when people ask me why i love drag queens so much
what i say: i just really appreciate their artistic abilities and creativity and confidence
what i mean: i want to fuck them but can’t


RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BAND: Have a great time with Jonny, we never fight, we have always been mates. I’m Jonny’s moral guardian on tour i try to get him to drink and womanize, but he’s never interested. ON STAGE: Is that really my brother? My goodness, hasn’t he grown. I just think of him as a little boy. I remember him in flared trousers and loud tops… nothing’s changed really. No bombshells to unearth, we are like old married couples.

i love this phenomenon of calling fictional characters “mom”. thats so much better than calling them our waifus i’m so here for us all having moms, female characters get respected, we get strong, talented moms to take care of us

like where did this come from. steven universe came just in time for the rise of the Moms so its perfect really but i noticed the trend before rockmoms was a really big thing, like i’ve been calling jaya ballard my mom for like a year, and we’ve been calling pharika snek mom since theros, and now apparently i’m also fire mom and you’re all my spawn. im so proud of u

thinking about it, that is something that i just started doing for no reason and pharika actually is a snek mom and none of these are even slightly related to rock moms, i think this is just something that evolved simultaneously and the universe has aligned perfectly to allow this to happen. thank u fate mom

Random GoT thoughts...

-Started off tonight rolling my eyes at Arya being the entitled little brat she is (imo)…ended feeling proud as fuck. She’s learning and growing and she still loves her brother so fuckin much (the sword scene damn near killed me).

-Cackling SO loudly at show!Tommen (who is this person though really?!) being the epitome of an adolescent boy that just wants his mom to gtfo while he trolls for bitches. Kid is literally my fifteen year old brother and Cersei is totes acting exactly like moms (who ironically can’t stand Cersei, go figure).

-Speaking of Cersei (first of her name and queen of everything I love), I’m holding a small prayer circle for her. When sis walked them Louboutins through the hood with zero fucks left to give, I knew she’d told Jesus to take the wheel and keep that shit because she was tired of all the things. She literally does not even have the energy to fuck with Margaery anymore, and it’s seriously the saddest thing in the world to watch. I mean, it’s obvious that she’s up to some super shady shit with the Hobo Septon, but it’s like watching a cat tread water after it’s been thrown in a deep ass pool…not nearly as funny as you’d think it would be. Actually, just not funny at all.

-I know Margaery’s supposed to be younger, but she still looks 35 to me, and her x Tommen LEGIT creeps me the fuck out. Also, bragging about how a 12-year-old put the D on you to your girls AND to his mama? Where they do that at sis?

-A big sorry to all the haters in the world (more specifically my mother, love her I do) but Stannis is THE sexiest mufucka in Westeros, hands down. Don’t know why but every time I see his surly ass, I go off.

-Boltons remain dusty ass bitches, and Littlefinger remains King Creep. Since at this point it seems that there will be no rescue boat for baby girl Sansa, I’m gonna need her to act like she’s taking the Cersei Lannister SAT and pass that shit with flying colors by killing Ramsay, reclaim what’s hers, and rule the North like the badass bitch she was born to be. 

-Once more for confirmation: Littlefinger gots ta go.

-That Brienne x Renly anecdote made me tear up something fierce. That Brienne x Pod moment sent me over the edge. Why can’t all the women on this show just run all the things?

-The day I thought would never come, came. I’ve become (very) attracted to Jon Snow. He’s kickin’ ass and takin’ names and he’s a full grown man and shit, handling his b.i. Just unf tbh idgaf lol.

-Unpopular opinion: I’m kind of over Jaqen H’gar.

-That last one was a lie.

-The fact that Lancel is also strangely attractive to me now, is beginning to worry me.

