I want so badly to believe that I don’t have these feelings for you.
—  2.26.15

figuring out my sexuality is as hard as figuring out what I want my favourite TV show couples to be.

Do I like guys? Do I like girls? Do I want them to kiss and have the cutest relationship ever? Do I want them to be the very best of platonic friends in the entire fucking universe? Do I even care what I like apart from that I just like people that are attractive to me and DO i even care if they kiss or not as long as they’re together and have each other?


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My grandmother died today. I loved her so much and I already miss her. I haven't broken down yet but I can feel it growing inside. I really just wish I could cry it out and feel better. But I can't. I usually feel so much more. So many more emotions but I don't. I don't like this. Can u help?

Usually after a traumatic experience or a great loss, people don’t really react to it at the exact moment and it usually takes them a few hours or days or weeks or even months when they finally realize what’s gone and then they crash down. Baby, everything will be okay and you know that it was bound to happen, losing family members is one of the hardest things to go through but message me if you break down or if you just need somebody to vent on. She’s with you in her spirits and if anything, i’m with you and i hope your family is doing okay. Let you parents and your siblings know that you love them, call them once a day and tell them that you do. Much love xxx 

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i feel like love and romance are completely unrelated, like love is only built on trust but romance is built purely on lust. You can love with romance, and you can have a romance without love. people get them confused though, because they both make you feel the same way. what do you think?

i dont know honestly because im not romantic at all and i dont really “love” either, i mean like relationship love, i do feel lust tho and i enjoy sex and other sexual actions i just dont feel the entire “Oh i love you so much lets hold hands and cuddle” thing, to me simply love and lust are different, romance and love seem kinda similar tho except that love is a feeling and romance to me is more of an act, you know?

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Will you give us a list of your favorite OC blogs? Or any OC blogs you know of that would be open to roleplaying with other OCs? You seem like you have a really long list of people you rp with often.

Goodness me, I- I couldn’t possibly list all the amazing OC’s I’ve come to love and play with! (but i did)

But really, I’m open to rp with pretty much anyone when it comes to OC’s. I’ve always had a soft spot for them, even when I rped a canon character like- years ago! lol, but for real. Just hit me up in my ask if you’re interested! Always willing to give anyone a chance. So long as you’re kind to me, we’ll get along great!

I guess- now that you mention it, I do have a long list of people I rp with… I dunno- I just like growing as a rper, and finding all these awesome people and the muses they’ve created/chosen. Always get a really pleasure out of seeing people having fun rping on my dash.

Now, I can try to list some blogs… I think? OC wise, well- I have a lot I love! Most my partners have multiple muses, so I’ll just list a random one and go from there?

exulantis (all of kammy’s ocs tbh), bringmebackadog (same with era), guardium, dekkmod, hxneycraft, miabxlla, abrasivewriter (they have some amaze oc’s i’ve read up on), unadulterated-violence, memorous, anivara, aquilaoculorum, lisalisapng (all appaci’s oc’s tbh), brideofsparda (Van’s oc tho), cmdrglowstick, causariia, darckcarnival, destructiveglitch, deaths-chessmate (wida’s oc’s too omg), equalist-aquene, fearmongrel, foolish-pleasure, halbmetall, incursu, invisible-emeralds (their oc’s), nosferatuinblue, noxpraelia, madrabeag, ofdxlish, starryxspectre, scalesandmagic, thefenwolf, taste-likedeath (does beelz count as an oc?), utterlyunharmed, violeteyedkiller, xhuawei, slxmchances, welcomethewildcards, mitologico-washington, limbozoneguardian, and many more i’ve probably forgot or not listed.

But I’ll probably make a follower forever list like- sometime when my year’s up, or sooner. For now, just check out all those i’ve listed above. You won’t be disappointed, I promise! 


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Hi Fatally! I just have to tell you how much I love your work. I love how your writing remains true to the feel of the characters that I feel like it really is how they would act, and that takes a lot of skill to pull off. It's so easy to accidentally write them as how you want them to be not how they actually are. I've never been one for fanfic, but I enjoy everything you write. I always look out for you to post something new, and it's the highlight of my day when you do. Good fluff is good. :D



No Sleepover Saturday Tomorrow :P

I’m sorrrryyyy, but I’ve been gone like two and a half days this week from school, and I have a shitload of homework to catch up on, tests to study for, etc. I’ve just been doing a horrible job of taking care of myself lately, and I really need to get back on track this weekend, if I can.

As much as I want to do Sleepover Saturday tomorrow for you lovelies, it would take up my whole day tomorrow, or if I DID do it I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t on top of answering questions.

