"i have a lot appreciation for the hindu culture"

ok but do you do pooja/yagnas/aarti

do you read the gita/ramayana/etc

do you celebrate rakhi/makar sankranti/ram navami/navarathri/etc

do you have a small mandir at home

do you offer your food/new food as prashad first and never refuse any prashad and feel bad if you do

do you wear any kinds of the various tikas ever

do you understand that hinduism is not a monolith of beliefs/gods/culture yet has certain basic things you can and can’t do b/c who wants to be an asshole amirite

or does your “appreciation”/belief only include wearing bindis and ~*~chakras~*~ and “energy”

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One song: Giants In The Sky - Into The Woods

Two movies: Paris, Texas (by Wim Wenders, its really awesome) and the Back to the Future trilogy 

Three shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar: The Last Airbender and pre-Moffat Doctor Who (Torchwood and Angel are really cool too)

Four people: My mum, she’s rad. Stephen Sondheim, Julie Andrews, J R R Tolkien (queen Bey goes without saying)

Five foods: Hamburger, any pasta, tapioca (adoooooro), waffles and big juicy beef which I just realized makes me sound like I’m in a porno but idc

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