as i’ve promised i’m posting some tips i’m following and that are helping me to fight a black ugly monster called depression. this is my self-esteem challenge part one that will last three weeks and will guide you through some motivating steps and basics. all you have to do is follow this guide even if you’re down in the mouth or you’re too lazy or you think it’s stupid or feel embarassed.  just give it a try, you’ve nothing to lose. you can do this every time you feel down, you can also follow just a week schedule or two, it doesn’t matter as soon as you feel better in your body and in your mind.

day one: do something that makes you really happy, even if it’s stupid or simple or nonsense, just find a bit of time to do it. you’re the main character of your life, your happiness is important.

day two:
publish a photo of your favourite body parts and write why do you like them. write at the end of your post “i have gorgeous -insert body part here- this is why i’m beautiful” and repeat it out loud. if you feel weird, it’s okay. it’s your body: it’s not used to listen to the truth.

day three: go out for a walk, jog for at least 30 minutes or work out a little (try with some squats and some abs). then take a shower, wear your favourite clothes, play with hairstyles or make up. don’t you feel better? as if you’ve done something for yourself only? well, it’s exactly what you did. take care of your appearence (you’re beautiful anyway even if you don’t but you don’t know this, right?) because that will be what you see in the mirror and you’re the first person you need to impress cause you’re your number one fan. make yourself pretty, feel pretty and the mirror will give you back that exact feeling and will whisper “beautiful”.

day four: write a list of the things you like about your personality and explain why you like them. take your time, think about them. try to fill at least two pages with details and tales about yourself (it could be about “which goals i’ve reached? what are my skills? what are the things i like in other people that i have as well? what others like about me?”). read it out loud, hang the paper on your room walls and read it everytime you feel down. every. time. sometimes your body listens to other people’s comments and forgets about its own opinion, you need to remind youself how beautiful you are.

day five: do something you really care about, try to reach at least one of your goals today. even if you complete just a bit of the whole project you have in mind, it’s always a step forward. don’t rush things, take your time and build your dream brick by brick. do something that makes you feel at least a bit complete when you go to sleep, something that makes you think “wow today i’ve done this, i’ve built something for myself” while you’re in your bed. your goals make you feel alive and if you can’t reach em you’ll think you’re worthless, but if you strive to do at least a bit everyday, you’ll feel better because you know they’re more reachable. do something that makes you go to sleep with a smile and makes you wake up with the want to do it again.

day six: look at your reflection in the mirror, take a chair if you need it and stare at yourself. why do you hate that person so much? what has s/he done to you? look at your body and think about what are the things you don’t like. can you change them? of course you can. are you idiot or someone is keeping you tied and you can’t act? no. then you have all the power to change your body. other people have nothing more than you, if they can do it, you can as well. look in the mirror and write about the things you’d like to change and why. fix some goals, try to reach em, give your best to change what you don’t like. buy  pants a smaller size than yours and try to wear them. can’t you? work out a little, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and try again. you will do it. / think about the things you don’t like about your attitude. you can change all of them, your attitude is not born with you. do you wanna be friendly? go out and make friends with the first person you see even if you feel stupid (i’ll tell you a secret, there’s none on this planet who doesn’t feel stupid), do you wanna be kind? treat people like they’re going to cry and you don’t wanna hurt em, make them smile and be polite (your kindness will eat your anger faster than you think). there’s nothing in this world that cannot be reached if you want it. move your ass, dry your tears and begin to make decisions for yourself. replace your “i can do it” with “i will do it”.

day seven: it’s you and the mirror again. look in your own eyes and say “i love you” ten times and hug yourself. “i love you” again, louder, bolder. “i love you, you’re amazing” and keep hugging yourself. “i love you, you’re gorgeous” and smile. “i love you” and mean it because the mirror will give you the same exact feeling and if you’ll give your reflection love, that love will return to you.

repeat this for three weeks.

