Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (First & Second trailer)

so my darling Autistic Jon Connington

he is perceived by Tyrion as being completely humorless, yet his own chapters show a dark bitter sort of humour and even a little bit of joking around with Franklyn Flowers, it is his almost unchangeable facial expressions that lead to him being misread, I’m not sure if he ever actually smiles on page, I wouldn;t be surprised if he sounded quite monotonous too

Tyrion also notes that he rarely eats and we see him at least once awake before dawn, I think a long with his other mental issues, he often doesn;t really register the need for sleep or food, he probably needs to be reminded to take them and my guess is he has gone days without eating before without realising, too distracted and hyperfocused on other things

he is blunt and harsh, Tyrion compares him to Tywin but I think he is very biased in that regard and I see him more in the vain of Stannis, he does not pretend for others if it isn’t necessary, he refuses to marry despite its benefits for his cause (he basically turns to look annoyed into the camera when it is suggested omfg my gay little shit) and doesn’t shift much from his judgement of people, hell he rejects joining with Stannis on the basis that he is Robert’s brother

like he is really quite driven by his own personal feelings lmao he is very over emotional although to outsiders he would seem almost emotionless, verrrry typical of Autistic people

also special interests oh boy, he’s literally still completely obsessed with Rhaegar like 16 years after his death and is singlemindedly driven to get Aegon on the throne, regardless of whatever else changes

also as well as people not reading him I think he is pretty bad at reading people? I feel like Harry Strickland is more than he lets on but Jon can;t see past him not being Myles and he also seems to be confused by the actions of other characters, which often leads him to be dismissive of them

and last but not least his chapters read very differently to some others, whilst others like Sansa’s or Tyrion’s are full of metaphor he is methodical, he lists off numbers constantly, years, army counts, losses, he observes what is around him and reflects on what has happened but his chapters often read like a report….unless Rhaegar, Myles or Aegon are mentioned of course

Isla’s been sick the last few days. No fever, but she’s had an awful cough that’s kept her up half the night and been really puny during the day, lethargic and clingy and kind of floppy. Tonight she even asked for medicine, which usually I can’t force down her. But even after she had her obviously disgusting dose tonight, she said, “I need more,” so I know she has to be feeling terrible.

She’s been such a trooper about it. Tonight, she was so excited because she’d had medicine, her “cloud machine” (humidifier), the “ocean” (white noise machine), and Vicks on her chest. She was so ready for a good night’s sleep, and she is completely assed out at 7:30, which is about 2 hours earlier than she’s managed to fall asleep for the last 2 nights. Here’s hoping the sleep helps heal up her little body so she can have fun for all of the Easter festivities coming up.

She’s such a big kid these days. It really blows my mind.

Happy three week birthday to my beautiful girl!!!

She now holds her paci in and tries to pick it up when it falls out. She holds her head up better than any other three week old I’ve ever seen. We almost never need to support her head any more. It’s really impressive. During tummy time she rolls to both sides and is trying her best to roll all the way over! She also uses her legs to push herself forward. It’s like an inchworm army crawl haha. Hot wings are now forbidden in my diet. So is the hot salsa at chipotle. They kill her poor belly. She is sleeping mostly decent at night and loves to be snuggled while she sleeps. She likes baths even more and her umbilical cord fell off so we are excited for real baths! She is a love bug who only cries when she is hungry, hot, bored, or if her diaper is dirty (but only sometimes). I keep falling more and more in love with her every second of the day. I love being her momma.

As for me, 3 weeks PP, I’ve lost 25 pounds and now the rest is going to be on me to lose. I can fit into some of my jeans but I’m mostly stuck between my maternity jeans being way too big and my pre pregnancy jeans being slightly too small. My boobs are also too big for 90% of my shirts. So there is that. The awkward stage. But! I’m pretty sure my stitches are almost gone and I don’t have any pain. My bleeding is still super minimal. My leg swelling is gone!!! Breast feeding is going awesome and my supply is perfect. My nipples have yet to hurt. Thank you Elody for being a champ at latching. I have five more weeks of leave and I’m so sad it’s going so quickly.

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies!! I’m mad at myself for losing sight of my goals and of the fact that I am capable of obtaining them. It’s very disheartening to work so very hard and not see any results, while so many of you are so successful. I suppose I’ll just have to work harder and stick to it. Every decision I make needs to be in furtherance of my goals. That doesn’t mean there’s no time for rest or treats, but that I need to be more mindful of my decisions. I need to ask if this meal is really as good for me as I believe it to be, am I drinking enough water, is it worth losing an hour of sleep for this episode. I need to remind myself that Will can wait an hour or so while I work out, that I always feel better when I work out, that I will never be 31 again and I need to make the most of my time.

Not only CAN I do this, I WILL do this.

I hope you all have a fabulous day! xoxo


Feeling pretty good about myself today.

This was before my 5 am workout.

I can’t remember when this pink shirt fit without pinching, now I’m confident enough to wear it again.

I’ve been 8 days on keto now and I’m still liking it. I definitely need to make more things in advance because I’m always rushing to prepare food.

My final exam for my course is Thursday and Tuesday next week. After that, my practicum doesn’t start for 2 weeks, so I will have time to organize myself and prepare on the weekends instead of studying and sleeping!

I’m definitely seeing the inches go down around the top of my stomach. I have a little bit more energy but I definitely am still really tired. I haven’t had any headaches yet, but I have been sticking to my plan and the keto sticks indicate I’m in keto. I definitely think I need to eat earlier at night, not after 7 like I have been doing.

So I’m half convinced that the Author is going to be a horrible influence on Dipper and I just can’t wait to see it

I have a lot of feelings about ghost!winchesters okay

Ballerina Frustrations
  1. sewing pointe shoes
  2. putting hair into a perfect bun
  3. washing your hair twice because you use so much hairspray
  4. wearing skinny jeans that do not let you do a proper arabesque
  5. resist throwing your pointe shoes at people you do not like
  6. not being Svetlana zakharova
  7. looking at your old ballet videos and wondering what was wrong with you

I drew this forever ago; I didn’t color it because I don’t like the way it turned out, but I thought I would post it anyway because I really enjoy the idea of them working through their height difference.

And legs.

It’s a really silly thing I’ve made for danisnotonfire - yup, another #headerfordan.
This time I’ve something to say: Dan, we are proud of you. We, phangirls, are proud of you.
2015 will be a great years, I know it. We believe in you- and no matter what, we want you to be happy. Look where you are, boy. Look at you. I might cry. From a boy who thought his future was uncertain to the internet cult leader with a bright future - actually, brighter than his clothes! *haha- no Lil you are not funny shut up*
Dan, no matter what, please, be happy, because happy Dan is the best Dan we know and the Dan we want.
”Do whatever you have to do to be happy”. Smile, boy, because you have a fantastic life with your bestfriend, in front of you.

We love you.

The Beast of Franchia

"Eventually, I became convinced that I was not alone in the labyrinth, that somewhere among the arches was a beast, stalking me."