Adam Sandler is not funny and will never be funny to me. He and his racist peers can all set themselves on fire. 

74-year old David Hill, Choctaw, a member of the American Indian Movement, also left the set. “They were being disrespectful,” he said. “They were bringing up those same old arguments that Dan Snyder uses in defending the Redskins. But let me tell you, our dignity is not for sale. It is a real shame because a lot of people probably stay because they need a job.” [x]

Like here you have Native Americans telling you that what you’re doing is offensive and the director told them they should just leave? I am so proud of them for standing up to that mess and not being silent about this. 

He’s garbage. Why are people still paying to see this fuckboy? His fans are garbage as well. Fuck them all. - K

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Is Dutch food really that bad?

You know how Subway has like the Italian BMT and all these different subs?

Last year or something they introduced like, the Dutch sandwich sub.

It was just their basic bread with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham.

And the worst thing is we don’t even care we bought it.

I eat just a slice of cheese and ham on bread every day (so why would I even pay subway for this I’m already this sad).

I am a part of this.

I’m in Dutch food hell.

I’m eating potatoes, meatballs and green beans for dinner.

They are all separately on my plate.

There are almost no spices in any of this.

This is our legacy. 

“He looks a lot like me, doesn’t he?

Our son had only just been born, but he was crying like he’d already seen through everything the world had to offer.

“It’s alright.” I told him. ”One day, you’re going to realise you don’t know everything as well as you think. And when that time comes, you’ll have definitely made comrades who will walk side by side with you.”

The baby couldn’t have understood a word, but he still stared up at me with wide eyes. Those eyes of his looked just like his mother’s, all long slit and almond shaped.”

-Shikamaru Hiden Chapter 19 (The End)

Thank you very much, cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for the time and effort of translating the novel for us…

speaking of submissions not meeting the formatting guide, I still constantly receive tons of submissions where the text says “Today’s Gender is: ____” or “Today’s Gender: ____“ or “Gender of day: ____” or don’t have anything and just name the object, like a picture of a pineapple and the text just says “pineapple”, and a lot of submission just don’t have any text attached at all.

I provide the correct text in the submission guidelines (Today’s Gender of the Day is: or Today’s Genders of the Day are:) that you can simply copy and paste for half of a nice, properly formatted submission, so please be sure to use that, especially if you’re confused at all.

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Hey! I've read your meta on AOU and I think it's on point. It is very weird Steve (and the rest of the team) agreeing with Tony that's ok for them to be the ~~protectors~~ of the Earth and have so much power in their hands. What do you think it's gonna set off Civil War then?

Do you still like Tony btw? I hate how very american he is in his “the world needs to be protected and I’M THE ONE to do it” attitude, but at the same time I see him in a ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ situation. All of the Avengers, actually. Idk.

put these questions together cos theyre kind of similar!!

okay i mean like i don’t think it’s that they disagree with tony on protecting the earth, or that it’s even an american thing - i think it’s actually quite a logical conclusion given the events of the past two phases. things tend to fall into perspective once there’s been an alien invasion, and the thing is that tony actually wants to quit doing this, it’s why he built ultron. you see natasha in cap 2 saying that ‘the world is a dangerous place, but we’re the best qualified to protect it’, and it’s essentially what steve is saying and what thor is saying as well. tony actually doesn’t differ in that respect - what he differs in is that he doesn’t think they have to be the ones doing it. he thinks that he can treat this as a mathematical question instead of a case by case analysis - and where he and steve differ is that tony believes, FRUSTRATINGLY, LIKE HYDRA, I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS CANON, I CANNOT BELIEVE, in preventative violence. ‘everytime someone tries to end a war before it starts, innocent people die,’ which is like, YOU’RE NOT WRONG STEVE!! YOU’RE NOT WRONG. 

but all of them, even thor, whose main gripe is that tony messes with something he doesn’t understand, believes that they’re the ones best suited to protecting the earth, and it’s true, they are, so long as they stay who they are. i mean this itself comes with the dangers of like, vigilante justice and the fact that there isn’t a curtailing executive check on the avengers, but given the fact that the existing institutions are already doing preventative violence, they’re actually better than nothing. tony’s main fear is the outer-space threat, which is actually understandable - what isn’t feasible is how he means to approach it, not by directing his efforts outwards but by starting with the earth.

