Out of the Ashes, Gifts in Strange Packages

Out of the Ashes, part 24/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)
Rating: mature
Beta: rudennotgingr
Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.
Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
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A/N: Thanks so much to allrightfine for giving me the idea for the turtle constellation thingy, cause it’s awesome and I want one.

“Have you thought at all about Ian’s birthday?” James asked a couple of weeks later.

Rose looked up from the book on human form she was looking at beside him while he continued flipping through the channels on the telly, one arm extended behind her on the sofa back. “It’s not for a couple of weeks yet,” she said, and he shrugged a little.  "Let me guess… You have thought about it.“

"Well…” He drew out the word, bending his elbow to tug at his ear, and she laughed.

“Alright, let’s have it then.”

“I was talking to Granddad,” he explained, dropping his hand back down behind her. “His birthday is next week, you see, and we were thinking maybe we could have a joint party for them both next weekend.”

“Why would he want to do that?” she asked, brows knitting in confusion.

“Because it gives him an excuse to see you and Ian, and have a ridiculously large cake that Mum would never allow otherwise,” James replied with a grin, then looked back at the telly.  "And… I thought it might be easier for you to actually celebrate if it’s not on his actual birthday.“ He glanced back at her to find her staring at him. "I mean, we can still do cupcakes or something on his actual birthday, it won’t just be ignored, I just figured with the other… Memories associated with the day this would be less… Stressful.  Or not,” he added when she continued to look perplexed.

“I told you about his birthday ages back,” she said after a moment.

James tilted his head, trying to see her point.  “It was important.”

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the role he was born to play

this is the last one i promise

The Smallest Favor: Chapter 05

15:06 ???: Thank you for your help these last few days. I greatly appreciate it.
Illumi felt a little bit of comfort knowing Hisoka hadn’t actually input Kalluto’s number into his own phone at any point. He narrowed his eyes and handed it back.
“It’s nice that one of you thanked me,” Hisoka said.
“I will thank you, Hisoka,” Illumi promised, and his stare lingered on his mouth for a moment.
In response, Hisoka’s eyes went wide and his smirk was downright wicked. “Isn’t that nice to hear.”

The next chapter to the Smallest Favor is up and rarin’ to go. There’s probably only two more chapters left after this. Hold onto ur butts.

This is very distressing.
Captleto was always one of my most-fave places to visit - even before these last few months when gossip was getting good.

They were always super-supportive of little ol’ La-Leto and I was super appreciative of that.

Captleto will be missed. But I have a feeling it’s not the end.
Just a new beginning.
Like “Conquistador” promises us: you will rise again.


I probably need to chill, sorry for shouting

Fairy Tail angst week day 3: Broken

“Damn it!
I can’t believe he’s so strong.
He defeated Gildarts, Laxus and Titania.
Even the stripper, who was supposed to be a Devil Slayer.
And now… feels like every bone in my body is broken.
Shrimp… get away from here!
I’m sorry, I know I promised, but I won’t be able to protect you.
Even Dragon Force combined with Iron Shadow mode isn’t enough to beat him.
Damn it Salamander! How the hell did you become this strong?!
Well I haven’t been playing around over the last year either.
Whatever happens now, one thing is for sure,
only one of us will survive the next attack.
Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art: Karma Demon: Shadow God Sword!”

Things that always worried me about Morality Bites:

- How Phoebe’s power could kill someone

- What precious person to Phoebe Cal Greene brutalised

- The fact poor little Melinda Halliwell never ended up existing.

Things that were explained in the comics:

- How Phoebe’s power could kill someone

- What precious person to Phoebe Cal Greene brutalised

- The fact poor little Melinda Halliwell never ended up existing.

However, there will be no spoilers for the comics in my posts. I understand fans of Charmed may not have read them yet (considering I was one of those people up until last week). Unfortunately I can’t promise there won’t be spoilers in the notes, so read at your own risk!

EDIT: To avoid confusion, yes, I am aware of The Thing That Is In That List, but I’m trying very hard to avoid spoilers here… (Imagine quotation marks around The Thing if you like)

So last night I had this dream that was kind of like a Sleeping Beauty/Teen Wolf crossover and it was hella awesome.

It had Scott as the baby prince born and cursed by Peter Hale after he was turned down by the regal Queen Melissa. Stiles was some kind of immortal magical creature and managed to change the curse from death to sleep until true loves kiss, and he agreed to take the baby in to keep him safe until his 18th birthday passed and he would be safe from the curse. Then Derek, Peter’s nephew, shifted out of the wolf form he’d been hiding in since Peter had killed his mother for her powers and pledged to look after him as well.

So Stiles and Derek took off and raised baby Scott with the help of Stiles’ dad (because neither Stiles or Derek knew anything about taking care of a baby) the most trusted royal guard. As Scott grew, Stiles and he became absolute best bros while Derek lingered on the outskirts, wanting to join in but not knowing how. Especially seeing as each and every day he was falling more and more in love with Stiles. Even though most of the time he and Stiles bickered endlessly.

Scott had been promised to Allison Argent so they could join the McCall and Argent kingdoms in an alliance but as Allison grew she started falling in love with her best friend, Lydia. Feelings that were definitely returned. As Scott’s 18th birthday grew nearer she started dreading marrying this man she didn’t know and hadn’t seen since he was a tiny baby. She went to her father and flat out refused to marry him, telling him that they’d still have an alliance, just not one formed through marriage.

Meanwhile, Scott was busy falling in love with a local village girl, Kira. He’d tried to keep it a secret from Stiles, his father and Derek, but he told Stiles everything and couldn’t help himself, John Stillinski commented on how dreamy eyed he looked whenever he returned from his foraging trips, and Derek could smell Kira all over him so that was out. But on the eve of his 18th birthday Stiles finally had to sit him down and explain his engagement to him, telling him about how he was a prince and the curse and everything. Scott was hurt but determined to live by his family’s promise, no matter how much it would break his heart.

His 18th birthday came and, of course, he fell prey to the curse. Peter cackled happily that his evil plans worked. Stiles came in the save the day but was shot down with a curse, tumbling over a cliff, which Derek shifted into his wolf form to jump in after him.

Princess Allison heard about Scott falling victim to the curse and went off to save him, her father telling her that her kiss would wake him. Lydia went with her, an uneasy feeling in her gut. Allison tore through vines to get to Scott and kissed him and then Peter appeared laughing when it didn’t work. He then told her about how he’d planted Lydia near her and set the scene for her to fall in love with her so it wouldn’t work. Lydia was devastated, having never known how she’d ended up so near to Allison in the first place. Allison was devastated, thinking that none of it had been real. But then Lydia killed Peter, telling her that he might have put her in that position, but that he didn’t know enough about love to make them fall in love with each other. The two kissed happily but worried about what would now happen to Prince Scott.

Then, just as it seemed all hope was lost, Stiles and Derek came bounding in, Stiles flying on wings he’d magicked himself to have after the curse Peter hit him with before he’d lost consciousness and Derek with Kira on his back. They spoke about how Derek had caught Stiles and given him true loves kiss and brought him back and then had gone to get Kira, Scott’s real true love. 

Kira kissed Scott, Scott woke up, and all was well. Allison married Lydia, Scott married Kira, but they kept their alliance by being bros. Stiles and Derek still stayed near Scott, as his closest friends and most trusted advisers, and they continued bickering happily ever after.

In fact, everyone lived happily ever after. The end.