So Sleepover Saturday is cancelled for tomorrow. If you guys still want to send questions, you can, but know that I probably won’t get around to answering them for a few days. I still have some messages that I haven’t been able to answer yet just because I haven’t had very much time lately (sorry to anyone who is waiting for a response </3). If you send me a message, I will get back to you, life is just rough. If you don’t hear back from me a week after you send the message or something, send me another message and be like “YO ANSWER MY QUESTION YA DUMMY!!!” because sometimes I need reminding, as I am a loser :P

 Hopefully we’ll be able to Sleepover Saturday next Saturday (can’t imagine why we wouldn’t). Although I have a feeling there’s going to be less Sleepover Saturdays in March than I would like. I have an acting festival that I’m going to mid-March, and that’s ending on a Saturday, so a sleepover that day won’t work…

Obviously I’m going to do my best to make sure that at least every other Saturday is one where we’re doing the tradition, because I know that for a lot of you it’s a really important outlet. And of course I love talking to you little glow bugs and seeing how everyone is doing.

I’ll keep you guys posted about when there will or won’t be Sleepover Saturdays just so y’all have a better heads up.

Sorry lovelies <3

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when joaquin puts two and two together about manolo losing his hearing, he tries to ask manolo about it and be supportive, but manolo doesn't want to talk about it so he gets mad at joaquin and doesn't speak to him for days. but then after like a week joaquin sees manolo getting picked on because he messed up a song pretty badly (this is before he quit, probably the reason he quit). joaquin gets so pissed he just jumps on top of people doing the bullying and pounds on them until manolo

actually drags him off of them. manolo is grateful for the help, but also really embarrassed that he needs it so he gets mad at joaquin again for sticking his nose in business that doesn’t concern him. manolo means to continue giving him the silent treatment, but that night joaquin goes over to his house and signs ‘i care about you’ (he’s still too much of a teenage boy at this point to admit to love). manolo doesn’t understand because he hasn’t started signing yet but joaquin gives him the book

he’s been studying from and apologizes for acting out when manolo didn’t want him to and explains that he just couldn’t help himself because manolo is his family and he doesn’t want manolo to hurt and joaquin could easily see that manolo is hurting about everything. manolo is still upset, but he takes the book and accepts the apology and they start learning sign language together so that even if things are still pretty difficult with other people at least they can communicate a little easier


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Hello~ can i ask what you like most about Shinwoo? ^w^ my bias is Sandeul. (I enjoy meeting other BANA)

hi! :D omg there are so many reasons ;_; i could probably write an 549574895748 words long essay about this but i will try to keep it short ~ 

how he cares about the other members
- he loves the other members so much, and i love how he’s always there comforting them whenever they’re upset. and being the oldest in the group i think he’s someone the other members always can rely on, and always turn to whenever they are feeling troubled. i believe he’s very protective over the other members and always want to make sure they’re doing well ;; and i also love how physical he is towards them, how he just randomly hugs them sometimes or hold their hands, i think that’s really adorable sobs ;;

his love for the fans - this is one of the biggest reasons why i love him so much. he cares so much about his fans and he always puts them first. just by the way he looks at them you can see how much he loves and cherishes them. at airports, he always smiles and waves to the fans, and always make sure to get every letter from them. i will always remember that time when he accidentally left behind one letter and felt so bad about it and even wrote an apology about it. that just shows how much the fans means to him. i mean, just look at his reaction to the gift, isn’t that the cutest thing in the world??

his passion and determination - he knew from an early age what he wanted to do with his life, and even though he faced hardships, he never gave up. and now he’s standing on stage, doing what he loves the most. he has come so far and i am so proud of him. it really shows that hard work pays off and it makes me happy that he reached his dream. i really love watching him on stage, how he dances and sings with so much passion, i think it’s really beautiful.

his smile - his smile… my god his smile. i don’t know how many times i’ve been close to bursting into tears just because of his smile. (i mean LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE) if there’s one thing that can get me through a rough day, it is his smile. and i love how he kinda has different smiles? the gentle cute smile when he meets his fans, when he smiles so much that his eyes completely disappears, his slightly crooked smile. and ugH WHEN HE LAUGHS ;_______;

his dorkiness - i love that he can go from this to this lmao. as much as i love his cool, sexy, charismatic look on stage i absolutely adore his dorky side. how he just randomly out of nowhere can get these little outbursts where he starts shouting or dancing. i love how he’s comfortable with acting silly and goofing around. (bonus gif because ADORABLE ♥) i think that in the beginning when they debuted he was a bit shy and hesitant, but he’s coming out of his shell more and more, and it’s really wonderful to see.