which brings us to civil war.

originally i thought it might be ultron that sets them off - but THAT’S SCRAPPED NOW, THANKS, THANKS - given that, hey, tony just built a global watchdog surveillance AI system that is DISTURBINGLY CLOSE to what cap just took down in tws, so that’s gonna be a problem, right? right? well, it’s done now. tony has an orange car. cap is avengers daddy but not in a way anyone would enjoy. why did i pay for this movie

so… i don’t know. i really don’t know. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be shit? cos the russos? but at the same time i do think that bucky would be involved somehow - maybe tony grows some kind of self-awareness and realizes that these superheroes need some kind of a check on their abilities, maybe after he finds out that bucky killed howard, and develops another system of check? but see thats the problem again. you can’t go into this without scrapping two movies of development, or screwing someone else over, and i am just so BAFFLED, AS TO WHY, THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY, AND DECIDED NOT TO USE THE LAST ACT OF ULTRON TO SET UP CIVIL WAR. I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I DON’T GET IT. now civil war’s gonna have to happen and get resolved over the course of one movie with like TWENTY cast members, and i just don’t see how this is gonna be anything other than a flaming mess. 

just. aisle 3. someone vomited in aisle 3.

@tamarahaddad7: Abs… Are an outcome of being lean. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately so I will address the topic. People ask which #exercises will help develop #abs. My answer: squats, deadlifts, and over head press. Basically most exercises if done properly will engage the #core. So squeeze your abs when you do all your lifts. I rarely do crunches. I also like a weighted leg lift on a roman chair. Besides training them the most important thing is that your diet be lean in general. Lower on fats and carbs, and higher in lean proteins. Also, many of us retain a lot of water. You can see my current condition in this photo. Still holding water in my lower tummy. I’ll be getting rid of that for my #edgebooty dvd filming this weekend by using a special water release method and other water shed supplements like dandelion root. So abs aren’t easy to maintain unless your genetically blessed that way. So don’t go crunching your life away and expect to have shredded abs. #train #nutrition #core #muscle #waterretention contact tamarahaddad777@yahoo.com for training and meal plan. Get your shredded abs for summer.

A great love is a lot like a good memory. When it’s there, and you know it’s there, but it’s just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. Then you can focus on it and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you’re patient and you hold still, well maybe, just maybe, it’ll come to you. I just have to be somewhere she can find me. And I mean, hell… if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory… you might as well make it a good one.

Church (Red vs. Blue)

This line made my year and totally corresponded with things I was going through when I first watched this season.

i feel like a lot of people dont believe me when i say I spent my early teens in some really fucked up corners of the internet and honestly sometimes I forget too because I’m surround by many different, good people now and I’m a better, more independent person who can actually think for myself

But yeah ive seen some shit

I see a lot of people are a bit upset after Love Letters and honestly you shouldn’t let what Garnet said keep you from shipping the ships you like that involve her whether they be canon or not. That shouldn’t matter. Shipping is supposed to be fun and experimental. You don’t need it to be official even though i agree it would be cool if they were.

I wouldn’t be so quick on shooting down pearlnet and polygems etc. the characters still have room for development.

Let’s just enjoy Steven Universe and see what happens before we cry about ruined ships.

I realize that I ask my friends and family “are you okay?” a lot, especially when they are looking like they are upset, but even when they look happy, I still ask and make sure everything is okay, and honestly I think I do this because whenever I am not feeling good or I am sad, or I am having a bad day, no one ever bothers to ask if I am okay, and that is one of the worst feelings ever, so now I have to make sure everyone around me is okay…

#FBF In 2013 I got to work with Edgar Wright, one of my favorite people ever…twice. That was a great year. Here the premiere poster I designed for “The World’s End”. When Edgar and I were first discussing the film before it was completed he kept saying “I can’t wait to show you the "blanks”. You’re going to love the Blanks.“ And I kept pushing him to "fill in the blank! What do you mean, what will I love!?” And it was like a game of “who’s on first” and I still think about that conversation a lot. Edgar is fucking cool. There’s still a few of these prints available to purchase on @zerofriendsart Zerofriends.com CHEERS!

