im not upset about the fact that the motive behind the release of dan and phil’s book is money-no.

i’m simply disgusted how both of them, especially in the beginning of the year, have been constantly manipulating us with the increase of phan moments.

both dan and phil knew from the beginning on, that with an increase of their interactions, people are going to be more excited about their book-an awesome marketing strategy, you guys.

I went on Anime News Network and saw the Kuroshitsuji / Ciel Phantomhive inspired bikini and now I’m officially scarred for life

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I can't figure out if you're a fan of ouat or if you're just a troll wearing a really clever mask.

um…neither, actually.

I really don’t like OuaT as a show anymore, and couldn’t bring myself to watch past the second season.  Like, I don’t like OuaT to the point that one of my closest friends actively warns me away from things that either puts on display the stark stupidity displayed by most people associated with the show or the fans that stan it so hard (and I really, really don’t like being left out of things, but she’s also right, so I do what she says.  But also to be fair, it has everything to do with how fucking stupid the people around this show are, and I apparently have a harder time than most abiding stupid.)

But by that same token, my active hatred of both the show and the fandom, oddly, doesn’t prevent me from a) drawing all the pretty pictures of characters either because I’m bored or because someone asks reeeeally nicely, b) writing a giant gd fic which I might only share one day because it’s easier than an e-mail list and c) criticizing with good goddamn reason all the fucking stupid things I find either in the show or in the fandom and can’t quite bring myself to walk away from, because the difference between trolling and criticism is fact-supported reasoning (which sounds like the title of a Fall Out Boy song.)

So neither, Anon.  I am not an OuaT fan, and I am not a troll.  i can understand your confusion on both counts if you’re just coming back from an all-night binge, but please try to engage your brain for a few moments, because the differences are not that hard to grasp.

I don’t know why, but I just suddenly had a small anxiety attack about the prospect of dating again and I really realized I am so not ready for that shit and fuck I am freaking the hell out right now.


michimiya yui and different colors for my lovely friend michichans  (╯◕ヮ◕)╯*:・゚✧ ☆ ✿ ♥


As I promised, part 2 is finally done yayyy!!! ‘Course by no means is this the last Artistic Anatomy post I’ll be doing! I am planning on doing more so don’t worry about that (I’m thinking of the arms or the chest next, or the neck and shoulders (my personal favorite hehe)). But for now part 2 yeah! Hopefully it’s not too confusing, but if it is digest it in little bits as not to be overwhelmed! Baby steps! In the future i’ll look to see if i can make these downloadable so they’re not shit quality but for now please bare with me ;v;

But like I said in the last bit, I can only provide you with the facts, and you’ll only get better at drawing hands if you actually draw them from life and practice, observe, and especially learn to understand them. It takes initiative and self-discipline, but the result is well worth all the effort!! So just have fun and good luck! ^o^


Or at least kiss me just to shut me up!

character meme - day five

a group of characters who is most like you and your friends - the host club

aesthetics / hugo weasley (epilogue rp)


Ayumu and Kaito present their own custom-made shirts, with titles picked from mail from the 16th Rajikyuu

Much to Ayu’s displeasure, Kaito takes a long time to unzip his jacket…

Ayumu’s shirt says 声別不詳 (unknown gender-voice)

“Well, of course, because you really can’t tell.” “Thanks.”

Ayu asks the viewers to comment ‘88888′ (clapping) to make him feel better

Kaito’s shirt says 絶叫機械 (scream machine) 

he would have preferred 男気全開 (fully chivalrous spirit), though

Their names are on the back, too. But sweat is too easy to see with this color, so they keep their jackets on

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you have a really good taste in music can u recommend me some singer/bands plsplslpls

  • a fine frenzy
  • arcade fire
  • iron & wine
  • m83
  • the temper trap
  • jack johnson
  • civil twilight
  • the paper kites
  • phoenix
  • beyonce
  • lorde
  • sufjan stevens
  • ray lamontagne
  • kodaline
  • barcelona
  • brand new
  • sia
  • the neighbourhood
  • city & colour
  • augustana
  • george ezra

consistency practice at 5 am while sleep deprived is not a good idea ok


yeah but do you lick it up or wipe it with a napkin and wring it out into your mouth