oh my god look at his face LOOK AT HIS FACE LOOK HOW HAPPY

are you fucking kidding me

this is the Cloud that’s been overshadowed by his “dark, brooding and burdened” counterpart from Advent Children/Dissidia/Kingdom Hearts, the one that much of the fandom doesn’t even recognize

and that’s a goddamn crime, because the grim counterpart that’s so popular is based on a false personality that never really belonged to him. this man here, this is the REAL Cloud Strife

i just love how it so clearly means the world to him that Zack has not only remembered his name twice now, he even considers them to be friends

as much as i love the trope of a character falling fast and hard for someone, i also love the subtle decent where they don’t really think about it; where that person is just kind of there until one day they realize that person is so ingrained in their lives and they cannot do without them. where there is no conscious effort on either ends to become romantically involved but somehow the thought of them being with someone else is disconcerting. where “i enjoy being with you” unwittingly turns into “i want to be with you”

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honestly, I'm so jealous that halsey has such a positive outlook on her body & body image in general!! ... i wish i had that confidence, but I'm just a short girl with fat thighs, big boobs, belly pooch, shit hair and a lazy eye with glasses (i know, I'm a real treat.........) :((((((

Don’t think like that! I’ll tell you a story of a girl who was just like you, she hated her body, her hair, and every aspect of herself. She felt out of place with all of her friends because she thought they were way prettier than her, when really she was just as beautiful as them. She hated herself so much she even self-harmed, but you know what? She started telling herself that she was beautiful she didn’t care what any person thought of her, she embraced who she was and her beautiful body, she began to love her hair and started to change it because it made her feel more confident and that’s exactly what she needed. 
Now with every picture she posts the comments are filled with “MOM! YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOU!” Do you know who this person is? It’s Halsey! And I can sit here all day and tell you how gorgeous you are but the only one who can make a true difference is you. So start loving yourself just like Ashley learned to love herself. Every morning when you wake up look in the mirror and say “I am so hot, I love myself and today is going to be amazing, fuck everyone who thinks otherwise!” You may not believe it at first, but it will be true one day.





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I honestly love how straight up you are? Like you don't pretend to love every song, listen to every song and you don't make up excuses if one of the boys fuck up? There needs to be more fans like that cause everyone seems so fake

I don’t think fans that AREN’T like me are fake necessarily. I mean some people really do like every single song of theirs and I’m not hating on them at all for it. Some of this fandom is still in the mind set that “you have to love and support everything 5sos do” or “you have to love every member equally”. It’s like, really??? How about we all just respect each other’s opinions even if we disagree and not care so much if someone likes one member better than the other. As long as you’re not like verbally harassing the member(s) you don’t like then who cares? Honestly some of y'all need to sit down and just think: WHO HONESTLY CARES? 5sos are sitting on more money I’ll probably ever make they can wipe their tears with the money I GIVE THEM! lmfao

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Who is your favourite character of Naruto and why?

There are myriads of reasons why I love Naruto Uzumaki so much and here’s just a short list of them:

  • He never, and I mean never gave up. Whenever there was an obstacle that was blocking his path, he remained resilient and persevered throughout everything he’s been through.
  • He always thought of his friends and loved ones. He wasn’t selfish and always thought of others first. Even if the village didn’t accept him at first, he still risked his life in order to protect it.
  • His quotes always inspire me to do better and be better. His best quote is obviously the one about never giving up: “I’m not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! That’s my nindō: my ninja way!”
  • He was always cheerful and positive in everything he did. Just like the sun, he’s always so warm and faced everything with a pure smile.
  • When he was Hokage, the entire village prospered under him. The fact that there are computers and skyscrapers in his administration shows that he can be a capable leader
  • He’s a great father and really tries to take care of his family. Even though he’s busy working, he still made a clone to play with his son. He makes sure to not leave his family alone and ensures that he keeps them happy.

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Don't beat yourself up, man. You were mind-controlled, it's not your fault. And I have a feeling that, if it had really come down to it, you would never have killed Leo. If he could bring you back with anger, then there was a part of you that was awake, and that part loves your bros too much to really do them harm, freaky mind-control worm or not. I'm sure Leo would never blame you, so don't blame yourself.

