Throwback to when something awesome happened..
I entered the ACC Awards’ fan art competition, not really expecting anything to come of it. There were so many other amazing pieces, so I entered and pretty much forgot about it. A couple hours later I checked my phone and noticed I had a few notifications. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the signed photo..


So two days in a row I saw a double rainbow in two totally different places. This is a sign that something amazing is going to happen Monday and Tuesday.

I :))) hate :)))) Facebook :)))))

I just saw a post that was a pic of a sign in a fast food place’s window that was misspelled and it was like “THESE PEOPLE WANT $15 AN HOUR” like even assuming it was real ok underprivileged people apparently don’t deserve a living wage, ppl who’s first language isn’t English don’t, people who just aren’t good at spelling don’t, people who make mistakes don’t



  • Draco Malfoy:Scorpius Malfoy, I named you after a star sign because of an awesome tumblr meme I saw once but honestly it doesn't even matter because I could've named you Catshits McGee and it still would've been a better name than what Potter tagged his kid with. Go have fun at school, write your mother, and get it a study group with the Weasley girl, trust me.
The signs as jello pudding flavors

aries: butterscotch
taurus: chocolate
gemini: pistachio
cancer: cheesecake
leo: oreo
virgo: lemon
libra: french vanilla
scorpio: rice pudding
sagittarius: white chocolate
capricorn: devil’s food
aquarius: coconut
pisces: banana cream

Ace of Base’s Nazi Past

The Internet has left us with unprecedented skepticism towards innocence. In the age of Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, it seems literally impossible for any public figure to exist without at least one skeleton clawing its way out of the closet. We even expect simple pleasures, like reggae-inflected Swedish pop group Ace of Base, to have a few secrets kicking around.

Well, they’ve got one.

Ulf Ekberg, a founding member of Ace of Base, started his career as a neo-Nazi skinhead.


The signs as Pillsbury products

aries: sugar cookies
taurus: biscuits
gemini: pizza crust
cancer: crescents
leo: cinnamon rolls
virgo: toaster strudel
libra: pancakes
scorpio: garlic breadsticks
sagittarius: monkey bread
capricorn: chocolate chip cookies
aquarius: pie crust
pisces: french loaf


In this land of Veragua [present day Panama] I saw more signs of gold in the first two days than I saw in Espanola during four years…”

-Christopher Columbus in 1493, in his letter to Ferdinand and Isabella (via).

Upon his arrival in Panama, Columbus was struck by the sheer quantities of gold he observed. He noted that the people who came to greet him wore golden pendants -possibly not too dissimilar to the ones displayed in this post. The exact age of these pieces shown here is a bit ambiguous- they may date from 800 right through to Columbus’s time. All are from Panama. 

The 2nd example depicts a shark, while the 3rd is of some form of bird. Given the latter, it is interesting that Columbus mentioned that some men wore ‘eagle’ pendants. The Walters discuss the 1st and 4th examples:

Frogs were associated with rain and fertility, and were therefore quite popular; they could also symbolize transformation. This frog pendant has bells for eyes, and holds a double-headed snake in its mouth. Its large hind feet are flat and rectangular. […]

This pendant represents a jaguar, with which a warrior would have wanted to associate. The head of the animal is turned aside as if to observe a potential viewer or enemy. On each foot is a ring for suspension.

Shown artefacts courtesy of & can be viewed at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Via their online collections57.29957.2872009.20.82 & 57.266.