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Sparks Nevada, 13!

13. Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?

I initially imagined him as straight, just because, no offense to Sparks, but he kinda gives off a certain straight dude vibe. Not in a douchy way, but you know. Like he probably owns some basketball shorts. But in my heart of hearts I want him to be bi or pan, which would explain his undeniable sexual tension with a certain alien. So I’m gonna say bi/pan, with more experience/more of a preference with ladies. I feel like, as someone who’s bi, I should headcanon basically everyone queer unless it’s explicitly stated otherwise, but I haven’t really thought about Sparks’ orientation much. I’m more interested in orientations of some other characters. 

(am I good?? like I know you can own basketball shorts and be queer, I don’t know if I’m articulating myself very well. Talk to Shannon or Maddie about Sparks characterizations I’m not good at this)

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i loved that ward is so insecure that he had to shoot bobbi three times more (wouldn't once more have done it) even though she was already tied up and there was him AND kara. he's no match for bobbi and he knows it

It’s so satisfying just to think about that!

Ahhh Ward, you poor incompetent ass. You should stop trying, because you are no match for… well anybody really!

Aristides de Sousa Mendes: He ignored and defied the orders of his own government for the safety of war refugees fleeing from invading German military forces in the early years of World War II. Between June 16 and June 23, 1940, he frantically issued Portuguese visas free of charge, to over 30,000 refugees seeking to escape the Nazi terror, 12,000 of whom were Jews, the others being persecuted minorities. However, in 1941, Salazar lost political trust in Sousa Mendes and stripped the diplomat of his title, subsequently ordering that no one in Portugal show him any charity. In his later years, the formerly much-honored diplomat was abandoned by most of his colleagues and friends and at times was blamed by some of his close relatives. He died in poverty on April 3, 1954, still in disgrace with his government.

Tom Mison stans so hard for Nicole Beharie that he genuinely didn’t know/understand that there are people who trash-talk her/Abbie just because of her race. Bless Tom Mison’s Beharie-loving self. I asked him about #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter and he thought it was great. He was also pleased when I told him that within the realm of the hashtag people would talk about Jenny/Lyndie too. Adorable bearded string bean. I also reiterated that he should do more theatre (he really wants to). I even told him he should do something with Nicole and that their chemistry is so good that they could play a phone book and a telephone post and it would still be great and he said he’d love to do theatre with her. SOMEONE WHO RUNS A MAJOR THEATRE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN YESTERDAY.

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Who's Jake Updegraff?

This is Jake! He’s the sassiest cutest guy around! He has a killer smile and his laugh is adorable! He is in love with Carrie Underwood and fangirls about her on twitter on a daily basis and other amazing artist as well! But he’s a total sweetheart and everyone should meet him if they get the chance! ^-^

He is best friends with Alexander Kirk who I’m assuming you know! And if you haven’t seen their snapchats & pictures together you’re really missing out! xD

He is currently on tour with PTX as part of the amazing crew that makes them even more perfect than they already are! But most importantly he is their friend and from what they show us they have some pretty amazing times together! :D 

Follow him on: 
tumblr- onairjake
Instagram- onairjake
Twitter- onairjake
Snapchat- onairjake

Hope that helps! :D


You are definitely not a bother, I can make requests for you any time ^_^           I hope you like it <3


Lay: “I know you love acting, but I don’t want you to change, I want you to always be my jagiya”


Chen: *after arguing about whether or not you should keep acting for a while, he finally gives in but he’s not happy about it*


Kris: *acts all angry when you tell him you are not going to give up acting, but really he’s just worried he’s going to lose you*


Tao: “But y/n, what happens when you get more and more famous? Are you going to want to leave me?”


Luhan: *is sad that you aren’t going to give up acting, but ultimately just wants you to be happy*


*After arguing with you for a while*

Xiumin: “Fine, go ahead and keep acting, I don’t care……”


Suho: *always worried that you’re going to become different because of your acting*


*You and him were arguing about it and you finally got so stressed out that you started crying*

Chanyeol: “No, please don’t cry, I didn’t mean to make you upset, I just don’t want to lose you……”


Baekhyun: *when he finds out about it he pouts to you all day, asking you to stop*


D.O: *actually kind of likes that you like acting, because then you and him can help each other out on lines*


*you and him have been arguing for over an hour now*

Kai: “Aish, this is really frustrating, can’t you just give it up for me?”