Don’t you think I know that!? I still can’t help thinking things…Like what If I did? or whatever?  It’s just still fresh on my mind I guess…


HELLOOOO, so yesterday I went to the 5sos concert and can I just say it was sooooo amazing? Because damn, it was, those boys are such good musicians I have no words. And Hey Violet were also amazing, you could really tell that they do love music to death like Ash said in that video were they announced they had signed with them. Nia was having so much fun, Rena was crazy, Casey didn’t stop a second and Miranda was cute, I guess she is a little more shy or something but she is really good and I love her voice so much! I went crazy in “this is why” and when they played “you don’t love me like you should” I was just amazed by how good they are. OH AND THEIR VERSION OF BLANK SPACE WAS EVEN BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL ONE❤ so please please come back to Portugal, the crowd here loved you!
and then in the break between the two concerts the songs were amazing as well, it played like stacy’s mom and blink182 and green day and me and my friends were dancing like a bunch of dorks, just having fun.
THEN the countdown started and when they walked in the stage everyone screamed so much and they started by playing “end up here” which is one of my absolute favourites and then they just carried on on being amazing in general. Their voices were the cutest thing ever and they smiled so much during the concert, it made me so happy! And Cal had his old bass in some songs which I was also really happy about.
They played the usual songs like long way home, disconnected, what i like about you, she looks so perfect, dont stop…. and when they started playing beside you everyone got up these papers that had European written on it and it was really cute, during amnesia I just sang so loud and me and my friends just hugged so tight and in that moment I started to tear up because I was feeling everything in such a strong way, I had everything I needed in that moment, it felt really good❤ THEN, and I wasn’t expecting this at all, THEY PLAYED WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER WHICH IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME AND IT WAS SO DAMN PERFECT THAT I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT! oh and american idiot… I went mental, I was rocking so damn hard to that song, I really liked it, specially because I don’t think I will ever get the chance to see Green Day live so thanks 5sos!! And, of course, permanent vacation was a REALLY GOOD FUCKING SONG, I love that michael sings a little bit of it because he doesn’t get to sing that much by himself even though he has a beautiful voice and the rhythm is also really catchy and just amazing idk what to say about that song, just listen to it, I recommend it.
I honestly don’t know what to say, people probably won’t even read this until here (and if you did you are awesome my friend) but just to let you know that it was the starting of the ROWYSO tour and it was amazing, the guys and the girls were really good, both bands. I had the best night ever, it’s an amazing feeling being at your favourite band concert. And the crowd, in my opinion, was also really good, so yeah, COME BACK TO PORTUGAL OKAY? I FUCKING LOVE YOU❤

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so my favourite part of your aus is looking for tattoos, is that weird? you just put so much detail into everything, it's amazing! really well done!

hahah thank youuu!!!! this really means a lot to me!!!  i love doodling tattoos so im glad you like them! i try to think of what the character would actually get but sometimes they just end up as scribbles lol

I’ve never heard anything more hurtful than the words “Magnus deserved better.” Logically, I know there were a lot of people who were really upset at Alec at the end of City of Lost Souls, but I’d never really experienced it firsthand like THAT before.

I know people tend to love characters like Magnus more than characters like Alec. That’s why people like Jace and Will as well. These bright, confident, funny characters who hold endless wells of emotion inside, and we just love them, right? I mean, I love Magnus. I love him so, so much.

But. But. People tend to view these characters’ loved ones as the quieter, less awesome ones. Even when both characters are awesome, mainstream media-type readers tend to do this. (As does advertising. And if you’re really mainstream (coughgirlfromSouthCarolinacough), then you don’t even care about Magnus and Alec, because mainstream generally means heteronormative.) A lot of relationships are built on this dynamic. One really magnetic character, and then their sidekick/significant other. (The Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness have this, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson too, etc.) So I know it’s a thing, and it’s common.

