I have something small and simple for you today - the “Native Ways Handmade Rug” in 20 Eversims colors. BTW - it only costs 50 simoleons. Poor sims should have pretty homes too.

I needed more plain but colorful rugs in my game and I really like this one - I hope you will as well! There might be some chairs waiting for recolors too.

Credits to Eversims, S4S and TSRW - the rugs are design tool compatible! :)

Download [dropbox]

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Are you fucking serious? Do you know what alcohol does to your reaction time and decision making abilities? Driving drunk is just about the most stupid thing you can do. You're not only endangering others, but also yourself.

Did I say it wasn’t? 

I don’t drink, never have and never will. I have driven when exhausted though. Driving tired, is just as dangerous, should I arrested and thrown in jail on my way home from an overnight shift? Should most of the nurses, aides, and doctors i’ve also worked overnights with, also be thrown in jail when they drive home tired? How about the police who are driving around all night should they be arrested? Or the Firefighter/emts who just pulled a 24 hour shift with 30 - 40 minutes of sleep. Should they be arrested for driving tired?

So somewhere around this time last year, I was having a blast at the Les Mis fandom meetup in NYC, which of course included everyone going to see the show together. It was my first time seeing this particular production, and somewhere near the end of the first act I started thinking, “where the hell have I seen this Marius before?” Because he looked familiar, eerily familiar, in a way I couldn’t quite place.

I should probably have figured it out when Valjean was singing ‘Bring Him Home’ over Marius’ sleeping body and I got a sudden, vivid mental image of Steve Rogers being dragged along on an awkward theatre date and getting hit with unexpected War Feelings in the second act. Like, that should really have been my tipoff. But it was a month after Cap 2 came out and I figured I was just in the stage of relating everything back to my shiny new fandom.

Here’s the thing: Marius in the first act was wearing a powder-blue coat, and during the revolt he was in his shirtsleeves. It wasn’t until ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,’ when he was standing there leaning stiffly on his cane with one arm

all in black

looking sullenly tragic

and singing about how all his fucking friends are dead 

that it hit me. Ladies and gentlemen, Andy Mientus:

The resemblance doesn’t quite hold up in nice clear headshot form, but from ten rows back? You bet this fucker was the spitting goddamn image of Sebastian Stan.

Which instantly made everything like three times more distressing, let me tell you. Phantom faces at the window. Phantom shadows on the floor. Empty chairs at ghnnnghablublublub leave me here to die.

That’s all. I’m done. I’m not sure there’s even a point to this story, except: don’t cross the streams, kids, it will only increase your suffering.

I had a crazy fucking Calzona dream that was the most terrifying heteronormative nightmare. I think it was a strange ‘what if’ or sliding doors deal. Like Callie was trying to decide if they should get back together and had all the visions of the future.

One thing was good but gross in a boring straight suburban way. The other was disturbing. There was a tragic sex scene where Arizona basically just wasn’t really in the moment at all with Callie and then Callie comes home early one day to find Arizona having sex with a younger model of Callie, her secretary (guess they weren’t doctors either). It was sad….and ridiculous lol.

Owen was the only other character in this dream. And I don’t know why. He did nothing. Even in my dreams he’s pointless.

“I’m being released from the hospital, finally! I’ll pick up groceries on my way home… So who wants what? I can make some snacks or something. Should I make lunches for tomorrow? Accali, I could have a bento box sent to you.”


Positive things that I should pay attention to more: 

  • On my way home to NYC from Upstate NY where I go to school I got a seat on the E train and one of the busiest buses in Queens during (MTA) rush hour.
  • I came home to my J. Cole tickets and a box of LUSH products. 
  • I had a job interview on the Tuesday after I came home. I don’t know how I did, but I really enjoyed my time there. 
  • My friend, Vanessa, met up with me and we went to Martha’s County Bakery. It was my first time going despite it being one of the most popular spots among kids that I went to HS with. I had a really great piece of strawberry cheesecake, and bought my mom some tiramisu, which is her favorite. Afterwards, we went to the mall, and I bought some clothes and dark red hair dye so I can dye my armpits. 
  • The Twilight bath bombs smell like lavender, and everything I want myself to smell like. 
  • I’m trying to lose weight, so I’ve been cooking for myself lately, and I enjoy every meal I eat. 
  • I went to a fabric store and bought some black fabric for my renfaire dress, and some fabric for a random skirt. 
  • Taye Diggs is going to be the new Hedwig, and I think that’s beautiful. 
  • I got AMAZING grades this semester, despite being stressed and busy to the point of anxiety attacks. My mom agreed to get me the red velvet Doc Martens for my extra amazing grades this semester. 
  • I’ve been playing Neopets casually, and it’s great that I can do that. 
  • I bought myself a RIOT GRRRL Feminist Patch from one of my favorite Tumblr posts. 
  • I ordered five home try-ons from Warby Parker because I need new glasses, and I’m excited for that. 
  • ASOS has 20% off this weekend for Memorial Day, so I bought myself this cute high neck skater dress that I’ve been looking at for a while.
On My Way Home From A Tournament

[I haven’t been on all day since I was out at a tournament for Mortal Kombat, it was fun but I went 1 - 2, losing to people I should beat but that’s what you get for spending more time writing smut then actually practicing amirite xD

Side note, fuck D'Vorah, character is so easy to play it’s annoyingly dumb, I hate her… Like if I should make her as a muse so you guys can do horrible things to her and make me feel better by proxy!]