Sehun: *after you tell him you’re not going to give it up he gives you the silent treatment all day*


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Wonder Red

With recent doubt of how unique Wonder Red could be, I have come up with a moveset that really gives him a unique flavor from other characters. Before I begin, on a side note, people who have yet to pick up the Wonderful 101 really should. It’s such an AMAZING game with an awesome story and great characters! If you want to know more about the game, read this moveset to find out.

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how would jimin / jin / suga /v react to them tickling their gf and she suddenly makes a really loud kinda sexy moaning sound

Jimin : At first he’ll be taken aback, but he’ll be proud (?) to have that effect on you {idk if it’s clear :x} and he’ll say something like “Wow Jagi I didn’t know you were enjoying tickles that much *smileswink*”

Jin/Seokjin : He’s first reflex would be to stop. He’ll sit next to you quietly, with red cheeks and wouldn’t look at you for about 15min. Awkward Jin is here, good luck to make him dissapear !

Suga/Yoongi : This man would like this reaction much more than he should. He’ll continue doing what he was doing, and will add some kisses between. (fluffy Yoongi ya know) Like Jimin he’ll be proud to make you moaning with just tickles.

V/Taehyung : Would stop,  but with a huge smile he’ll say “What was that Jagi~~?” “Did I hear what I heard ?” You can be sure everytime he’ll tickle you he’ll make you remember that moment. And when you will tickle him he’ll imitate your reaction, thing that will make him laugh even more than the first time.

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Ooc: I wanted to ask you this on the RPer day, but I kinda missed it :P So, since you're French I thought I should let you know that my first ever celebrity crush was actually "the French Romeo" omg. (Damien Sargue) You know who he is, right? :P

OOC: OH?? Oh ohoho, omg really?! Of course I know who Damien is, like in fact pretty much all of France was in love with him at least once (including me) oh god. Oh boy.

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Hi, I recently told my boyfriend that I was asexual. It's something that I spent a lot of time thinking about and it was a pretty scary experience telling him. One of the problems was that he thought that it was because I lost my virginity with him and I didn't enjoy the experience, he thinks that I just need to try again and do more sexual things to really know if I am or not. He also mentioned that relationships are about compromise and that he has needs. I'm feeling pressure What should I do?

Dig in your feet. You never have to do anything you don’t want to, and that includes sex. You do not owe him sex. 

He can take care of his “needs” by himself. What he’s actually saying is “I don’t believe  you and I think I know what you actually want because I don’t care what you think. I want sex, and because we are together, I think you owe me sex.” This is not okay. 

You do not have to have sex even once to know you are asexual. You know you are, therefore you are. You also never have to have sex again to know for sure. You need to be very firm with him that you are not okay with having sex and the only kind of relationship you are interested in is a sexless one. Do not compromise your happiness for his. A good compromise is one where all parties get at least something they want - this kind of compromise won’t give you anything you want, while giving him everything he wants. This is not okay and is not a good relationship to be in. 


My Normero Wish list

So there’s only a 2 episodes left of Bates Motel. And I’m heartbroken over that last scene of Normero. Here’s a few things like that I would love to see before the end of this season or anytime in the future but the sooner the better!

Note: Just a wish list I’m not holding my breath on some of these!

in no particular order

Romero making a comment to Norma about how she should be careful who she has pillow talk with (making it known to her that he knows about James)

Norma telling the whole truth about her life to Romero. Saying that she only told her sons this so he knows that she really is trusting him.

Norma telling Romero that she didn’t want him to know partly because she didn’t want him to look at her differently.

Romero caring for Norma more then ever after learning the truth.

Romero doesn’t lose his job as Sheriff! I love him as the sheriff!!!! 

