omg okay so i went to see pitch perfect 2 yesterday (my mom wanted to see it and I owed her for taking me to get my game for my birthday) and OMG okay so if didn’t know the movie was filmed in the city i live in and mainly at the local community college and well there have a retreat thing and the camp site they went i recognized it instantly they filmed it at camp istrouma which is a methodist (christian) camp site and I used to go there all the time with my youth group when i was in middle school and the first years of my high school and yeah the movie has a lot of bad jokes but it was super cool seeing all recognizable places and knowing exactly where the stuff was located and the fact that i was in that same exact spot before

Turn Set Locations

Okay, so I know that I’m a dork for Turn. I just happened to google locations for the show. So far here are the eight locations that imdb.com lists for Turn shooting locations:

Shirley Plantation - 501 Shirley Plantation Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA (Strong Home)

Tuckahoe Plantation - 12601 River Road, Richmond, Virginia, USA (Richard Woodhall’s home)

Richmond, Virginia, USA (Setauket, Long Island)

Petersburg, Virginia, USA [Old Town Petersburg Historic District] (York?)

Westover - 7000 Westover Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA (King’s College {Abe’s Alma Matter} & Major John Andre’s home interior?)

The locations/sets that I didn’t instantly recognize:

Powhatan, Virginia, USA -  I’m not sure but could this be the location of Caleb’s dock from the  Pilot {Season 1 Episode 1}?

Scotchtown - 16120 Chiswell Lane, Beaverdam, Virginia, USA - If anyone recognizes the scene(s) that were shot here please let me know. If I can recall it looks like the location that Tallmadge shot the Brothers Quill, Eben, and General Scott shot Newt {Season1 Episode 3}?

Kittiewan Plantation - 12104 Weyanoke Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA - Again I don’t recognize this location.

If you do search these and recognize them please let me know so that that I can add them to this post and lable them what location they are standing in for on the show.

I’m uncomfortably proud of the fact that I not only just instantly recognized Charles Grodin on this episode of Louie, but also said to myself out loud, “Holy shit, that’s Charles Grodin.”

i have discovered EXO has a very specific sound when they all sing at the same time that i LOVE….when they sing together even in acapella i can INSTANTLY recognize who it is…like its very unique to them as a group…THEY CANNOT LOSE ANY MORE MEMBERS FOR GODS SAKES….

Arrow Summer Rewatch 1x02 “Honor Thy Father”

Dig’s my guy - Oliver to Moira

I love how John Diggle instantly recognizes Oliver Queen as a brother soldier, returned home, wounded, to face new battles. It’s clear to Diggle in the aftermath of Oliver’s first evasionary gambit - slipping from the chauffeured car in the pilot - that something is amiss with Oliver’s story. “Arrow” draws great humor and action from subsequent interactions where Oliver reveals, yet down-plays, his easy use of diversions, cutlery and choke holds.  But more importantly the show lays the foundation for a future partnership and deeply forged bond in the quiet moments where Diggle repeatedly is shown to cannily observe Oliver struggle in the presence of those he’s loved and disappointed: Thea who rejects his protective interference; Moira who pleads with him to exercise caution; Detective Lance who lashes out in anger, grief and fear; and the memory of Robert Queen who drives yet haunts his son’s mission.

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fleurstains asked:

Hey, if you're alright with it?

have I ever told you that I really admire your writing? Like whenever I read something that you post, I instantly read and go “OH I RECOGNIZE THAT! I RECOGNIZE THAT FEELING!!”. I don’t know if it’s because we have really similar personality, but you’re very good at expressing yourself. Like even the most simple post you write is so vibrant and bright. I can really envision you sitting on a balcony in southern France, at a summer night, peeling pomegranates and looking at the sky. xx

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The GOM + Kagami finding out their s/o is in a toxic friendship and is being abused by their friend.

Ok. So I got my first dark ask. As promised trigger warning. If you are sensitive to this stuff please avoid reading this request. I’ll try making it not as dark but yeah. Just don’t read it if you think it might upset you

Midorima: midorima was coming to fetch them from their class room when he first heard the yelling. “You idiot! I told you to do it right! What is this crap!” “I’m sorry I tried my best!” Midorima instantly recognized his s/o’s voice and knew something wasn’t right. He opened the door and saw them crying with their friend glaring at them harshly. “______ it’s time to go. I suggest you not interact with the person anymore either”

Akashi: things were going well that day. Akashi had seen significant progress with the team and his got a perfect score on a test. Again. He was walking to the place where they met every day when he saw them being pushed around by the person who Akashi though was their friend. He went up to them and immedietly shoved them aside to check if his s/o was alright. As soon as he was sure they were unharmed he turned to the ‘friend’ and glared at them “ if you wish to go home with your filthy hands whole then swear it you will never come near _______ again”

Aomine: aomine was getting annoyed. they were late. He finally got fed up and went to their house to see why his s/o was so late to their date. When he got there he noticed their parents cars were out he considered leaving and complaining to you later but he heard noise coming from the house and found the door unlocked. He went in to see how s/o crying in front of their friend looking pretty beat. Aomine grabbed his s/o and left. He was pissed but their safety came first he would find the 'friend later and deal out some punishment

Kagami: kagami would be confused why was this situation happening? Then he would be angry how could a friend hurt a friend. It was wrong. He would grab their friend and tell at them shake them around and glare at them fiercely until his s/o convinced him to leave them be. He would finally leave them be but he wouldn’t leave their side for the next week.

Kise: kise would get them out of their faster than you could blink. The situation was bad and his s/o was hurt. A friend should do this to a friend. He would take them to his house and fix them up. Kise would gently hold his s/o’s face in his hands and look at them sadly “I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to protect you______-chii. I’ll never let you be hurt again”

Murasakibara: murasakibara would stand over the person who was hurting them and intimidate them until they ran off. He would the pick them up in his arms and carry them to their home. “If that person bothers you again just call me and I’ll crush them for you ok ________-chin?”

Kuroko: kuroko would use his inivisibily to his advantage and walk over there to block the next hit coming their way. He would confused the 'friend’ that tried to hurt them and get his s/o out of there quick. He was angry at himself for not noticing sooner and would look guilty for a while. “I’m so sorry _______ I wasn’t able to help you. Please forgive me.”

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I love love love your art even when you change your URL I can almost instantly figure out who you are because I just love your art style and I can instantly recognize it. Is this weird? Sorry for bothering you! Have a nice day! ;u;

Omg wow thank you so much, you’ve made my day!! :DD

You’re definitely not a bother don’t worry about it!!!

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Someday I'll see you in person and I'll look at you and recognize you instantly and nod at you and whisper "you are the same as in my dream" and then we will battle

It has been some days since you sent me this, and it took a long time for me to type up a response because I was offended by the fact that you didn’t mention how quickly I would defeat you.

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your art is super awesome, have i told you that? you can draw celebrity's features accurately and i can instantly recognize who you're drawing. that's really cool! loving how you draw MCU Tony's eyes as bolder than your usual style. it made his eyes pop out even more :D

Wow, you really made my day<3 Recently I have been paying attention to the likeness to objects I’m drawing. And I’m really grateful for your great cheers of encouragement. I think MCU Tony has incredibly beautiful eyes so I’m constantly giving a shot to picture them :D