how a virgo sees the signs, based on personal experience.

hey. i saw the gemini one and wanted to do this.

aries: chill out, man. nobody hates you like you say they do. you think everyone hates you but you’re wrong??? accept it???
taurus: at first you’re chill and fun to talk to but after a while i realized you’re too stubborn and when you doubt me i get upset inside
gemini: not everyone likes you, stop acting like it. you’re not everyone’s leader.
cancer: you’re so annoying but also cute and i can’t tell if i like you or hate you
leo: you are the chillest of the chill. but stop making things all about you. but don’t hug me so much. but you’re great.
virgo: the best??? but you can be obnoxious when people disagree with you and sometimes i wish you would just shut up
libra: grow up. you’re nice and all but you’re so immature.
scorpio: i want to get to know you more but you also intimidate me. i don’t know what to do
sagittarius: take!! a!! chill!! pill!!!! why do you never stop bugging me when i ask you to, do you like want me to punch you
capricorn: my homie. i can tell anything to you and you won’t judge.
aquarius: you are the best. literally. my best friend. i just wish you would talk to me more. then we could be best best friends.
pisces: stop crying and pay attention for once. god you can be such a pissbaby, those “cute” faces you make aren’t cute

sincerely, a virgo with a virgo moon.


There’s a sign that hangs outside the welding shop. I saw it the first day…it says, We build welders from the boots up. It’s the truth. I had no clue what I was doing when I started. Not a motherfucking one. It is such a great program. I love my teachers for the skills they’re teaching me. For building my confidence. For doing what they do. They’re great guys. I have great admiration for them.

What The Signs REALLY Want.
  • Aries:Lower college tuition.
  • Taurus:Lower college tuition.
  • Gemini:Lower college tuition.
  • Cancer:Lower college tuition.
  • Leo:Lower college tuition.
  • Virgo:Lower college tuition.
  • Libra:Lower college tuition.
  • Scorpio:Lower college tuition.
  • Sagittarius:Lower college tuition.
  • Capricorn:Lower college tuition.
  • Aquarius:Lower college tuition.
  • Pisces:Lower college tuition.
The signs as jello pudding flavors

aries: butterscotch
taurus: chocolate
gemini: pistachio
cancer: cheesecake
leo: oreo
virgo: lemon
libra: french vanilla
scorpio: rice pudding
sagittarius: white chocolate
capricorn: devil’s food
aquarius: coconut
pisces: banana cream

Ace of Base’s Nazi Past

The Internet has left us with unprecedented skepticism towards innocence. In the age of Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, it seems literally impossible for any public figure to exist without at least one skeleton clawing its way out of the closet. We even expect simple pleasures, like reggae-inflected Swedish pop group Ace of Base, to have a few secrets kicking around.

Well, they’ve got one.

Ulf Ekberg, a founding member of Ace of Base, started his career as a neo-Nazi skinhead.


Signs of your fave Phan moments
  • Aries: Pinof videos
  • Taurus: Phan meeting celebrities
  • Gemini: #phanbabynames
  • Cancer: DanAndPhilCRAFTS
  • Leo: Phan baking videos
  • Virgo: 2009 Phan
  • Libra: Phan radio shows
  • Scorpio: The Fantastic Foursome
  • Sagittarius: Phan hugs
  • Capricorn: The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire + Tour
  • Aquarius: The Super Amazing Project
  • Pisces: Phan wedding 2022
The signs as Pillsbury products

aries: sugar cookies
taurus: biscuits
gemini: pizza crust
cancer: crescents
leo: cinnamon rolls
virgo: toaster strudel
libra: pancakes
scorpio: garlic breadsticks
sagittarius: monkey bread
capricorn: chocolate chip cookies
aquarius: pie crust
pisces: french loaf

Obviously she has feelings for Clarke, perhaps is falling in love with Clarke, and yet, to save her people she sold her soul. She sold her love down the river.” - Jason Rothenberg on Lexa’s choice.