A Romero fight scene where he kicks ass in front of Norma! she needs to see how bad ass our sheriff really is! And how protective he is of her.

Romero confusing to Norma that he is in love with her.

A big intense sexy moment between Normero that changes their relationship. ;)

A shirtless (shaved chest) Romero scene :)

Norma in Romero’s shirt!

Normero keeping their relationship a secret. (mostly because this is bates and I don’t want anything to happen to Romero!)

A good Romero song to place during a Normero scene.

That’s it for now! I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the Normero wish list!

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I really dislike Yongguk. He is a such a weirdo. What's with that creepy relationship with Zelo? He should go back to underground rapping. Rapping doesn't suit him. I can hardly understand what he is saying half the time. He should really work on his rapping skills. What are your views on Yongguk?

What relationship? He just love his brother, nothing more. Why is he a weirdo?

Want to know my views on Yongguk?

He is talented. His raps are powerful. He is dependable. He writes really deep and meaningful lyrics (which would slam on those damned people’s face hard). He cares about the world more than himself. He saved this whole baby fandom from breaking thanks to the song he released recently. He is a really kind and a humble person. He is a hardworking man and he has made me proud of him. Not to mention, he does not give a fuck to people who throw shits on him. He achieved so much these three years. He bravely stands up for his brothers. He is amazing.  

And most importantly, he is better than you.

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What your feelings about this chapters? Tho i do like it but i am dissipointed about gruvia... I want that juvia is kind of angry at gray after what he did do to her.. The next scene i found perfect he did looks so sorry and he also did say it but now i am looking forward for his big sorry and explanation and hug scenes hahaha... But still sign juvia should be more angry/sad about it at first..

I really liked the chapter, yes I expected some fluffy angsty moment but we got cute juvia being protective over gray, badasa juvia, gray looking upset about what he did and them stripping in unison^^! I never expected Juvia to be angry at Gray thats just not who she is but imagine being in her place.Not seeing your loved one for half a year, not knowing if hes okay or alive, would you yell at him when finally seeing him? I wouldnt if I didnt talk to my boyfriens for that long id tackle him and kiss his breath away and maybe later on wed have a serious tall about it and scold him.I believe Mashima will indeed work on gray and juvia talking it out like gray said.And even if this wasnt the almost near canon moment we were expecting it had all of gruvias dynamic:the fun side,juvia and gray being cuties, gray dealing with himself and their teamwork .So cheer up Gruvians

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I can't speak for others, but I'm glad if she will get involved in this fight. What bothers me a bit is, that the spoilers make it seem like it is out of jealousy and that in my opinion would be a pity. There are many other good reasons Hiro could choose instead of this. I loved her in the Meredy fight and while it was about Gray it was a better reason, because she treated to kill him. I hope for something more like this instead of jealousy. But I agree, before people are hating they should wait

I know that this sucks and I really don’t know how Juvia would know that doppelgänger!Braiya told Gray she loved him, I mean she’s like a few miles away from the battlefield.

What I also don’t understand is why Wendy just left Juvia sick and alone? I already thought that maybe she left Charles with her but how would Wendy get there so fast then? Charles should’ve flown Wendy to the battlefield, not to forget that the cat can fight as well. 
I mean, did she heal Juvia enough so she could say that she’s out of danger or not because the other time she said that Juvia’s fever wasn’t getting better?
Would be kind of a dick move from Wendy and I can’t see her doing that other than in this case. Still, I mean everybody left Juvia again and now Wendy as well? Duh.

If Juvia is cured by jealousy then I have an explanation: As I already stated once, I think that Juvia’s illness is only emotionally. It’s because even Natsu and Lucy came back BEFORE Gray did. That’s why she passed out and got sick, not because of the rain. That’s also why Wendy can’t heal her: BECAUSE IT’S AN EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLNESS. (For a 100%, she didn’t get sick because of the rain. Her body is made of water for god’s sake and she’s controlling the rain.)

