Reporter: What do you have what Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have?
M: I wear goalkeeper gloves!

Happy (early) 29th Birthday to Manuel Peter Neuer:

arguably the best goalkeeper in the world— but definitely the one in my heart. Thank you so much for introducing me to football (including ruining my emotional stability by doing so), constantly saving my two favorite teams’ asses (including giving me lots of heart attacks by doing so) and just for being yourself (including making me really happy by doing so). Du wirst immer einen ganz besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen haben, was zum Teufel auch immer passieren mag. I wish you just the very best, old man. ❤


wheezy junior  [a star wars fanmix]

i. tarzan boy / baltimora | ii. shooting stars / bag raiders | iii. dont you worry child / swedish house mafia feat. john martin | iv. blame it on the girls / mika | v. to the sky / owl city | vi. kill your heroes / awolnation | vii. underdog / imagine dragons | viii. work this body / walk the moon | ix. lets dance to joy division / the wombats | x. father of mine / everclear

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Dear TG anime only fans

If you want to read the sequel manga Tokyo Ghoul RE and want it to make any sense whatsoever read at least Tokyo Ghoul chapters 132-143

If want to know how the second half of the manga actually went, read starting on chapter 68

Or better yet just go read the whole damn thing, because the anime tells so little it’s practically just a preview anyway.


Celestia, give her strength..


Hakone Gakuen & Onsen Outfits


werewolf!boxing au:

Buffy belongs to an underground boxing club (madtown), but he has a secret. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I hated everything right now
Seriously my life has been one entire disappointment
(•́ ॣ·̫ ॣ•̀,)՞
Even small things don’t go as planned
And it makes me sad

last night my partner and I were talking about pronouns and like I’ve never directly asked him to refer to me as they/them (mostly just because it still makes me nervous asking ppl to do that!! i feel like I’m imposing tbh) and he told me he’s been referring to me using they pronouns since we met :’) and I’m just :”’)

it just made me really happy that he acknowledges my queerness even when we’re not together

For You

Setting: modern school AU, strangers

Rating: not M

Trigger-warning: arachnophobia as a theme. Casual swearing.

Thomas never liked staying behind after school, especially when what kept him was some petty tasks he despised. Starting to walk home, however, he heard a scream that could only mean someone’s in huge danger. Igniting the inner super-hero mindset of Thomas, he was bound to save the day. Based on this prompt.

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