There’s such a blissful sense of otherness that I can’t remember what it was like to not have children. I used to think a lot about myself. I still do, I guess. I mean, I have the capacity to indulge in myself. My primary relationship was with myself, and that was interrupted irrevocably when I found out I was going to be a father. It cut out so much shit from my head. There was the idea that in order to look after someone else, you must first truly look after yourself. I need to be fit and good to go and get shit done. I was healthy and already had a lot of shit behind me—rehab and all that—but I didn’t have an anchor. A child is an anchor. And it gets heavy. Is your son going to be a reflection of you? Fear of becoming your father. And then the fear of not becoming your father. All of these conversations which were nice to think about and hypothesize about before are now immediately connected… .You can’t un-have a son. 

- Tom Hardy in Details magazine. Photo by Greg Williams (with some edits by me). 

Had to do one more, because I love this quote. He’s such a beautifully reflective human being. 

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Why don't you guys wear bullet proof vests?

They’re too expensive. and it’s like with the helmets, you don’t want to be the only one who wears these things. and then when you see how a comrade get shot you get blame emotions..no one of us wore a west. I can tell you that around 80% of our martyrs would still live if they had worn a bulletproof vest and helmet. But the YPG is funded only by donations. there are no other financial sources. And they get no help from States.. a lot of the fighters wearing broken shoes..when i was there I shared my jackets, shoes, thermo clothing and other stuffs with the comrades.
I don’t know how yo think about it, but it feels wrong for me to wear these stuffs as the only one as if I would be someone better.

Here’s the first finished request that was done in exchange for a Trekstock donation. Harry Styles for artificiallysweeter. I hope you like it! The hair was a lot of fun. 

For the rest of you, deal still stands, Request a drawing in exchange for a donation to Liam’s Trekstock campaign. If you want to help me earn more chances to meet One Direction, please donate 5$ to the campaign using my link and kindly share my story and link. I get an entry for every donation. Should you be in a giving mood, you can also send me money (via Paypal at fayestardust@gmail.com) to donate, because I get another chance for every 5$ I donate!

It might help to imagine my face if I win, and the little dance I’ll be doing in my chair. 

Thank you.

I’m going to be deleting soon.
I think it’s kind of the last thing I need to do.
I feel like a new person in the sense of how different my life is now than it was just a few months ago.
I’m out of my 9 year relationship that was unhealthy.
I am mentally healthier than I ever have been.
I am with an amazing girl who treats me the way I deserve.
I’m just so happy.
I feel so free.
Like if this what recovery feels like, I really think I’ve hit a point where I’m strong enough to do this.

I love all of you guys so much, and I have been putting this off cuz I’ve made some really good friends on here, and a lot of you guys supported me when I felt like I had no one. Thank you for everything.

If you still wanna follow me or keep in touch let me know.
My Instagram is lannisx3

Toby is Charles/ big A, Cece is red coat/A, Melissa is uber A: A PLL NOVEL

This is a long but awesome theory explaining the game on PLL, the players, their motives, and why everyone is still playing.

**PLEASE if you like it, reblog it/ share it. I worked very hard **

Wren confirmed who stole the game on PLL in “I’m your puppet.”

Hear me out. Spencer used Mona’s game in this episode to get answers about Ali and A that were hidden at radley. Spencer did not find the proof she wanted until she had what appears to be a hallucination of Alison. I am saying it appears that way because you never know with this show.

Regardless, we seem to be relying a lot on Spencer’s subconscious, considering that Charles’ identity/ name came to her in a dream and now, boom, “Charles is A!” According to Spencer’s subconscious then, ALISON KNEW about Mona’s game. The area in Radley seemed rather deserted, abandoned even, yet Mona, Alison and Wren knew about it. Wren ends up finding Spencer roaming around in this scene.

Gross cribs, old toys are scattered about, all of which give me the same vibe I got from some of the things in Charles’ vault. Spencer learns, as a result of Mona’s game and this hallucination, that wren authorized visits between Cece Drake and Mona when Mona was not allowed to have visitors. He put his job on the line because Cece insisted on getting in to HELP MONA, as he said. So that’s how Cece got in. Toby’s method was using Eddie Lamb’s ID/name to sneak in.

Wren alleges that he didn’t know Mona before she came to radley, yet he has no problem bending the rules to get Cece into radley? How did Cece get him to listen so easily? The way wren referred to Cece when he explained this made it sound like he and Cece ALREADY KNEW EACH OTHER.