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Hi, so I just came out to my parents and they were pretty cool with me being trans. The school year just ended and I was hoping to start taking T this summer. The thing is, I don't know what to do about school next year. I don't like the feeling of being judged and I don't know how high schoolers would react to a trans man. Nobody else at my school is trans. So, I was wondering if I should be homeschooled. Do you think that is a good idea while I start my transition?

Hey, that’s awesome about your parents, congrats on coming out :) It’s up to you, do whatever you feel able to do. You could try talking to staff at your school first and see how they react and if they will help you in any way. Talk to your friends etc. and gauge some reactions before deciding to be home schooled. 


In my line of work, there’s always something you should be reading: a script or a book that’s in relation to a script. On that rare occasion that you’re reading a book just for yourself, it means I’m relaxing. It’s almost like a guilty pleasure. I also bring along my paints as a way to unwind. I paint on old luggage tags. It’s not as intimidating as a piece of paper. Occasionally I send them to people—particularly if I’m going on holiday or someone is letting me stay at their home.

My favourite Olicty Fics

I never realised I’d read so many Olicity fics until I did this list…

Multiple Chapters

Your Love Is A Waiting Game by sara2117 -  Oliver and felicity have a one night stand but Oliver doesn’t remember any of it so Felicity doesn’t mention it but then she finds out she’s pregnant and basically you need to read this because it is amazing and I kind of might have read it all in one sitting. Whoops. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (and other true sayings) by So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated) - Basically Felicity gets kidnapped on her way home from work and she eventually talks her kidnapper into letting her go. She then walks into The Arrow (literally) and kisses him and then lots of bad stuff happens and this fic is destroying my life. You should read it. 

Songs Not Made For Love (Our Soundtrack) by Jules_Ink -  “Oliver Queen engaged to secretary.” Will an incorrect news article bring our two favourite people together?


Dating Series by  skimmy77 - Pretty much how it sounds. This is just a series of Olicity dates and they are both adorable. 

Like Teenagers Do and A Decent Proposal by byredpendreaming - This is a fluffy one shot duology where Oliver and Felicity are teachers and their students ship them.

One Shots

Patch It Up and Sew It Shut (my scars are all but gone) by sarcastic_fina - Felicity comes home from a long day of work and finds Oliver being a cutie with their daughter. 

Of fun fairs, falsehoods and Captain’s hats by  Iceinherheart - This is a super cute fic and basically I am in love with the father-daughter relationship going on between Captain Lance and Felicity. Also Oliver is adorable as usual. 

Don’t Forget to Remember Me by arrows-and-fairytales - Oliver is being his normal broody self because Felicity has amnesia and Roy is being a cutie as per usual. 

Secretly by bitchwitharrow - Felicity and Oliver try to hide their relationship from Team Arrow… basically Diggle is the leader of the Olicity fan club. 

Cold Toes, Warm Hearts by hopedreamlovepray - Felicity is cold so she uses Oliver as her person human blanket. Why is my otp so cute?

Drunken Oliver by arrows-and-winchesters - Oliver is a bit drunk and all he wants to do is make out with Felicity and he is kind of completely adorable. 

I’m Pregnant by nikkibeckettcsm - Felicity tries to tell Oliver she’s pregnant but he’s completely oblivious and omg my otp are the cutest!

Oliver is a daddy by cityofolicity - Felicity tells Oliver he’s going to be a dad and I swear I die a little bit more every time I read one of these fics. 

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls by flash-smoak-and-arrows - Felicity likes to draw Oliver shirtless and one day he sees her drawing him and they are too cute omg. 

Felicity and the Stitches by SOPHIE1973 - Felicity is high on pain meds because she had to go to the dentist and she is super cute and also Oliver is a great husband. 

Collection of Olicity Prompts: by Hcourageous - Collection of adorable Olicity prompts

Flash Fiction #6: In The Dark by ShouldBeSleeping - Oliver has a nightmare and Felicity is adorable and makes him feel better

No Talking by pambelina - Felicity loses her voice and uses flash cards to communicate

I Hate Mushrooms! (FF#1) by whoseeswhatsyetunseen - Team Arrow goes on a hike and Felicity hates mushrooms and ohmygosh Olicity tension 

“She said ‘boy can I tell you a terrible thing?’” by LizBristow - Felicity thinks she has cancer. Does she? How will she tell Oliver?

Fluffy times for catvampcrazines by malekin - Basically what the title says. Olicity fluff galore also Oliver is adorable when he’s taking care of Felicity

All Well That Ends Well by @wagamiller - Oliver comes back home to Felicity from Nanda Parbat 

50.009, 50.010 by diggo26 - Oliver counts Felicity’s hair HE IS SUCH A CUTIE!