-TYRION. My Lion King. My sad, scruffy, adorable, king. He was also being a little entitled brat in the coach, but it was understandable and cute and I hold Lannisters to different standards because of obvious reasons (also because I can). With that said, it may be my inner Lannistan freaking out, but was anyone else excited that he could understand the High Valyrian being spoken? I know that canonically he, Jaime and Cersei can speak it, but it made me really, really excited to see it on the show too :)

-Final note: What is Jorah doing with his life? The thirst never ceases to amaze me. Also, when was the last time he was in Westeros? Wasn’t it like 20 years ago or some shit? Wouldn’t Tyrion have a been a little kid? Did they have a Westeros weekly tabloid or some shit circulating that I didn’t know about? Because seriously, how the fuck would Jorah know that was Tyrion? Also, how many coins do you think he spent on banging that fake Dany in the brothel, because y’all know it happened…

You know I was just thinking about Garnet’s advice to Jamie in Love Letters, about how love takes time and work and you need to know the other person in order to love them and so love at first sight doesn’t exist, and how it clearly comes from her experience as Ruby and Sapphire

But then I started wondering how much that comment could also reflect her feelings about Greg and Rose. Story For Steven had a lot of emphasis on how enamored with Rose that Greg was, enough to give him the strength to fire Marty’s ass and stay in Beach City to be with her and give up any dreams he had of traveling as part of his music career even though he didn’t know anything about her. And Rose obviously didn’t know anything about him (hell during their first meeting she didn’t even know his first name yet)

So it makes me wonder if the comment about love at first sight not existing was not only solid relationship advice, but also insight on possible lingering sour feelings she has about Rose and Greg hooking up

i just wrote a whole novel to presidentselinameyer but now i think i should share it –

i think the main reason i love this show SO MUCH is that the writers don’t fuck around with giving the characters what they want. they don’t let them succeed. selina’s the president but she has no role in actually running her administration. gary is there by the grace of being selina’s right hand, but he’ll never be more than that to her, and that’s the only thing he really wants. dan and amy both pretty much slit throats for the jobs they have now, and they only get them for a few episodes. mike is just a hapless mess and a laughingstock. jonah’s like the cockroach that survives the apocalypse every season but he has no power whatsoever and his boss molests him every day. ben is the only really valuable member of the staff at this point and even he was ready (and eager!) to resign bc he hates it so much… and selina will not let him, bc she KNOWS he’s the only really reliable + loyal person in her office. like, nobody gets what they want, ever, and there are actual stakes, and it’s suspenseful as fuck. like i honestly am just so in awe of how good this fucking show is.

these characters don’t get to win. they don’t get to be comfortable. it’s never boring. i think more sitcoms should take risks like this.

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Hello I am a Virgo and I'm just recently getting into reading all my signs! I really think it's bringing out all the positive qualities I've always had and kind of helping me make them shine! I started following you and I love all your responses you really know your stuff and are amazing at it! Could you maybe tell me a little more about a Virgo! I'd love to hear your views😊

thank you so much! i’d love to tell you. i have a virgo mom and a virgo sister, so yeah. all of the virgos i know are precise thinkers. they have sharp minds and analytical abilities. they are able to notice things that usually go unnoticed. because of this, they often turn small details of an issue into large problems of their own. they tend to be very critical and can almost immediately point out the weaknesses and flaws of others. where this may be a helpful gift, it can also be destructive, especially since they do the same thing to themselves. it takes a while for them to find security in who they are as a person and the decisions they make, so they’re cautious and deliberate in everything they do. virgos are in their best state when they’re bringing out the best in others by offering support and reassurance. they’ll find that their greatest strengths will come out when they’re helping others utilize their own. they’re generally modest, allowing them to be genuinely appreciative when they’re given a compliment or they’re noticed for a positive accomplishment. their primarily quiet confidence grows louder as they feel more comfortable in situations and relationships. 

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sorry to bother you Gaijinhunter I just wanted to know what your favorite monster is? and your favorite weapon? (your weapon tutorials really helped me out thank you so much)

Weapons is hard since I love them all but I like 7 of them more than the rest. Lance (my first main weapon, SnS (I’m good at it or at least I like to think so), Horn (most underrated weapon ever), Switch Axe (makes me feel empowered), Charge blade (who doesn’t), insect Glaive (much love for this) and Bow (gunning without micro management).