Just before Wren walks in, Ali / figment of Spencer’s imagination Ali mentions that 6th grade was the best year ever. Spencer responds that she didn’t even know her then. The girls were in 6th grade THE SAME YEAR as the infamous phantom of the opera prom took place, the one where Cece was prom queen, Melissa and Ian were together, and for whatever reason, Charles made the girls recreate, with the implication that somehow Alison was responsible for Charles missing his chance at the throne, so to speak.

WHAT HAPPENED IN 6TH GRADE? Why was it the best year ever? Were Cece and Jason dating the year of his prom? Either way, Cece has been around longer than it seems. As soon as Mona went to radley, according to wren, Melissa called her because she knew Cece would want to help Mona deal with the damage caused by “the late Alison.” The problem with this is that Melissa believed that she buried and finished killing Alison, and Cece knew that Alison was alive.

Wren OUT LOUD narrated the fact that Cece came to radley to help Mona, and we know that Toby was “pretending to help Mona” in the same manner. Mona said she thought Cece was Ali when she visited and can’t remember what they talked about because her medication hadn’t been changed yet.

But Mona’s going to radley in the first place was premeditated, and I think she knew exactly who she was talking to, she just can’t admit that to the girls. Why? Because then the girls, who are just now suspecting that Alison is alive, would know that Mona has known Ali was alive this whole time. It is no coincidence that Mona and Cece both knew this fact and Cece was the first one called when Mona went to radley. This is the storyline leading to us even meeting Cece. I think Cece came to radley to make sure that Mona wasn’t doing anything that would reveal that Alison was still alive. Shana also said that she found out Ali was alive around the time that Mona went to radley, another thing that’s not a coincidence in my opinion.

Cece is covering up that Ali is alive, yet Wren insists that Cece hates Ali because she got her kicked out of school. So Cece isn’t covering this up to help Alison, but more likely to help herself in some way. See, I have trouble believing that Mona and Cece knew that Ali was alive and knew NOTHING about another girl who “just happened” to be a patient at radley with ties to Jessica DiLaurentis, dying in Ali’s place, in Ali’s clothes in the exact same hole on the exact same night.

I think Cece became concerned when Mona started working with Toby, and I believe this happened BEFORE Mona claims it did, since I think getting Dr. Sullivan to come to rosewood the night of Mona’s reveal was definitely A work. We have SEEN Cece in a lair and in a black hoodie, yet she has never been “revealed as A.” Toby and Cece were both “helping Mona” at the same time, both with their own interests at heart. One of them had to have stolen the game. I believe Toby stole the game and Cece had to turn on the A team to prevent him from finding out Ali was alive. This argument will be even stronger if Toby and Bethany end up being revealed to be related, which is something I think might happen.

Also, when Spencer was in radley, Eddie Lamb wanted to bring a book to her room, and wren prevented this, commenting about a problem they had in the past at radley that was similar to whatever was going on in this scene. Eddie later says that he could tell when he met Wren that he had bad intentions and was in radley for the wrong reasons. It seems like a lot of the people we know went there for the wrong reasons. Eddie makes this observation about wren, wren knows more than he has let on in the past, yet neither of them noticed Toby coming and going from radley using eddies name to do so? It’s like Toby is the only one who actually had everyone fooled, and I think he still has everyone fooled. I think when Cece returned to rosewood, she came to carefully monitor both people on the A team. I don’t believe that Cece and Toby visited Mona without both of them knowing the other was visiting.

I think Mona believes that the game was stolen when she was in radley, because the person who really stole the game has made it look that way, BY WORKING WITH CECE. Cece knew that Ali suspected Toby of being A back before she went missing, and that Toby said he would offer his services to A if he found out who it was because the girls deserve a lot worse. Ali was trying to figure out who A was the night she went missing by encountering all her suspects. Toby had a pleasant conversation, thanking Ali from getting him away from Jenna. This could have been a trick, setting in motion his future as big A.

I think Bethany was Toby’s twin, and for some reason Bethany was sent away to Radley; something happened during their childhood, maybe Bethany displayed violent behavior. As Bethany grows up, she starts having vague memories of her brother, but at this point, Mr. Cavanaugh and Jessica DiLaurentis are having an affair and neither one of them wants Bethany finding her real family. So they tell her she had a brother Charles, but they tell her that he died as a child. Really, he is alive and is really named Toby. I think Cece has been in radley before, and we KNOW she has at least gone there before as a prank. I think she met Bethany there and they talked about Charles.