Dancing In A Snow Globe Round and Round by serenadreams - Oliver says i love you in a million different ways (not quite a million but still if you’re looking for adorable olicity fluff this is a must read) 

It Was A Damn Close Call Tonight (We Nearly Lost Our Heart In A Cold Gun Fight) by Sarcastic_fina - Felicity gets shot and it kinda shakes up the whole team, especially Oliver. Also Felicity wants pancakes. 

I can’t begin to express my hatred for doing my makeup at the crack of dawn, ya know right when you get up? I’m always half asleep and I swear every single time I get that damn line of mascara across my nose or eye shadow all over my face. I wish I could show up makeup free but customers don’t respond well to a sleepy zombie lookin’ thing making them a cup of coffee. 

There are good people out there.

So I know ALL I have been posting about here lately is my book. But last night something happened I feel like I should share, if only because it’s the one way I can think of to thank someone for just being a really nice person. I was at the Newark Airport after my last appearance of basically a two week tour. I’d gotten up that morning in Rochester, NY and driven 4 hours to Rhinebeck, where I did an event. Then we drove ANOTHER 2 hours to Newark, where my publicist dropped me off at the airport to catch an 8pm flight home. I was SO TIRED. I had dinner, a glass of wine, and basically sleepwalked to my gate. As I was getting in line, this girl looked at me. “You ARE aware the line starts back THERE????” she snapped. I know she was probably tired too. And I was in wrong place. But the combo of exhaustion and emotion was just so strong that by the time I got onto plane I was sobbing. SO embarrassing, you guys.

Anyway, I got to my seat and tried to pull myself together, pressing my face to the window. You know that feeling, when you start crying and know it’s silly but you just CANNOT stop? Yeah. That was me. So I’m sobbing, and embarrassed, and finally the woman next to me taps my shoulder and asks if I’m okay. I told her I was, that I was sorry to be a nuisance. And she was just SO kind and nice to me. She talked to me and I started breathing and eventually things just felt so much better. It was a little thing, a moment, but it seriously meant the WORLD to this very tired, very weepy author. I only got her first name, and that she was flying into Raleigh for family reasons. But I did convince her to take a picture. So Anne, wherever you are now, thank you for your kindness. The world is a better place because of people like you. Love, Sarah.

My Love I Pray

My love I pray
I shall ever be
a breeze upon 
your lilac sea

A gentle dream
while you sleep
a shoulder dry 
when you weep

A healing hug
a hand to hold
personal poet
and hero bold

The road home
should you stray
a candle bright
to light the way 

A song of love
your rising sun
my love I pray 
I’ll be the one

fic: to dance in my dreams

kurt/blaine - in which kurt is killin it on the great white way and gets a certain part and he needs to tell blaine like yesterday

The second Kurt got the news, he ran home.

He bypassed the subway completely and just ran. The adrenaline in his veins was pumping strong and simply wouldn’t let him sit still on a train for any amount of time, so he ran like his life depended on it. It probably (definitely) ended up taking longer than it should have, but Kurt needed to be moving, he needed to get home, he needed to tell Blaine.

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update: it is looking like I am going to be moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania come the end of the month!

this lovely person here is helping me to get an apartment and also to help support me with a very large number of endevours! we’re currently discussing how i will be traveling there and living situations and such!

If there are any of you in that area that are trans you should contact me! I am very much going to want some new friends; I will be a very long ways from home and be feeling very lonely most likely for I have never been this far east before ;a;

I would also really appreciate if people could donate through the link on my blog so that I’m able to feed myself and such until then for I’ve gotten really short on money and especially when I leave for its going to be a long trip (It looks like I’ll be taking a greyhound bus) and I’m gonna likely need to bring food along with me~

Hey Scales, any idea what kind of bird this little guy is? My cousin has him in a vet clinic in a tiny cage and I want to see if I can get him to a better home (possibly my own), but I have no clue what kinda bird he is! Any ideas or anyway you can point me in the right direction?

Ok it took me a lot of googling because I’ve never seen this exact bird before (the closest I’ve seen in person is a Bourke’s, but that’s not what you have.) but I think I have it narrowed down to an Australian species (should have been my first guess and it took me way too long lol) probably in the genus Psephotus.

I’m thinking a color morph of the Red-Rumped Parakeet? But I’m honestly not sure. Anyone else  have an idea?


Tricky questions



How was it? How did the exam go?

Do all tests have tricky questions?


Then all I got for you are tricky answers.

That’s not funny sweetie.

Yes, it is in fact! Where’s daddy?

He’s talking with the teacher… maybe he’ll get some insight before going to work.

Oh… is he?

Hmmmm…  yes, don’t be sad love. Would you like to visit the park? It’s not far from home, let’s change first. I don’t want you to get dirty.

Look mommy!!! The weirdo stalker is here again, just like grandpa told me the other day.

Excuse you!

I… don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s a kid.



See that star up there?

Yes mommy, how is it called?

It’s called… “It’s getting late and we should go now… by the way, I have sand inside my heels”

Oh… that’s an interesting name. And that one?

Come on sweetie, your grandparents invited us for a cup of coffee…

Oh!!! Yes, please. Come on mommy, quick, sugar is waiting for me.

Do you ever get tired girl?