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AU - Reid is killed during an FBI shootout and the first thing he see is Maeve


He recognized her voice immediately. After countless hours spent inside a phone booth listening to the rise and fall of it’s tone, Reid had decided he could listen to her forever, and there was nothing he loved more than the way she said his name.

He felt her hand brush against his and he opened his eyes. “Maeve?”

The sudden relief he felt was clear as she took his hand and brought him closer. “It’s okay, I’m here.”

Wrapping his arms around her, Reid felt his eyes beginning to water. “I’m sorry-“

"None of this is your fault."

Tears fell as he finally said what he’d been wanting to for so long, “Maeve, I love you.”

"I know" She held him tighter. "I love you too."


amy fleming + character tropes