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Someone recently told me that allies are not part of the queer community. I believe allies who actually support (instead of just tolerating) are a part of the queer community, What are your thoughts?

well. idk how to say this properly, and i apologize if this example is offensive in any way… but i feel like it’s a lot like the black community. you can be white and support black people, but you are not one of them. just the same, you can be an ally but you are not queer. just because you’re not a part of something doesn’t mean you can’t support it, you don’t need your own space in a minority. but that’s just how i feel, i am not in any way speaking for an entire community.

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Someone told me that allies aren't a part of the queer community. I believe that allies who actually support (instead of just tolerating) are part of the queer community. What are your thoughts?

allies who actually support are called decent human beings and have no place in the queer community whatsoever because they are not queer for wearing a rainbow flag and respecting pronouns and donating to funds and they are most certainly not quer for showing decent human respect.


i’m sorry but there is no way in hell you don’t feel grateful for this man’s existence.


*does anime glasses thing*

Hello!! My name’s Nessa and a while back I started questioning my gender. I am a demigirl and it makes me happy that I’ve found a label that fits me! I’m glad to know I’ve also got many friends supporting me.

And yes I actually do smile- I just look cooler when I don’t! uvu

(they/them or she/her)

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I'm actually really happy that Hey Violet are supporting the boys on tour. I can't wait bc I do like them <3

at least someone likes them, someone has to lmaoooooo

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is it ok to self-diagnose myself as borderline? is it ok to call myself borderline without a diagnosis? right now it's very hard for me to find a therapist (and if i did i wouldn't be able to have one for very long) so i don't know if i can get a diagnosis in the near future

SBD fully supports self diagnosis. I’m actually self-diagnosed and frequently refer to myself as borderline. :)


Happy last minutes of transgender day of visibility! Thanks for this day, I finally found my gender: demigirl. I’ve been stressing about my gender for a long time. “I’m not just a girl, but I don’t want to be a boy either. Genderfluid sounds nice, but I don’t think it’s really my thing…” I wasn’t going to take part in this day, but I came across selfies of people who called themselves demigirls. So of course I was wondering what the hell it was, and after a quick google research, I became extremely happy. I realized I found something I had been looking for for a long time. Even though I still might end up being a transgender, I have found demigirl to be closer to what I actually feel like I am. I support every trans person if they really are a good person. This also goes with cis people, and I want my followers and everyone to know that I am here for them, I stand here and I will never fall, because I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough. So please, stand your ground, do not let anyone push you down. You are perfect the way you are. I don’t care what pronounces you use for me. I even like it more when people mix he/him and she/her when talking about me. But I don’t personally really care about they/them, so no need to use that.

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lol? how am i being rude at all? Allah swt created someone for a reason ,he made them perfect so why would u change what he created. I would actually like to understand how u support this because changing ur looks by doing operations etc. is haram too so? Im not even trying to hate but i dont get it.

Firstly you don’t need to have any operations to be trans
Secondly every single fatwa I’ve seen is usually something ridiculous like “you can’t have a ‘sex change’ because God made you perfect, unless you are a he********te” Anyway that argument seems very weak considering it just colapsed within words

(。=▽=) Ahh, I love you guys. Thanks for all the support~ I’m actually not one for hugs, but I would hug the shit out of you guys if I could.

Not that I want to make a big deal out of this, or speak over anyone else (which is why I’m not tagging this), but:

I’m too afraid to post a selfie today, even though I kind of want to.

If it was just that I’m trans, I wouldn’t be scared. I’m an adult, white trans man in a wealthy and leftist part of the world; comparatively, I have little to fear. (And all you trans POC, and people who live in less tolerant areas: you have my sympathy and my support.)

But I’m also otherkin, and that actually does make me a target for mob vigilantes, 4channers, and other people who could (and, I have reason to believe, would) do some real damage with my photo.

So, yeah. Say “but otherkin aren’t oppressed!” if you want - but you’d be distracting from the reason I’m not posting anything for the Trans Day of Visibility today, which is that we are still hateable. And hateability is still, for many people, real cause to be afraid.

Hey, you guys, I’m actually blown away by all the support I got last night and I just wanted to say thank you. 

I was kind of very down, and very sad, and very much bawling into my hands for like three hours, and cried all over my friends via whatsapp and yeah it wasn’t pretty, at all.

But you ain’t gettin’ rid of me just yet. I’m sorry for dramaqueening like an awful human last night, my anxiety got the better of me.

Anyway, I love you all a ridiculous amount and I’m here to stay. <3

Here’s an idea.
Support trans women without shitting on trans men.
Oh wow what an amazing concept! Incredible!

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Please don't wear american eagle the ceo said he doesnt want ugly or fat or poor people wearing his clothes

That person was actually the CEO of Abercrombie, Mike Jeffries, who I never would support! He has since stepped down from that company. I like to support American Eagle Outfitters because they actually have been a huge advocate of equality and fairness. They provide same-sex partner benefits, and now even transgender benefits for their employees! The previous CEO of American Eagle was also an openly gay man, and none of their CEOs have made statements similar to Mike Jeffries. I totally understand trying to raise awareness towards bad brands and people, but please, I encourage everyone, do as much research as you can so as not to spread misinformation about the wrong people! :)