his voice - beautiful target was the first song i ever heard with b1a4 and his voice was the one that i reacted to the most. it was just something so soothing about it and it really left a strong impression to me. i love his voice, it’s so soft and gentle and listening to him sing or talk always calms me down. and even if i don’t understand a single word he’s saying, i can listen to him talk for hours.

and let’s not forget the little things that makes cnu the special person that he is. how he blinks his eyes, how he sometimes claps like a cute seal, how he had the santa stocking on his twitter icon for over a year, how cute and dedicated he was taking care of his little plants. everything about him is so precious and adorable, and i think he’s really amazing, in every way. he’s such a beautiful person, inside and out, and i’m so thankful for him. ♥

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i saw your post about poly leorio/melody/kurapika and honestly it's the best and cutest thing i'm cryin

hones tly yeah like, i loooove poly ships and i am ffalling in love w poly leorio/melody/kurapika 

MMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMM just imagine Leorio and Kurapika bickering really cutely over mundane shit like what’s for dinner or how much they spent on suits / suit cleanings that month but them stopping so Leorio can pull out a chair for Melody and then Kurapika pouting bc HE wanted to do that. just imagine them all holding hands as they go out shopping on a winter’s day wearing matching scarves Kurapika + Melody knit together. imagine Leorio getting really invested in helping Melody deal w/ a lot of the bad feelings she has towards her body and working w Kurapika to make her feel more comfortable in her own skin at her own pace and Kurapika admiring him for it and kissing him later when Melody’s not looking bc it means a lot to him and makes HIM feel safer ttoo. Imagine Leorio calling in Melody to help his more anxious patients, to help with his patients that deal with pain and PTSD and fear of strangers, etc bc she is so good with ppl and puts others at ease and understands what ppl who’ve been thru hard things are feeling bc she’s been there. imagine Kurapika and Melody practicing the piano together while Leorio reads recently released medical journals in the background. imagine ur ot3

ok this might sound silly but I wanted to say THANK YOUUU to everyone who sent me their unpopular opinions for the ask thing tonight!! you never know how askbox things are gunna go right, but you guys sent me so many and they were really interesting and some of them were quite thought-provoking, and it turned into one of those nights where I stayed up 2 hours past my planned bedtime to keep answering these things and I just *blushu* I have so much fun on nights like these!! you guys rock so much, thank you! (^,^)

hi, peaches! I just sent in my application to be a Girl Scout sleep-away camp counselor and I’m scheduling an interview for next week! Despite how much I complain about them, I honestly love working with kids and being a counselor is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’m really pretty excited about it and so that’s why I wanted to share it with you :)

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You now with all this anger and confusion going around in the fandom of the management,let just make it so loud that the boys cannot ignore it. I love them so much but the shitty PR work, bad setlist, lack of any communication and just the overall sadness is really getting to me. Let's tweet them #BetterManagement1D or #WeDeserveBetter1D to let them know. I love them so much it hurts

It’s not the boys honey, they are not the decision makers. They are tied to do whatever it is in their contract for as long as their contract is valid.

We can trend whatever we want but it won’t change a thing. I’m sorry.

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monty green

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  monty x recognition. (Also Miller is cool too)

general opinions: AS IF WE DON’T KNOW. Monty Green is the best person on Earth, no question. He has grown so much and I am so proud of him. He started off just a nerdy goofy dude, messing around with his best friend, and he has gone through so much without become bitter and horrible. He makes people earn his respect, but once they have it he is loyal. He’s so smart and if he and Raven and Wick team up they could rule the world. He protects his friends, even when he’s weak. He literally always does the right thing. Always. There’s never a time where I’ve been frustrated with Monty. Ever. He is perfect. 

put a character in my ask!

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done skye! (and sarah u just know to ask about ward, don’t u)

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS (i’ve cried about grant ward at 4am that its own category)

ship with:  skye aka skyeward — and dabble in fitz + simmons but really i am just skyeward trash (and fitzwardskimmons) + raina 

friendship them with: fitzwardskimmons! potential that was thrown away: trip + bobbi (tho tbf bobbi maybe, maybe can happen + hunter). and kara. i’ve headcanoned so much i’m excited to see what their relationship brings. also the ward brothers bc fuck u it needs to be said that thomas + grant are my downfall. 

