i have discovered EXO has a very specific sound when they all sing at the same time that i LOVE….when they sing together even in acapella i can INSTANTLY recognize who it is…like its very unique to them as a group…THEY CANNOT LOSE ANY MORE MEMBERS FOR GODS SAKES….

I’m uncomfortably proud of the fact that I not only just instantly recognized Charles Grodin on this episode of Louie, but also said to myself out loud, “Holy shit, that’s Charles Grodin.”

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Hello there, have you ever had any funny convention experiences?

I believe so!

At AX of 2013, I was surveying the foyer as Jake English with the Cairo Overcoat when I happened upon a colossal titan from SNK that was getting a lot of attention, dancing about and causing shenanigans amongst the congoers. I instantly recognized him as DPiddy, that Deadpool that makes all the videos at cons. Having been in his Gentleman video from back when, I decided to ask him when he found himself idle if it was him. He turned to me, stared at me for a moment before seductively whispering “Yes” and then this happened.


I accidentally discovered my husband’s ex’s partner is in this hobby. I followed her tumblr not knowing who she was because I liked her dolls, but then she posted a picture of her s.o., who I recognized instantly. I hope, if they ever find me out, that it isn’t weird. They seem to be friends with a lot of cool kids whose dolls I like. We’re happy. They look happy. No hard feelings. I’d like to think we could be doll friends.

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Arrow Summer Rewatch 1x02 “Honor Thy Father”

Dig’s my guy - Oliver to Moira

I love how John Diggle instantly recognizes Oliver Queen as a brother soldier, returned home, wounded, to face new battles. It’s clear to Diggle in the aftermath of Oliver’s first evasionary gambit - slipping from the chauffeured car in the pilot - that something is amiss with Oliver’s story. “Arrow” draws great humor and action from subsequent interactions where Oliver reveals, yet down-plays, his easy use of diversions, cutlery and choke holds.  But more importantly the show lays the foundation for a future partnership and deeply forged bond in the quiet moments where Diggle repeatedly is shown to cannily observe Oliver struggle in the presence of those he’s loved and disappointed: Thea who rejects his protective interference; Moira who pleads with him to exercise caution; Detective Lance who lashes out in anger, grief and fear; and the memory of Robert Queen who drives yet haunts his son’s mission.

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There is nothing on earth more beautiful to me than your smile…no sound sweeter than your laughter…no pleasure greater than holding you in my arms. I realized today that I could never live without you, stubborn little hellion that you are. In this life and the next, you’re my only hope of happiness. Tell me, Lillian, dearest love…how can you have reached so far inside my heart?
I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn’t stop it.
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I love love love your art even when you change your URL I can almost instantly figure out who you are because I just love your art style and I can instantly recognize it. Is this weird? Sorry for bothering you! Have a nice day! ;u;

Omg wow thank you so much, you’ve made my day!! :DD

You’re definitely not a bother don’t worry about it!!!


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“lol. gideon emery is in daredevil, i recognized him instantly when i…”

Sadly that aspect of the show does not get better.

why is american media so obsessed with russian and east asian mafia doing terrible things in america?  like, this is in SO MUCH media.  i can’t even be mad at daredevil, because it’s a real thing in tv, comics, books, movies, games, literally all forms of entertainment.  to me, it’s so weird, we have our own mafia, our own sex traffickers.  but i guess it’s easier to blame our old cold war enemies with a little bonus orientalism thrown in.  sigh.  there are intriguing elements to the show, so i’ll keep watching, but i am frowny face over this.  but to be fair, i am often frowny face with a lot of media (like the 100 and its problem with race and post-colonial thematics, or dragon age and its raging post-colonialism and gender issues, or really anything).  i am now trying to decide if i can go to sleep now, or if i will watch another episode….

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Someday I'll see you in person and I'll look at you and recognize you instantly and nod at you and whisper "you are the same as in my dream" and then we will battle

It has been some days since you sent me this, and it took a long time for me to type up a response because I was offended by the fact that you didn’t mention how quickly I would defeat you.

any time liam o'brien voices anything i can recognize it instantly and i always laugh by imagining other characters hes played saying the lines this one has like

*dio voice* the only thing that curbs the pain of this modern urban lifestyle