i still cant believe i saw a koala at uni today like i was just walking along and looked in the garden adn there was a fuckign koala sitting on the ground staring at me and it smiled at me and blew me a kiss and followed me on tumblr

i still cant believe there are people who live in america like, i want to live there so badly and i cannot wrap my mind around the fact that people are just .. living there .. right now

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throwback to when the lady at Disney was complaining that she got wet on splash mountain

IM LAUGHFIFN i still cant believe her

Some days I just cant believe how naruto ended and I cant believe that im not happy that sasusaku and naruhina happened considering I shipped sasusaku like my life depended on it and naruhina was the ship I tolerated. But now… holy shit I seriously cant even think about them without facepalming because what the shit man lol. What the shit.

Days like this I wish I could go back in time and tell 12 year old me to never start investing everything in naruto because holy shit this bitterness is not going away anytime soon.

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how many followers you have?

a bit away from 10k ((((((((“: still cant believe i got over 1 follower


Tears…. I still CANT believe I was lucky enough to hug both of them. So greatful And thankful for them, and the time they make for us . They are some of , if not the kindest and most friendly people you could ever possibly meet. You just feel instantly comfortable. Not the least bit awkward , just like you’ve known them your whole life. Because you really have basically. I love them just like family. And I just love that so much about them. Even Taylor’s Dad he’s so nice , and I still have those guitar pics. That whole family is just , I cant even put into words….

sometimes i forget that yona is technically a reincarnation of a god and the dragons are actually reincarnations of blessed humans, so like, shes on another tier despite the fact that she has no power and the others do. like i know it should make sense bc hiryuu transformed from a dragon god to a human therefore wouldnt have any powers but its still weird ?? to me?? i feel like we still havent gotten everything about the hiryuu/dragons story yet (especially the ‘sleeping hiryuu’ and the ‘sword and shield’ which i still think are going to be new characters… ) and idk i cant believe were still so far away from knowing everything like soo-wons reasoning for being such a Big Bad and what happened between king il and his bro. .. yona also still doesnt know what she wants to do about soo-won and the throne. she doesnt want to be empress/queen or anything so far and can you imagine empress yona ofc you can shes already a queen even w/o the crown. ALSO dont forget about how the dragons (minus zeno) can only live to a certain age and theyre all nearing those ages pretty soon especially jae-ha!!! woo! or about that one fact that they all get sick if they leave the country but yona doesnt? even tho the dragons are supposed to be linked to hiryuu but not the country bc the original dragon gods only wanted to protect their brother and not the stupid humans trying to kill him? why? also is the original hiryuu actually dead or asleep and why was yona even born/reincarnated FOR, after SO LONG?? thi s manga kills me wiht its loose ends. LOOSE ENDS. i think about akayona too much its not healthy. im gonna go eat some baked goods right now, at 12:38 am goodbye

i still cant believe the first time i saw that scene in 2x01 where ramon looked at cosima & sarah and said “woah” i thought for the longest time he was looking just at cosima b/c he was rly into her, talk about projecting lmfao 


“dont do it,

its so cliche”

i whisper to myself as i’ve already begun drawing

Prison Break Reunion: Dominic Purcell Joins Wentworth Miller on The Flash

The Flash makes room for yet another villain and this time he comes in the form of Dominic Purcell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former Prison Break star is set to play a pyromaniac named Mick Rory whose obsession with fire eventually leads him to team up with Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold, played by his Prison Break co-star Wentworth Miller.

Purcell’s character ultimately becomes the villain known as Heatwave, who is a member of the Rogues in the DC comic mythology. The said character has also appeared on animated series such as Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

This marks Purcell and Miller’s first on-screen reunion since playing brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield respectively on the FOX series Prison Break, which concluded in 2009.

Meanwhile, Prison Break stars are no stranger to Central City and Starling City. Robert Knepper, who played T-Bag on Prison Break, has already appeared on Arrow and is set to reprise his character The Clock King on The Flash. Additionally Peter Stormare, who played John Abruzzi on the FOX series, is set to reprise his role as Count Vertigo on Arrow

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7 on The CW. [source]

IT. IS. HAPPENING!!!!!!!!11!