I’ve said this 20 times before BUT

after this week

I might have more time to live and chill? 

Haha.. my teacher spread out my exams last week so I have another one on wednesday, and hopefully my new schoolbooks arrive tomorrow to let me catch up with last weeks and this weeks study load and I am going to finish my art essay this week and then I WILL BE DONE with catching up anhd have the normal study&homwork circle again and I am madly excited about that~

and then I can be more active here with more than just randomly reblogging some pretty things hehe

I really appreciate all your nice comments and I am excited to speak a bit more to people that have liked and commented my posts lately, I see you people I see you <3

You guys are the fan in my over-heated life~

I wrote a bit of a very kinky Launt fic that is based on let’s say horseriding-gear kink huehue based on a beautiful au riwox and I once made and I shall write more of that or at least publish the snippet here for some tingles <3

In general I will again make more translations and put some of our prompt-y things up again, believe me guys I am suuuffering from not putting anything there to keep Launt alive among us few that are left but there is stuff IN MY HEAD I just need the time to let it out and make it presentable! Hopefully that time is within reach!

Leo Tolstoy's diary
  • April 17th:What will be the purpose of my life in the village for the next two years? 1) Study the course of legal sciences, university level. 2) Study practical medicine and part of theoretical. 3) Study languages: French, Russian, German, English, Italian and Latin. 4) Study agriculture, both theoretical and practical. 5) Study history, geography and statistics. 6) Study mathematics, secondary school level. 7) Write a dissertation. 8)Achieve an intermediate degree of proficiency in music and art. 9) Write the rules. 10) Acquire some knowledge of the natural sciences. 11) Compose the compositions from all the subjects that I shall be studying.
  • April 18th:I wrote too many rules and wanted to follow them, but I was weak. So now I want to give myself only one rule: do what you have decided must be done.
  • April 18th (later):Did not follow the rule.

The boyfriend is back home with his family for the weekend, so the girl and I shall be studying, studying, studying, and then heading out to a movie tonight! 
An amusingly violent movie considering the flower-loving, glitter-wearing, sunshine-frolicking girls we are.

or atleast we sometimes try to be



Okay that’s all I wanted to say, now I shall go back to studying and not come on here again until May 2nd because obviously this whole no tumblr thing is WORKING

onioftheeast asked:

✿ :)

Send a ✿ to my inbox and my muse will fill this out about yours! [LAST ONE TO BE DONE! Aren’t you special, Chizuru?]

A thought about them that they’d never share: “…you mean more to me than I thought you would.” 
First impression of them: “Just the black sheep of the school…or the pink sheep so I don’t seem sexist~.” Calling her pink sheep was sexist and you know it, Souji. 
Favorite thing about them: “I…” Pausing, his eyes shifted. He felt the need to blush, but he was going to hold it back. “I admire Chizuru-chan’s acceptance. I’ve never seen someone as accepting as you.” 
Least favorite thing about them: “You’re too hard on yourself…–you are more stubborn than I like sometimes too, but I can’t change that about you, can I?” He wouldn’t want to, honestly. 
Hopes for their future relationship: “I think we’re already well on our way~.” He said with a cheeky, yet happy smile.   

We land at nightfall Erö. Find a secluded area that we may land safely and not be seen by the lifeforms of this world. We must be able to find shelter quickly. Be sure to cloak the ship before we enter the atmosphere. I would not like a repeat of the last invasion if at all possible.

“Commander, our forces have found a suitable spot for us. Shall I begin descent?” Xani continues to study the maps over. Erö takes the que to know that means yes. She engages the controls and begins sending the signals out to the other fleet along with data coming back in from ground XIS. The rest of the crew braced themselves for landing, but the Commander remains with her XIS watching everything. As they enter the atmosphere, Erö is forced to take manual control to stabilize all boosters. Once stable the landing process is pretty simple, especially for a XIS of Erö’s caliber. The landing gear touches soil and the crew is on the move to set up a perimeter for the Commander. Erö turns to face her Commander. “I do believe Lieutenant Koiir is waiting for you outside.” Xani smirked looking to her XIS, “Let’s go see what he has to cry about, shall we?

Hello, everyone! My name is Catherine, and I’m 19 years old, residing in Virginia, USA. I’m terrible at describing myself but let’s give it a go, shall we?

I am in my second year of university, studying Applied Information Technology (with a concentration in Healthcare).

I really, really like music (Fall Out Boy, the Beatles, Paramore, Glenn Gould, Kina Grannis, to give you an idea of my music taste) and play the piano, violin, guitar, and ukulele (mostly piano though). I also like reading (Harry Potter fan here!!) and writing. I enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. In addition to those interests, I love taking walks, coffee, tea, math, computers, and psychology. Some of my favorite TV shows are: Parks and Recreation, House, Law and Order: SVU, Sherlock, Orange Is The New Black, and Chopped.
I dislike the following things: spiders, bugs in general, waking up early, dishonesty, close-mindedness, judgmental people.

In a pen pal:

  • location doesn’t matter 
  • between the ages of 17 and 23

My native language is Vietnamese, but I communicate much better in English, so I’m looking for someone who can speak/write English pretty well. I also took 4 years of French when I was younger, but don’t remember much.

First, I’d like to start out as email buddies (or Tumblr message buddies if you prefer that) but Skype/packages/snail mail could happen in the future as we get more comfortable! I will talk to you about anything, from music to movies to TV to books to society to life. (I probably won’t talk much about sports, though, so if you’re into sports, then I won’t have much to say.) But seriously, tell me about your day, your dreams, your fears, etc. :)

If I sound like a potential pen pal to you, then you can contact me at my tumblr:


so I’ve decided to take SATs later in the year in case I want to apply to (and I do) an American Uni…and i’m half nervous and half really excited.