But. BUT. I was upset with Alec too. Who wasn’t? But I think the most important part of this whole page 511 mess was that no one (NO ONE) was more upset at Alec than Alec. I could go on and on and on about Alec, and his character, and how he thinks of himself (how little he thought he was worth) for the longest time, but that is a different post for many other times. I will say: This trait exists in tiny things, because you won’t ever know with people like Alec. Maybe you just thought he was oblivious when everyone BUT ALEC knew that Magnus was in love with Alec in City of Glass. The heartbreaking truth is that he really wasn’t oblivious, he would just never assume Magnus loved him, no matter how many people thought it or tried to convince him of it, because he doesn’t think he’s worth that much. And at the time, he’d convinced himself that he would never be worth anything unless Jace loved him, because that was safe. That was SAFE. For him, holding himself to this impossible standard attached to his parabatai (who took SIX BOOKS to actually SEE Alec) was safe. Safe.

And I really could go on forever about Alec, and how often people misunderstand him, but that was not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I am really upset that there are people out there who think “Magnus deserved better.” A lot of people blame Alec for the whole thing. It was his fault, but it’s also Magnus’s! Cassie explained this! I’m shocked that she even had to! It should be pretty clear that both of these characters are flawed. We like to think characters like Magnus aren’t, but he is. What makes these two so wonderful for me is that I can love them for their flaws as well as their strengths.

A lot of people don’t understand why Alec Lightwood is my favorite character. Like, why, Kyra? Out of all the characters? When there’s Magnus? And Izzy? And all these badass awesome people who are more badass and awesome than Alec, who we have deemed less badass and awesome? Why?

It’s a very simple answer. I’ll try to do it the bandaid way: quick and nearly painless. Because last year, when I zoned out of my classes to daydream about what a relief killing myself would be, when I shrank inside myself so much that I couldn’t look my mom in the face, Alec Lightwood was all I had. Even though there were people around me who were willing to help, and did, and I am doing much better now, Alec was the one person I had that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I understood him. Yes, I was upset at Alec for every second of his mistakes. But I knew I would have done the same thing. Now, would I? No. But I was a different person a year ago. So was Alec in City of Lost Souls.

So it just really, really upsets me when I still see echoes of this “Magnus deserved better” bullshit. It just….no. Alec is so much more complex than the casual reader will usually understand, and I know most other people don’t feel the same way about Alec, but. But. Magnus does not deserve better. He HAS better. Alec Lightwood is not a second choice, he not a runner-up, he is not an honorable mention, he is. Not. Trivial. He is Magnus’s husband, goddamn it, and if you hadn’t noticed, Magnus hasn’t actually married anyone else in his 400 some-odd years. Magnus thinks Alec is worth it. So keep your bullshit away from my ship.

“What if we simply didn’t meet? If I was dead before you were born? Or what if at the same time you were living your whole life in China and I had never left Europe?

Our eyes never crossed. Our hands never touched. We never exchanged a word. We never made each other laugh nor cry. We never made sweet love nor woke up with our bodies tightly intertwined. We. Never. Existed. And we could, we really could become everything, true everything to each other. If we had just met.

So, why do you suffer so much when someone you love goes away? At least, you had your chance. Be grateful for it. You shared a moment, one night or a whole year, doesn’t matter. You. Were. Something. And it’s true what they say, everything we love we will leave behind.

But, what about all those friends & lovers we never met nor will ever meet? For them, I cry sometimes.” —Ines Kotarac #LateNightThoughts

watercolor by Kyungduk Kim

Celebrity Crushes

Word Count: 586

Request: heyaaaaa love ur ‘its a bet’ story !!!!!!! could i get a jack barakat imagine where y/n is like hella famous actress or model or whatevs and she’s on the ellen show and she’s like so we all know ur celeb crush is Jack barakat and y/n is like omg im embarrassed af and then jack comes thru and is like hi and y/n like fangirls so hard and real fluffy then after Jack’s like hey u wanna get food and really fluff THANK YOU !!!”

Okay so 1) Thank you so much! I’m just glad people enjoy what I write! 2) I am so extremely sorry this took entirely too long to write! And 3) I love this request! Hope you enjoy!! :)

You hear your cue and you walk onto the stage as the crowd applauds, and you wave at them smiling. You make your way to the plush couch next to Ellen’s, give her a hug, and then both of you take your seats. She of course starts off with questions about your new movie that is to hit theaters in less than a week, but seeing as that this is the Ellen show, the conversation takes a funny turn and you find yourself talking about your celebrity crushes.