- there are a lot of things i couldn’t add here, i tried to connect both self-esteem and body acceptance cause this is the situation i’m in. if you need help, feel free to talk to me or just ask for help to a friend. ask for help is the first step for a problem solution. always remember it’s your eyes who make you beautiful: if you train em to see you as a monster, they’ll tell you you’re one, but as far as i remember there are no monster on earth just a lot pf beautiful human beings that can’t see how amazing they are. (the self-esteem is the capacity of  your mind to tell you if you deserve to be happy. everyone deserve to be happy and enjoy life, don’t give up)

aliakipa8101, here you go! Part 1/3

Tired and stressful days at work. Keeping the world in balance, running a tycoon company. Sounds like it’d bring home a lot of brooding and stressing.

Plot device NOW KISS Noodle is on the job.

I’m in my last leg of Finals, so I’m a little sorry that it kinda bled into this. But it’ll turn out al sappy and cute, I promise! Also, I MAY have modeled how Korra is holding her chopsticks the way my Waifu does. She holds each stick per finger instead of pinching them? Or maybe I’m the one holding them different?  

Calla Official Blog 150424

Hello, Platinum Happy’s clumsy lily, Calla here!

Since my last entry was pretty long, I’ll try to keep this one short! 

I said, I’d give a report on my exciting weekend earlier this month, right? Well… 

I went to a convention! I even cosplayed!

I went as Koala from One Piece, Gumi from the Coward Montblanc pv and on Sunday… I just wore my seifuku because I have it around, so I should use it. (*´・v・) I… forgot to take pictures at the con, so I’m sorry my only selfies were in my room. I promise I went!

I’m not very good at cosplaying and to be honest, I always feel pretty self conscious when I do because I always feel as though I have a very masculine-looking face and aren’t doing the cute characters justice, but I had fun so in the end, that’s what counts!! 

And on Sunday I also got to go to a meet-up with Ally and Sally! They’re a pair of Canadian twins working to become idols. I’m a huge fan of net idols and foreign idols and these two are the first that I started to follow, actually! I’ve met them before and seen them perform a few times, but like always those two had an amazing aura about them. ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡

(I didn’t have time to change and was still in cosplay. It was kind of embarrassing (〃 ω 〃))

We all had dinner and did karaoke! It felt like a dream!

I couldn’t help thinking

“I want to become like that”

I’m not very talented or cute, and I definitely don’t have anything like an aura in person, but 

I became a net idol because I want to make at least one person a little happier. 

So someday, maybe even someone clumsy and awkward like me can make someone happy in such a dreamlike way just by being around them. 

Make sure you wait for me then, okay?


working specialized retail for a long time is SO WEIRD bc i’m trying to make a list of my skill sets right now and it’s very much

  • very good at bra fittings (i promise, i am not a very self centered or confident person but i am good at this one thing)
  • a good robe folder??? i always help my coworkers fold the robes that are hard to fold and mine always look nice so i’m good at that
  • good at taking breaks
  • certified goat wrangler??? this was a few jobs ago but AT ONE POINT IN MY LIFE, i was certified at goat handling. i don’t think it expires?? i hope not. i can’t imagine a goat handling re-certification process
  • i was pretty good at fixing jewelry at my last job. my boss called me “the necklace doctor”. we created a whole medical show spoof plotline based on me being the necklace doctor and my boss being played by bette midler
  • can stand without leaning on things for a TRULY INHUMANE amount of time because retail is hell
  • very good at listening to people complain about prices, company policy, interior design, customer service, their day, and me without getting angry or taking it too hard (this is one of the hardest skills to master and i am actually non-ironically proud of it)
  • making dumb lists on tumblr.com
  • better at heights than i used to be (which was a low bar to reach but STILL)
  • can swear very colorfully in a variety of appropriate and inappropriate situations
  • comfortable with the fact that basically all of my coworkers have seen me without a shirt on
  • good at spot cleaning delicate clothes effectively
  • can type fast
52 years.

That’s how long my great Uncel was married to his wife, and when she past away 20+ years ago, he made a promise to her. He promised her that he would never touch another women, and that they would be together again when his time on earth was done. He kept that promise, and God dammit I know he’s up there with his wife making up for lost time.

