I used to be such a happy, go lucky person.  So much so that at one of my old jobs they called me ‘Pollyanna’.  When new staff came in they didn’t even know my real name, they all just called me Polly.  

Now my nickname should be Lady Tremaine.  I don’t even know if it’s foster care anymore.  Maybe my problem is The City.  But then I think, well I worked in the South Bronx, surrounded by heaps of anger and trauma for 7 years and I didn’t feel this way.

My new fantasy is once we’re out of foster care, I want to move the girls and myself home to Florida and live on a sailboat.  A lot of my friends lived on sailboats growing up.  Maybe I could hire a special ed teacher straight out of college to sail with us.  I wouldn’t want to go far.  Just up and down and around Florida, maybe up to the Carolinas at times.  We’d dock every few days, enjoy time with friends, do laundry and then sail a little more.  It could make for such a lovely childhood for the girls.

  • when someone says no to me:oh my god they hate me?? they hate me it's the only way. i cant ever talk to them again it's over the jig is up goodbye forever
  • when someone says yes to me:i guilted them into this they only feel bad for me and i wore them down they're probably sitting at home groaning that they have to see me i should just put them out of their misery and never talk to them again goodbye forever

NU’EST - I’M BAD LYRICS (English & Romanized)

nuest im bad translation:

Yo~ Baby I was wrong Is give me a one more chance

It seems I was really crazy
The way I let you go
Each and every step I take back home
Remembering all those times we spent together
My legs continue to come to a stop, and I can’t walk
I turn back for nothing, you’re not even there

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So, it has been officially over 24 hours since I’ve been awake. Started at 3:30 AM on the east coast, spent the whole day traveling, and felt like I was going to die most of the way through it. I thought I would end up finally arriving home, stripping everything off, take a shower and fall into my bed asleep before my face hit the pillow. But, apparently not. Right back to my old night owl ways regardless of the amount of awake time that has accrued over the day. It’s likely because I’m not comfortable anywhere else. So the moment I’m back in my little fish tank, after being gone from it for three days, I just want to soak it all in. So, here I stand: awake and up later than I really should be. I guess I should count myself lucky that my sleep schedule won’t be beyond the fucked up that I normally make it day in and day out.

I just love it when my own friends beg me for free videos because their wives can’t know they watch porn. Asking me to help you in a way that doesn’t benefit me is not very respectful. I’m not going to do it because we’re friends, I’m not going to pass up a paycheck out of the goodness of my heart. I don’t live on magical whore island where I can masturbate all day in my rent-free home. Maybe you should have found a partner that accepted your interests instead of whining to me. 

oh god i woke up thinking I was home alone and jumped down the stairs in my pj’s shouting out the spongebob theme - in the proper voices-  then danced (partly inappropiately) my way to the kitchen, taking me 5 minutes to find a very HOT wide eyed plumber staring at me. 


this is why i should never be allowed to meet people. 

Changing The Way We Write Recipes

Should we change the way food writers set up recipes? 

Dianne Jacob, one of my food writing heroes, yesterdat pointed readers of her blog to a story about how Mark Bittman has changed the way he writes recipes, at least for his latest cookbook, "How To Cook Everything Fast." 

For too long, cookbooks have been geared for chefs and written as one would write recipes for a professional kitchen with pars and prep cooks and helpers, Bittman argues. It seems the point is that home cooks have no use for mis en place. I might contend that it’s useful sometimes, especially for scattered cooks (like myself). But he’s right, nowadays we have to prep and cook quickly, perform multiple tasks at the same time just to get a warm meal on the table for our families. Open mail. Boil water. Start laundry. Chop onions. We settle down to sup for a moment, a very brief one, then life speeds right back up again. 

"…this all meant that Bittman and his team would have to closely examine what he calls the ‘codification’ of kitchen techniques, breaking down the steps in a recipe that seasoned home cooks may chalk up to intuition — when to start boiling a pot of water, for instance, or what to do with kitchen scraps as you create them. ‘A beginner does not know how to do that,’ Bittman says. ‘A beginner thinks, oh, I have to have this chopped, I have to have this measured out, and by the time they start cooking, 20 minutes have passed, and it’s only a 20 minute recipe.’"