general opinions: where do i begin. [i talk about him a lot here btw] ok like skye, ward was not my favourite character from the start. however, he was the reason i picked up the show again after hearing he was a double agent on twitter (literally my entire tl was screaming). so i sort of had a different experience overall with his character: i watched the first 4/5 eps live in 2013 and then proceeded to be shocked when i found out about 117, then went back and watched knowing who/what he was. so i never really felt fully betrayed by his character like i know many were. and really, grant ward + skyeward after 117 is my guilty pleasure trope, aka in love with the mark. literally. also anti-heroes. i love anti-heroes so so much. 

so when i was watching it i was already knowing how much this ship would fuck me up and how he would ultimately do the same. i caught up before 121 and literally no one knew ward’s true motivations at this point, and we were left going well we know this and this but why is he like this who is grant ward??11??  i probably sold my soul as soon as buddy showed up and then was crushed all over again because you know, fitzsimmons and ward in 120. 

fast forward to september and the new season and its probably clear at this point that any episode with ward in it is my favourite (i hadn’t actually rewatched ep 2 + 4 until my official rewatch later). narratively speaking, he brings a lot of drama and suspense to his scenes, which makes it extremely entertaining and gripping for me to watch. he’s also a very complicated character,  and has a compelling push and pull in regards to his redemption. he is a wild card. i forget how dangerous he is tbh, until one moment you’re just like “oh shit” and then the next is “hoOoOOoly shit” u know (a+ explaining there). in perspective: i literally fell off my bed when he came down the stairs in 209 even though i KNEW it would be him. like fuck, i never planned to be this invested. 

as i’ve said before i’ve read a shit load of fanfic about ward, and have actually bawled over this fic called ‘nothing special about grant ward’ at 4am. you can probably tell that i’ve sold my soul to thomas ward, and ANYTHING grant ward family related has me on the brink. young!ward and the ward family just sets me off. (which also is a nice parallel to skye and her chaotic feelings about home as well but im talking about ward so i’ll hold off). part of me wants to just wrap him in a blanket and give him a dog. the other half of me is yelling for him to fuck shit up THE OTHER PART of me is pounding fists on tables and demanding the writers continue some progressive development that has ward leading.  the other other other part is crying because while i want ward and skye no where near each other atm, i also crave skyeward interactions. it’s a dilemma and this ship fucking hurts like a bitch.

you know that post that was like ‘all five are the one’ and it was ‘my son’ ‘my husband’ etc? that’s grant ward for me. that is he. my snarky trash bag son. i am literally grant ward trash.

i mean, part of my love (ok not ‘part’ nearly 87% of my love) for grant ward is strengthened from my unbelievable love i have for brett dalton.  i have a break down about this man either every day or every other. unfortunately i’m not kidding (ps. having brett on twitter notifs was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me). and brett dalton is the biggest grant ward stan; you may think you’re ward’s biggest fan, but you’re not. so i just? i love this man. so much. god fucking dammit just please watch this. but again this is about grant ward and if i talk about brett dalton i will literally be here all day. oh captain, my captain.

the fact of the matter is this: i am literally so fucked. 

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It's okay to be insecure about your work. It happens to everyone. Just please, please, don't ever give up. Don't worry about whether or not people will like it. I guarantee that no matter what you do with it, I will love it regardless. I'm sure many others will agree with me. I saw the new sprites and I absolutely adore them. I love ONE and I look up to you so much. I can see how much work and time you've put into it and that makes me love it even more. I hope you have an amazing day! :)

I don’t know why but last night I just suddenly felt like everything I do isn’t worthy enough…Like everything I do isn’t good enough. I hate my paranoia…

But reading your message really made me smile. I hope you have an amazing day as well ;-;

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Ever since i read the Austere Academy for the first time as a kid i became a huge KlausxIsadora shipper, but in book 10 it gets very clear that Klaus' affections are Fiona's. I could never like Fiona after that, and it seems unfair because she was such An interesting character... What are your thoughts on Kladora?

While I think Klaus/Isadora is a really, really cute ship with a lot of merit, I personally prefer the two of them as friends. I think it’s because I love their friendship so much and I feel like it would be better for them to remain close friends instead of making that jump to lovers. I don’t have any concrete reason for preferring that—it’s just a personal feeling about them, and I actually approve of Isadora over Fiona if I had to pick one of them for Klaus simply because she’s never hurt him, whereas Fiona has. That being said, I love Klaus and Fiona’s interactions in Book 11, and if she hadn’t betrayed the Baudelaires I would have been happy to see them stay together, so long as it didn’t awaken any feelings in Isadora and ruin Klaus friendship with her. I wouldn’t want to see a Moxie-Lemony situation happening with them over Fiona!