

3. How did Lucy get her house back so easily? Not a big issue, but she’s been away for a year, you’d think it was taken by now (and I’m sick to death about her landlady..)

4. Was Natsu really blushing when her towel fell? Did that really happen?? ^///^

Not a question, but anyway.. I don’t really get why everyone is mad about the Gruvia in this chapter. I mean, yeah I’m upset that Gray said what he did, but I think he might be saving face. Juvia wasn’t even mad when he said it, she laughed. All the development that they’ve had hasn’t gone anywhere.

Also, don’t start getting mad at him because he told her not to get the nails wet. Have you worked in construction? Do you know important it is to make sure that all equipment stays dry? If jails are wet when they get put into the wood it could ruin it. He was giving her guiniue advice.

I love that Mashima has been giving us pure fairy tail feels. He reminded us of how Lucy joined the guild, all the way in chapter 1. He reminded us of their first mission at the Everlue mansion. He reminded us that even after all the bad stuff happens, you can still find happiness afterward. And now he gave us pure NaLu fees, reminding us of how it used to be. Natsu breaking into her apartment.

Good times ^-^

5. Final question. What’s his real name, Mest or Doranbolt? (So happy he’s back and proudly showing his guild mark!!)

Now onto Fairy Tail Zero.

1. So Mavis can’t age anymore, so unlike my original assumption, she doesn’t necessarily die young. But how?

2. I knew something was off with Zeira. I wasn’t sure, but I had a feeling when the others wouldn’t interact with her. Now what happened when she died? Did Mavis imagine her waking up?

3. Is Zeref going to show back up? Back in chapter 7 he said something about it ultimately being him that killing her. Of course, it could just be the black magic. Plus, we’re also really close to the birth of Fairy Tail. Maybe 2 or 3 days? (Oh God he’s become one of my favorites characters)

4. This takes place about 100 years ago in our current story line. If so, where was Natsu/END? Was he in the cocoon thingy? Zeref said he traveled a lot so I guess not. But I wonder..

Next time on Fairy Tail Zero we find out about Zeira and what does ‘Benevolent Miracle from the Heavens’ mean?!? Gah, why does this only update once a month.

Next time on Fairy Tail (was I the only one who noticed that the last page didn’t have the chapter name for 439?) Something is going down about Makarov. They have to save him? I love Makarov, but I’m kinda iffy right now about him. Especially after seeing how he told them he was disbanding the guild. He said 'don’t let me hear you speak that name again’ or something like that. What did that mean? And where are Zeref and Acgnologia? Come on Mashima, don’t make us wait forever..

June is going to be so exciting! Tartaros arc in the anime, new adventure in the manga, and my birthday all in one!!!

im still laughing about stan’s parking in this gif

he didn’t even try

in fact i think he might have crashed in to that wall and then just got out like “ok we’re here”

I love him. I love everything about him.
His voice is absolutely mesmerizing, when he talks it’s like I fall under his spell. His smile is contagious, when he smiles it feels like the world is smiling too. His eyes are something I could easily get lost in and I guess I kind of did. His smell is intoxicating, it’s what lets me know I am home.
Everyone else might not think that he is as perfect as I think he is, but I don’t care. I love him and when you love someone even their so called flaws become beautiful.
—  4am