Only Gray can heal that illness, Wendy’s magic is there to heal people who are sick because of e.g. a virus, like Lucy in the spoilers.So I think it DOES make sense if Juvia gets jealous (however she does that with the distance?), jealousy is an emotion, and on top of that because Gray is involved, Gray, who is kinda the source of her illness, then it could be that her brain says to itself that “defeating” the source of her jealousy is more important than the shock she had because of Natsu and Lucy’s arrival.So I think in a sense it WOULD BE LOGICAL if she was healed because of her jealousy. And even if she fights because of jealousy, I think once she’s done with Braiya or whoever she’ll fight IF she joins them, she WILL help them take down Avatar with serious determination and she’ll talk to Gray.I really wanna see their faces!

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don't yall think that kit might be gay or bi?

I don’t really think about this and I don’t know anything more than anyone else. Kit has never addressed his sexuality in the press. He has talked about his ideal woman before, and he used to be in a rather long-term relationship with a girl, but only he knows whether he’s secretly attracted to men or not. Him being gay or bi would not change my opinion about him, nor should it change anyone else’s. Our sexuality does not define who we are. Honestly, I don’t want to spread rumours about him that may be completely false by speculating about his sexual orientation. This is a sensitive topic.

is it bad that i just

i really want a fic where grantaire, enjolras, and cosette all become step siblings

like javert and valjean get gay married (much to grantaire’s expense; somehow dad becomes even more insufferable whenever he’s around valjean) and they all move into a house together ok

cosette/enjolras are twins who have been valjean’s pride and joy since they were adopted by him when they were babies, and while cosette is super excited about the prospect of having new siblings (grantaire and his baby sister – seriously why isn’t grantaire’s sister mentioned more in fics???? anyway) enjolras is dreading it because he doesn’t exactly get along with most kids his age, and he had to move away from his political activism group back in the suburbs of paris and he is so, so not looking forward to this

and grantaire is like, apathetic about it, yknow? he’s happy for his dad, sure, and maybe this means his dad will stop glaring at him every time he reeks of pot or completes a painting rather than doing his schoolwork (tho javert is always supportive about his paintings, okay) and maybe he’ll stop forcing quality family time where they watch weird documentaries and javert forces them to share a popcorn bowl (”like who even does that, dude? who forces their kid to share a popcorn bowl with them?”)

so they meet a few weeks before the wedding (because ofc grantaire always found SOME way to get out of the meetings where valjean and javert got together with their kids and did weird family shit with each other) because javert basically strong-arms him into attending, and grantaire almost promptly falls on his ass because his new step-brother is a fucking angel 

and of course cosette and grantaire immediately get along, and grantaire’s lil sister (who he is super duper overprotective over) absolutely adores cosette bc she finally has a sister!!!! and enjolras is just sitting there with his hands crossed over his chest like a pouty child because he hates these types of things and it’s not like he and grantaire are going to hang out after they move into the same house

only fastfoward to two weeks later when valjean and javert and their kids all move in together (”shouldn’t this wait until after the wedding??” grantaire asks, desperately. “isn’t this jumping the gun a little too soon?” “we’re doing it now so we can relax after the wedding. stop your complaining and go pack ur shit”) and enjolras and grantaire find out they’re going to be sharing a room and enjolras’ life ends bc WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES HE SAY TO GRANTAIRE ? ?? ? ? and grantaire’s life ends because a) he is sharing a room with Apollo himself, and b) enjolras totally seems like a hardass who would definitely tell javert about his less-than-legal habits

and then they fall in love like nerds


Request from Anon: Oh my goodness I just read that Rap Mon weather scenario and it was so good!!!! (I can relate to it lol) but I was wondering if you could do another angsty one with Taehyung where you are on a plane and there is major turbulence but everything ends up ok, thank you!!!!

A/N: sorry! This isn’t that angsty but I tried! I’ve never been on a plane before guys so I didn’t really know how the situation would play out. It’s more fluffy than it is angst.

“Is there anything I should know about?” You asked your boyfriend, tightly holding his hand. It was your first time on a plane and you were getting extremely nervous and jittery.

“Your ears might pop a little bit,” he replied, squeezing your hand, “It doesn’t hurt, but it’s uncomfortable.”