So we need to change the way we write recipes. If people like Hugh Acheson are correct, and as a nation we’ve forgotten how to cook, we need a coach. A cookbook should help. Here’s how one in the new style, for a butternut squash soup, looks under the new style (get the full recipe here):

1. Put a large pot over medium heat.
Chop 8 slices bacon into 1-inch pieces.
2. Add the bacon to the pot. Cook, stirring occasionally, until crisp, 5 to 10 minutes.
Line a plate with paper towels.
Cut the squash in half crosswise; peel and trim it, and scoop out the seeds. Cut it into chunks that will fit through the feed tube of a food processor.
Peel, quarter, and core the apples.
Trim, peel, and quarter the onion.
3. When the bacon is crisp, transfer it to the paper towels with a slotted spoon. Turn the heat to low.
Shred the vegetables and fruit in a food processor with a grating disk; empty the work bowl into the pot as it fills.
4. Raise the heat to medium-high. Add 1 teaspoon allspice, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Cook, stirring, until the spices are fragrant, about a minute.
5. Add 5 cups stock or water and 1 cup cream. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat so that it bubbles gently but steadily, and cook until the squash is fully tender, 10 to 15 minutes.
6. Turn off the heat under the soup and run an immersion blender through the pot or, working in batches, transfer it to an upright blender and carefully purée.
7. Reheat the soup for 1 or 2 minutes if necessary. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Divide the soup among 4 bowls, garnish with the bacon, and serve. Makes 4 servings.

For those of you who aren’t seeing it, it’s the italics that’s new. It’s all in the name of helping people cook more, cook better, and in the word of Dan Paschman, cook more better. He’s essentially giving us a plan of attack. Instead of ”One onion, chopped,” it’s written as just an onion. He tells you how to slice it in the instructions. Hopefully, I guess, you the cook will be dissuaded from wasting time prepping before turning on the burners. 

Heading into the next issue of Crop Stories, which is already over halfway through recipe production, I think it’s too late to incorporate Bittman’s seemingly helpful rules into our style. With that said, I should post a recipe for a Quick Cincinnati Radish Kimchee before the weekend that will eventually be printed in the next issue, and I’ll try and write it Bittman style. 

Side note: all the seed catalogs say Cincinnati Radishes are rare. Then how the fuck were they the only radish on offer at Kroger?

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1. How I die: No One Does it Better by YMAS (so I died because no one did it better ?? ? ??)
2. Love life: Royals by Lorde
3. Song played at my wedding: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy (HELL YES)
4. Add ‘in my pants’ to the end: On My Way Home In My Pants by Pentatonix (I AM FUCKING SCREAMING)
5. Song played at my funeral: Miss Jackson by P!atd (why)
6. Theme song: Blank Space by Taylor Swift (YES HELLA)
7. Song that plays when you think of someone you love: 7/11 by Beyonce (no)
8. Add ’ with a shower and a screwdriver’ to the end: Part II With a Shower and a Screwdriver by Paramore (what even)
9. Theme song for bath time: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy (omfg)
10. Theme song for driving: Four Walls by Broods (omg this is perfect)

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Idk who I am ne more
This creativity should surpass
Yet I think my mild tumblr fame may be holding me back
I’m guilty of the unintentional move home
And I’ve made myself too comfortable
The only help I need is your prayers
If your a sinner like me
ask Jesus to tell Savior to help me
Bc I’ve lost my way
Between the two extremes
Idk if I’m saved really
This aforementioned creativity that I speak of
Is my love for an art form that has to platform
Or little to none on social media
Black hair, ilove
I dream of being a barber, my own boss,
Creative daily
But they say u need to be skilled before education
This horrifies me
To suck at my dream
Bc I’ve given over 45k to an institution already
That job I haven’t yet landed
But it’s me
As u can see I need focus
My mind works this randomly
Is it weak to say I need a hug
Idk bc I’m not seen as a man
or less than
Bc my sexuality or that I choose to be honest
And if I don’t tell u after you’ve ask
I’m not being dishonest
But I’d rather you wonder
One day, I hope tomorrow, periods become commas
Bc these set backs take a lot from me
But IT’s ME
Who need to change
It’s hard to change when u don’t know what to leave the same
I want to be a pillar
But I feel like gravel
Tumbling left right
I want thank all my followers friends and supporters
Special thx to these few vivalavougue
kingcolvs and spoken-reality
Bc of your actions and involvement
If I ever become fully Teron
Know u will never go lacking
And my current lack will be gained


Make me choose » witchofthekorcari asked:

↳ Dacey Mormont or and Alysane Mormont

Imagine you and your favorite character study together, and he/she is terribly afraid of snakes. One day, your school goes on a trip to the zoo, and part of the activity is visiting the reptile session of the zoo, where the snakes are separated from the visitor only by a short and thin glass wall. When your favorite character goes there, they start freaking out, screaming, running, and even faint from fear. Everyone laughs at them and starts bullying them at school, until the day you stand by him/her, telling everyone how much of assholes they are for doing that. From that day on, you and your favorite character become best friends.


is my beauty worthy of an award tonight?


