there is a difference between “words that hurt” (even words that hurt a lot) and slurs


With enough ambition to change the world, I am a giving soul. I am not afraid. Names John Julian Eckert. Nice to meet all of you. #invisiblesource #invisible #followback  ‏@_followback__10 16 Oct 12 #teamfollowback ☑ #siguemeytesigo ☑ #1000aDay ☑ #iFollowAll ☑ #instantFollow ☑ #autofollow ☑ #UniaoDoTwitterSegueEuSigoDeVolta : )



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Alex turns to a potato for comfort 


Please help me mend my broken heart, and let me live again. { x }


MERICCUP AU GIFS :: Hiccup sees Merida for the first time. (In a weird AU in which Hiccup is sent by the Vikings to spy on the enemy. Probably because he looks the least Viking-like… Sorry, Hic.)

"Wow… She’s… really pretty.”

"Stop drooling, Hiccup. You’re supposed to spy on her. Not fall in love with her."

“He’s trying to be my friend because, technically, I asked for that. I need so much more though.”


It’s not about mindless killing spree. It’s about a purge. They are not a pair of merciless killers but a pair of vigilantes, their own code of morals serving as compass on their way to cleanse the word from abuse, injustice, vanity in violence. They are wrath of punishment, fire of retribution and passion of righteousness. Their bodies are maps made of scars they read every night with fingers and mouths to remember what’s at stake (each other)  and how much they sacrificed already (peace and home that can never be theirs and yet it is as long as they stay close by each other’s side).

Remember when Kelly Rowland said on txf that “y’all should hear them acapella” (week 5 I remember) because they “sound CRAZY”. Let’s listen to this great advice rn, here’s a (big) bunch of videos of Little Mix singing acapella (originals and covers, in kinda chronological order) : 

(PS: @LittleMix do more acapellas)

(oh and PPS: @Syco @Sony let them do an acapella album)

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Frary meme | Favourite moment

"Your brothers, the others who are trapped here; they are our people now. If we are to rule as King and Queen, we must trust each other to do what is necessary."


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank) | 2.18

"Your safewords are no good here."