You stared at him and he looked down at you, chuckling. “Are you that nervous Jagiya?”

You nodded and he moved up in line. “It’ll be fine, don’t worry.” You both made it on the plane and headed to your seats.

“I think you should sit by the window. It’ll help you calm down and you’ll sleep better.” You smiled and took the window seat, keeping your neck pillow in your lap.

“See,” he whispered, kissing the side of your head. “Everything is fine.”

You nodded cutely and he smiled that big, reassuring smile of his and you both got comfortable as the plane began to take off. You were so tired. Taehyung decided on a morning flight because it would be easier to sneak away from the fans so you two can go in peace. What this also meant was that you both nly got two hours of sleep. You felt your eyes slowly close as you slowly drifted off. 

“Babe…” he whispered into your ear, his hand stroking your head.

You hummed in response.

“You’ll hurt your neck sleeping like that, use your pillow.”

You lifted the arm rest from in between your seats and instead laid your head against his shoulder. You could hear his quite laugh as he kissed the top of your head. “Sleep well.”

A Few Hours Later

Your eyes shot open from the sound of the hostess over the speaker. “We are experiencing some turbulence so please stay seated until this passes over.”

You look over at Taehyung and he started to wake up as the plane began to shake. You stared straight forward, tears forming in your eyes. You have been bothering him since you woke up, you didn’t want to annoy him anymore.Out the corner of your eyes, you could see him fixing his hair and look over at you.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” He asked, realizing the fear in your eyes.

You couldn’t answer. You continued to stare straight without blinking as your heart rate picked up. Your body was completely out of whack. You had to take deep breaths if you wanted to breathe. 

“Jagiya…” he mumbled, holding your hand. You blinked and a stray tear swam down your face. The turbulence got worse and you shut your eyes closed, sitting back in your chair. Even with your eyes closed, you could feel him looking at you. He didn’t know what to do. 

“Honey listen…” he whispered as he shifted his body closer to yours. “Everything will be okay. It’s normal.“ 

You tightened your grip on his hand and you could feel him tense up. He pressed his forehead against the side of your head and planted multiple kisses on your cheek.

"It’s just a little turbulence. This always happens,” he continued to whisper as more tears escaped your tightly shut eyes. The plane shook a little more aggressive this time and you tightened your grip, if that was possible.

“Okay…ouch…” He mumbled, causing you to smirk. He used his body to gently scoot you over against the window so you had some sort of support. It definitely helped your body stabilize itself instead of rocking from side to side. 

“Count with me,” he whispered seeing that you were still scared. He slowly began to count, lips pressed gently against your ear. His hot breathe distracted you. He kept messing up the numbers as well.


You opened one eye and looked at him from the corner. "You skipped 28 and 29…" 

You felt his lips tug upwards as a smile formed. "27…28…29….30." 

Your body slowly relaxed itself and your grip on his hand loosened. 


Both your eyes opened and you moved your head away from him.

“How did you go from 30 to 47? You’re really bad at counting,” you mumble, laughing. 

“No I’m not,” he pouted. “Take it back." 

You nodded no and his eyes flickered. 

"Oh no…” You muttered as he began to reach over and tickle you. 

“Okayyyy,” you almost yell, laughing. “Sorry, I—”

“Thank you all for staying calm and seated during that period of Turbulence.”

He looked into your eyes and smiled. “Forgot about it?”

You returned his smile. “When did it stop?" 

"When I said 47,” he replied matter-of-factly.

“You really do suck at counting though,” you answered, kissing his cheek.

“I only messed up so I could catch your attention. I had to get you to participate and get your mind off of it somehow.”

A large smile spread across your face as you kissed his lips. “Thank you.”

“And I had to get you to let go of my hand somehow,” he continued playfully, rubbing his now numb palm. “If that’s how hard you’ll grip my hand when you give birth to our kids, I don’t think I want to be next to you.”

You slapped his chest playfully. “You got a long time to build up your strength before that happens jagiya,” you reply as he leaned in to kiss you.