What’s an angel without its wings?


REVOLUTION | Charlie + Rachel

You’re the scariest person I know.

"I came out 2 years ago to my parents and at first they seemed cool with it but lately they have been making offensive comments and refusing to let me see my friends/date. I’m 18 and have a decent job and a really good friend offered a room in his house for cheap for me to live. My parents hate the idea and want me to stay home, but being at home make me super depressed, what should I say to them?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I think the best way to handle this is to say you’re going to try living on your own to see what it’s like and to let them know you appreciate them. You appreciate that you have a home with them and you feel supported in knowing that if something happened you could come back home.

THAT is what I think you should say to them, HOWEVER, I want you to know that getting out of a home environment that doesn’t make you feel comfortable / safe / loved is very important to your mental and emotional health. If you have the ability and the resources to live in a place where you can be yourself and start to live the life you want to live, you should absolutely do it.

I think it’ll be scary and hard and you might get some flak from your parents, but I think that flak is worth the lifetime of of misunderstanding.

Besides, how much longer would they REALLY keep you there? 2 years? 4 years? That’s such a small difference for them to let go of, you know? You are making the right decision.

Kristin Says:

I agree with a couple of the sentiments that Dannielle has offered, but I have a thing or two I would like to add. Yes, I agree that you should get tf out of your house and move in with your friend. Yes, I agree that there is a positive way to talk to your family about this, without doors slamming and eyes rolling and spit flying…

However, I think your parents need and deserve to know what has pushed you to make this decision. 

Let’s stop there for a moment: You should only speak to them once you have made the decision. This means you know how you are paying the first month or two of rent, it means you have a plan for when you are moving, it means you’ve discussed all the particulars with your friend/future roommate. Once that is all settled, then you sit down with your parents.

And yes, you should absolutely sit down with them. I would let them know, either in a note or an email or a conversation, that you want to have time to sit down and discuss some big life-things with them. This is a big deal for you and for them, and it is rooted in a place that needs a lot of attention for you to have a good relationship with them in the future, so it deserves a proper sit-down.

Cool, so now here we are at this sit-down talk. This is where you tell them that your friend has offered you a room, that you have prepared your rent and made arrangements, and that you love them very much, but you know that this is the best decision for you. That part Dannielle covered… but I don’t think you stop there. They need to know why you have made this decision. They need to know that their comments have hurt you, and that their restrictions have made your home environment extremely upsetting. You don’t have to say this in a way that makes them feel like the scum on the bottom of your shoe… in fact, you should speak to them as their child who is very hopeful that they will be able to grow, learn, and become a supportive force in your life.

I would give them This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and I would also let them know about The Parents Project and PFLAG, and any other resources that you might have in your area. Tell them you love the person you are, and that you want to work to a place where they also love all of the pieces of that person.

Tell them you want to have weekly family dinners. Tell them that you will miss them and that you love them (it’s okay to hit this point a few times). Remain firm in your choice, because it is a very, very important choice to make. You are choosing support and positivity, and you are giving yourself the space to be yourself and your parents the space to learn and grow.



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isn’t she stunning? we had an early vday today bc we were both off work and the gifts we got each other were both delivered on the same day. we went and saw spongebob in 3D (really hilarious by the way, you should take the beautiful soul you love to hear laugh) and picked up chinese on the way home. she makes me so happy… a contentedness I could only find in the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Perhaps home isn’t a coming to rest
perhaps it is rather an excursion
a constant journey between spaces,
frequent and fluid motion
and changes of state.
I am asked too often of my home
of what it’s like there and lately
I am not sure where exactly it is;
an address can be changed
people change, lives are uprooted
like plants potted in new soil,
patted firm, only to be pulled out again.
We speak of home as a birthright
but the only right we bear at birth
is the air that permits it.
Home is the sand slipping through my fingers,
the grains reminiscent of all the time
I am constantly running out of.
It is the neither of two or several spaces;
my lord tells me I was born in transit
and that I am only a tourist.
Why, then, am I convinced I should
ever find my way home?
—  Nav K