When Marion went to radley, she was killed when she and Bethany started interacting, to prevent Bethany from finding the truth. Jessica killed her, and blackmailed Peter Hastings that she would expose their affair if he didn’t help her cover up the incident. Peter paid off detective Wilden. When Marion died, Cece quickly figured out the truth and is paid off as well. Peter now knew, because of his involvement, that Toby is Charles. Concern that medical records hiding at radley might expose the truth could explain his seemingly random endeavor to shut radley down. “People lie but medical records don’t.”

When Cece finds out about the role Wilden played in the Radley coverup and follows his obsession with solving the Alison DiLaurentis “murder,” she eventually realizes that his existence is too dangerous if she wants Ali to stay “dead.” So Cece killed Wilden, which Ali still believes was a favor to her. I think Ceces end game was for Alison to go down for Bethany’s murder. I think Cece hit Bethany, saw Melissa Hastings burying her, allowed Melissa to believe it was Ali that she buried and used it as leverage against her.

Wren has kept a lot of secrets on Ceces behalf. He keeps swooping in when Spencer and Toby are having problems because Cece wants Spencer to remain distracted so she can’t figure out the truth about Toby/ Charles. This also pins Toby and wren against each other, which Cece is counting on, she would be screwed if they became friends. Wren knows about Melissa burying Bethany, and based on interactions at radley, likely believed that wren and Cece were both helping Mona as A. Melissa keeps her enemy close, thinking its to protect her secret. Little does she know that Cece also convinced Wren to prevent Melissa from finding out the body she buried was Bethany and not Alison.

The truth is out now, and Melissa is a smart girl, smart enough to know that she got played. She lies about seeing Toby in England; Toby insists that he really saw Wren. Since Toby didn’t go to England to get Melissa back to rosewood, he must have gone for another reason. Perhaps this was to confront Wren about his work with Cece and the cover ups, AND the secrets he kept about Toby, his mom, and his sister, Bethany. Armed with the truth, Toby/ Charles raises the stakes of the game. Cece hit Bethany, but technically Melissa is behind her murder, as Bethany was still alive when Melissa buried her. Cece is the only one who hasn’t been targeted by A, which is because it would make the identity of her opponent too obvious, and obviously A is for anonymous.

If anything happened to Cece, she could ruin all of Toby’s plans. Melissa has admitted to participating in A-like behavior to “protect Spencer,” claiming everything she did was to protect Spencer, even BEFORE IT ALL STARTED. Dating back to burying Bethany.. Now she knows how far A (Mona), red coat (Cece) and big A (Toby/ Charles) will go, so she has to stop this game without them realizing she knows anything. She obeys their threats, but goes under cover as black veil/ black widow to end the game. Cece knocked Toby out the night of the lodge fire, probably because Alison was supposed to show up there and he was never supposed to find out Ali wasn’t dead. Melissa was there “working for Cece” and “with Jenna and Shana” and maybe Wilden too, but she really was digging for answers. Wilden was blackmailed by Cece because she knew about the cover ups, and eventually killed when he went too far and tried to warn Ashley Marin of the danger. Hanna was left to burn because she exposed the association between Ali, Cece and Wilden.

It’s a clue that we saw Melissa on the phone with a cop the night Ali disappeared and that Melissa took the picture of Ali, Cece and Wilden on the boat. She is uber A, but still lacks the power to take the game down without turning herself in for killing Bethany. Toby/Charles is out for blood, but all everyone can do is keep playing the game until someone finds a way out. It ALL leads back to radley!

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What're your issues with orphan black at the moment? You genuinely have really well thought out criticisms so I'm curious!

its just so….. messy…. its like theres 100 different plots i feel like it keeps asking more and more questions without answering any old ones its become one big confusing endless pit. to me they dont seem like they know what theyre doing also they seem to be taking fan feedback way too seriously?…. its just a lot… like…original genomes? Helsinki? military???? paul? dr moreau book?? im still confused about what mrs s knows and how? clone sickness? baby leda clone? hooker clone? homoerotic castor clones stealing random women’s samples? creepy kira? BETH?? helena’s kid? delphine going 0 to 100 real quick?? what is happening???