Monsters is tough I love them all ^^ except cephadrome. Nothing fun about hunting that ass of a monster

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As much as I love Steroline this season, all this angst is really starting to wear me out. It hurts so much, it's becoming emotionally exhausting, honestly. I know, I just care too much about fictional characters, but I'm at a point where I need them to end the season on a positive note, I don't think I could take the summer hiatus otherwise. Like, please, at least give us a hug and reconciliation, they can get together and do all the stuff that entails next season! What are the chances?

Hey Anon! Yeah it’s been a very angst driven season for these two this season but I feel like because there’d honestly been almost zero angst between them before a lot of it was necessary. I do think the season is going to end on a hopeful note for the two of them though. I think the biggest lesson these two are going to learn is they shouldn’t worry about the perfect moment for them to start a relationship, the perfect part is them because together they can have something better than true love. I would say best case scenario we get a kiss and a love confession and then next season will probably center on them slowly starting a relationship.

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as a person with short legs compared to my torso, i really like your art of the girls team! i never see art of people with my proportions... everyone always has long legs because they're supposed to be ideal or whatever... so thank you for making them as they are! i love your art btw!

aw thank you! i know a lot of people in my family who have short legs compared to the torso and its not disproportionate its just.. human? i dont understand the big deal these anons are making but thank you so much!!

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do u think zico has ever self harmed? i heard some people cover their self harm scars with tattoos... i know self harm is really serious thing but im just wondering your opinion

Mmm… In my opinion… I don’t think so, I just think he’s into body modification, like tattoos and earrings. I don’t think he self harm, but I don’t think he’s really that happy person either. ;_;

There are lots of things and people that are important to him, and he got those things inked into his skin to keep them close, like: the bees + Block B’s first win (Block B and BBC), his mom (I don’t even need to say how much he loves his mom XD) + his birthday, Korea’s national flower + king King Sejong (I think he’s really patriotic), the “God Save Paulus” + the Saint Veronica ’s veil (Zico is religious, he’s catholic). These are meaningful things to him.

And I think the only scar he covered with a tattoo was the tattoo of his mother’s face on his chest, maybe to cover his heart surgery when he was a kid? But that’s only a guess!

I am really curious now about why do you think he self harms!

An overall look at OUAT 4X20(or 19 idek)

Alright overall the episode was pretty damn good, I am VERY happy about it.

The flashbacks didnt feel forced (like they did when Lily was first introduced) they felt very organic and Emma and Lily’s relationship is actually really interesting, the fight scene between them was actually amazing I loved it so much and when Emma was holding the gun to Lily for a second I actually felt like she was going to kill her.

The relationship between Emma and Regina just feels so fluid and good at this point I think it’s beautiful, this whole episode was mostly just them and it didnt feel bad at all. (swanqueen was all over the place this episode)

As for the Rumbelle scene, I made a post for this, but in summary: Its official, Regina took Belle’s heart, Rumple is NOT an abuser, Will isn’t really invested in their relationship, and Belle still has feelings for Rumple.

Am I forgetting something? Oh right THAT


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I've always been more into exo-m than into exo-k, despite loving them all, exo-m had that special place in my heart, and seeing them break apart like this hurts me so much. I don't wanna spread negativity, but can you imagine how things will go if tao really leaves? like yixing will be the only chinese member and exo-m will be left with 3 members, like wow. Just thinking about it makes me so so sad. I never imagined things would turn out like this.. :(

I’ve been thinking about that tbh, and it worries me because the pressure was already great, and if Tao does leave I just- I don’t know, Yixing is already getting lots of hate ;__; I think exo-m will stop existing and they will be just exo with 9 members… I don’t know ;; it’s so sad, I never imagined this would happen when they debuted soBS

Stop using Will as a plot device.

I can’t believe I’ve been freaking out over Rumbelle for an hour… SO GOOD!

