I was listening to the radio yesterday and the DJ said they called up a bunch of random people for this survey, asking them this question: Would you rather gain 20 pounds, or lose $1,000?

The DJ said that the men they polled were split 50/50, while 90% of the women they polled would rather lose the $1,000 than gain 20 pounds. He added he was stunned by this because quite a few of the women admitted to him they were below the poverty line, yet would still rather forfeit the money. 

I’m not posting this to pass judgment, but it’s something interesting to consider, and makes me wonder how people on Tumblr feel because I do get the sense many people in this community have (or are trying to have) a more positive sense of their self-worth and are not buying into society’s beauty standards. I also recognize that gaining 20 pounds isn’t healthy (especially if you’re talking short-term) and some of these people may have simply been viewing it through that perspective, that they simply cannot afford to gain that weight health-wise, and that the ramifications of it with their health would be worse than losing the money. For other people, I wonder if it’s because of the pressures they place on themselves to look good. 

Just food for thought! I’d love to hear from others, and maybe how you would answer, and why. If you’re comfortable! I just enjoy a good, meaty discussion from time to time. :)