You are known for having a multitude of girl crushes, but you do have one celebrity –not so celebrity –crush on a certain guitarist from All Time Low.

And it being Ellen, she asks, “So, we all have one let’s be real, who is your celebrity crush?”

You laugh albeit shyly, and reply, “Well, I will admit, I totally have a celebrity crush on Jack Barakat.”

“Oh really? I would have never known,” Ellen says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“What is that supposed to mean!” You ask laughing.

“Hm, well let’s take a look shall we?” Ellen then gestures to the large screen behind her which now displays screenshots of the multiple tweets you have directed at Jack. You blush and try to stutter a smart comment to shoot back at her, but she starts to speak again. “Funny enough as it is, hilariously coincidental actually, Jack just so happens to be in the studio today. Do you want to meet him?”

You can’t even get a reply out before the crowd starts going crazy and you turn around to see Jack walk onto stage. He waves at the crowd and starts walking straight towards you, who has been reduced to a blushing ball in the corner of the couch. When he gets you to you though, you stand up to greet him only to have him pull you into the circle of his arms and hug you tight. You happily return the hug, and when you pull away, you both take a seat on the couch.

The interview goes on for a while longer, the whole time of which Ellen is relentlessly messing with you about Jack, though all in good fun. She actually began trying to set you two up on a date, though her efforts were dashed.

All too soon for your liking though, the show is coming to a close and the three of you bid goodbyes before heading back stage to grab your things and leave the set. You feeling, a bit saddened at the fact that nothing more came of your meeting with Jack, walked back to your car. You go to open the door, but before you can you hear your name being called out.

You turn around confused, but then see Jack running towards you. You force yourself not to break out into a huge goofy smile as he finally comes to a stop right in front of you.

“Hey you –ah –forgot your jacket,” and sure enough, you see your favorite black jacket in his hand. You grab it from him with a quick thanks, and turn back to your car feeling more than a little disappointed.

“Wait! Uh- that’s not all. So I was kind of thinking about what Ellen was saying, and would you, maybe, want to go get lunch with me?”

You don’t even try to stop the smile that blossoms on your face as you reply, “I would love to!”

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I'm kinda new to being in the fandom, I mostly just watched the movies without thinking about it, but why do people have problems with Joss Whedon?

Tbh watching the movies without really thinking about them is probably the best way to do it. Don’t let Tumblr corrupt you, precious baby <3

Ugh, at this point I don’t even really know why everyone hates him so much. I know the shit-storm re-appeared after Age of Ultron because they all blame him for Natasha being ridiculously out of character in her scenes with Bruce (wanting to run away together, being the love interest, etc etc). He’s not particularly good at writing female characters.

Before that, from what I can remember, everyone was pissed at him over Steve’s characterisation in the first Avengers movie. Something to do with that “there’s only one God, ma’am” line, I think (which I never really got because I always thought he was being kinda sarcastic but w/e). 

He’s probably said some problematic things over the years that Tumblr has held a grudge over? To be totally honest, I don’t keep up with his discrepancies enough to really know how to answer this with any level of detail. At this point, I’m pretty sure at least half of the hate is just people jumping on the bandwagon, but there’s probably a legit reason at the heart of it because he’s a bit notorious for being problematic. Idk. 

I received the nicest “just because” gift from my-laughing-heart, like seriously I almost teared up opening this. I completely forgot she was going to send me something and I was so confused when I found a package in my mailbox. But this random assortment of things by far just made my week. I mean how cute are those socks?! I am definitely wearing them to Pilates tonight, just to show them off. The book looks super interesting and is something I haven’t read, so I’m completely excited to get into it. The candle smells amazing and the fruit leather is delicious. But my favorite part is the bath products, which also smell wonderful, because I love baths but no one ever gets me any type of bath products (and I am usually not financially stable enough to splurge on buying them for myself). Thank you so much for being so sweet, this really meant a lot to me.



I think there´s too much images of Miyuki bullying (flirting really hard) Sawamura. As he were and adult and knows everything of the world.  I mean! They´re just teenagers. I want them to do silly things! 

Miyuki, the genius catcher, being taken off guard playfully by Sawamura. Their daily rutine I guess. :)

I have mid-terms exams next week so … i wanted to post it

Hope you like it!