That’s the kind of relationship that I want. One that will last even after one dies. They weren’t perfect, and lord knows they had their fair share of rights. But they always made it through, and never once left each other. 52+ years of love & devotion. That right there, that’s something special, that’s something to be proud of.

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Name: kara
Nicknames: don’t have one but emma promised she’s working on it
Birthday: 23rd august
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Country of Origin: germany
Favourite Colour: green
Lucky number: 13

Time and Date: 22:09, 24th April
Average Hours of Sleep: not enough (5-6 maybe)
Last Thing I Googled: probably alpacas
First Word that Comes to Mind: seriously
One Place That Makes Me Happy: being in water
How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: one big one and three pillows…
Fictional Character: I don’t like this question (cause too many)
Favourite Book: discworld novels, anything fantasy/supernatural, but mostly fanfics lately
Favourite Animation: spirited away
Favourite TV shows: i watch almost everything so it depends on my mood
Favorite food: anything mediterranean 

Favourite Beverage: water
Last Movie Seen In Theaters: it was ages ago I have NO idea
Dream Holiday: thailand
Dream Wedding: not having one
Dream Job: human factors / engineering psychologist

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i promised myself that the minute i got access to a computer i would do this, so here we go!

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rules post n tag 10

name talya

time 9:45pm (started) 10:04pm (finished)

average hours of sleep per night like 6 maybe? it varies… like last week i called it a night at 1 am but this week ive been knocking out at 10!

nickname tal, tylenol ( >:-\ )

birthday jan 25th 

gender girl

height 5′4″

favourite colour green or blue maybe

one place that makes me happy hmmmm… visiting family abroad

favorite film uh…. idk

what i’m wearing right now mint green sleeveless top with mom jeans 

last book you read things fall apart (its 4 school)

first word that comes to mind word

favourite beverage bubble tea

favourite food pistachio ice cream!!!!!

last film i saw in theaters i can’t remember omg

dream vacation a fun road trip with all my pals……. ya

dream wedding u hand me one billion dollars, we divorce the next day 😇

dream job product design? perhaps

i tag.. dreamvortex 010003 emocommunism turft  prepgoth siluxe and eopx …honestly anyone can do this of they want idc!!! go wildddd

Prompts are Closed

Hey guys, as promised, long prompts are temporarily closed while I deal with the mess that is my inbox. Thanks for all the ones you sent over the last two days! I can’t promise I’ll do something for all of them, but some were definitely keepers :)

I’ll post a list of the prompts I’m discarding over the next few days. They’ll be up for grabs.

Sorry I haven’t been around much!

anonymous asked:

Hello. I'm the anon who requested the last Deadpool imagine and I'm truly sorry. I didn't mean for it to come off like there's something wrong with Wade. I saw a comic and the idea came. I promise to never request anything again. I'm really sorry.

AN: Alright, I didn´t even notice before how many negative comments this last Imagine received, only when I saw this in the inbox. (Maybe I should read imagines more carefully when submitting them but I didn´t notice a problem with it…bu didn´t this litterally happen in the comics one time? Can´t remember properly.)

It was probably just a matter of confusing wording, and please (to all those people who told the Anon Submitter to …well I don´t want to repeat the wording.) do not harass anyone for what they submitted. Even if it sounds like ableism or something like that, they certainly did not mean it that way or didn´t properly think about their imagine. There is no reason to call them names or curse at them, seriously. Even if they´re on Anon, you wouldn´t want anyone to do this either, would you? And words can hurt. Everybody makes mistakes but we´re all (sort of) adults here and we should be able to tell each other our opinions without using this kind of language, even if it´s only in the tags.

-Admin Micia

PS: Somebody said something about the Gif? Is there anything wrong about it? I read that Ryan Reynolds has been casted to play Deadpool in the upcoming movie so I decided to use him in some of the Imagines (since the film isn´t made yet there are only gifs like that of him). If I had wrong informations about the casting for Wade, please tell me and I´ll stop using Ryan.