As much as I love and adore Rumbelle and consider them my OTP, I love Will and really like the idea of Scarlet Beauty as true love in the AU world of OUAT. Have you guys read fanfics for those two? Adorable. I just really love Michael Socha and maybe ship Michael and Emilie together, but aren’t they dating other people… If so, I can’t ship them together because that’s just wrong. There are so many questions I have about Will’s character this half of the season. What was that object Will was trying to find on the beach when Mary Margaret found him? When are we going to learn more about Ana like A&E said? When are we going to learn more about how Scarlet Beauty became canon? I know they mentioned it a few weeks ago but it was very brief…

I want to know the little things. I want to know Will’s character development instead of seeing him sit on the sidelines and being used as a plot device. I was actually really surprised to see Will get so much screen time tonight because he barely gets any… surprised, but pleasantly surprised. I feel like A&E said this and that leading up to the season and they didn’t deliver it? Not hate, just really confused on a lot of information missing. Will was my favorite character on OUATIW and he was really the only reason why I watched the show. I was really hoping to see his character grow more, but I haven’t seen anything happen on the show like A&E have promised. We have one more episode and then the 2 hour finale, so maybe we will get some more information then? I don’t know.

It’s just really frustrating to see a character I love being used as a plot device when they have such a great story behind them. 

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I'm pretty sure I'm on the ace spectrum, (probably demi, but I'm not positive yet) but there's something I've been struggling with. I was raised with very conservative values, and I was taught that you shouldn't have sex with someone unless you are in love with and are committed to them. I'm not sure if I'm really ace, or if I'm just listening to what my parents taught me. How do I differentiate between nature and nurture? Thank you so much! Your blog is very helpful :)

People who were raised with conservative values still have sexual feelings they struggle with. If you don’t have those sexual feelings to begin with, then it’s likely that you’re ace spectrum.

So here are Faramir and Eowyn, because I love these two so much, and I’ve never tried to draw them before now so I really wanted to do them justice and draw them the way I saw them while reading the books!^^ This was the third try, and it is as they say; third time’s the charm! No kidding, ever disliking a drawing you’ve made but you love the motive? Just try over and over and for me usually the third time is when I hit the jackpot!^^ I hope you like it!

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Dear Jenny! I am so obsessed w your books! I keep rereading them every chance I get, and I fall in love all over again! In fact, I just finished rereading the burn for burn series and a question bothers me: Is it me or is it really implied that Reeve liked Lillia from the very start (and he tried to push the feelings away at first by being mean to her bcos Alex liked her too)? Please shed some light on this Jenny. I really want to know. :( I ship Lillia and Reeve forever! Thank you so much!! xo

I think that Reeve always had a little thing for her, but it never really developed into more because 99% of the time they got on each other’s nerves and also, he knew Alex had real feelings for her. So he put her put of his mind and didn’t let himself go there. 

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Could you please rank the episodes this season from favorite to least favorite? Not necessary but feel free to include a snippet as to why. Just a heads up, you may be seeing this on your dash as I'm sending this out to a few of my fav TMP blogs. Love y'all!

Okay, I divided them between those I loved (which is most of them), liked, and didn’t like as much.  I’m really curious which were the 6 additional episodes.  Most of my lower-rated episodes were after they got the additional episode order, and I’m guessing the last four I listed were ALL part of that additional order.  Edited to add I just realized I left out “No More Mr. Noishe Guy,” which I’m sure was one of the additional episodes.  So I think my bottom five all were.   However, since I’m guessing Christmas and What About Peter were not, I guess one of the episodes I liked best (I’m thinking Cathoholic or maybe What to Expect) was also part of the extras, which is impressive.I’d love to hear others’ thoughts.


Dinner at the Castellanos – both because I loved how it advanced the plot (and Mindy and Danny sweetness) and because I just love Alan, Little Danny, Dot, and Annette

We’re a Couple Now, Haters – for the fire escape scene which paralleled the similar scene in the season 2 opener

Best Man – loved the shower, loved the exes, loved Mindy’s acting and Messina’s.  Loved the scene between Danny and Annette.

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