hello my friends! i have a little task for you, if you’re reading this you gotta do it! that’s the rules of the game

i want you to think about the last week of your life and reply to this post with one thing that made you feel happy, or at least a little better than you felt before. it can be anything from finding a dollar in your pocket to getting married.

i promise every single one of you has had at least one uplifting moment in the past week and i know you can remember it if you try. sometimes things seem worse than they are because when we’re down all we can think about is what’s going wrong. we forget the good and hyper focus on the bad, at least i know i do, and sometimes remembering a small moment of happiness can make all the difference for me. 

i’ll go first: my small moment of happiness within the last week was at a local convention i went to, in the dealers room this sweet elderly japanese man was selling all these cool trinkets from japan and i noticed some neat looking godzilla ones. i inquired about them and he very excitedly showed me that they’re kinda like battery powered wind up toys that walk across tables. i bought one and it’s one of the coolest things i have in my little collection of godzilla toys. 

now it’s yalls turn! what was your little moment of happiness last week?  

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Let’s just get this out of the way before Tumblr latches onto the wrong side for good: MÅNS FROM SWEDEN IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC.

If you think there’s gonna be trouble, we can always get back in and go somewhere else…
          What could possibly go wrong?

those crack ships that start as a joke and youre like lmao that wouldnt happen at all i ship it in like ONE au just as a joke ship really

and then you start thinking about them and before you know it youre like listen buddy do you think i care that theyve interacted four total times in the last 29 episodes???? i dont. you think i do?? wrong. check again asshole i want these fuckers to kiss on screen i dont care if theyre barely on a first name basis

yeah those ships
they fuck you up man

Okay, so this was posted on Facebook and one of my friends like it and he also happened to be the head boy at my school and I have never been more disgusted especially after looking into the comments. People are laughing about stuff like this. People are laughing about other people’s pain and it’s sad that when you say how wrong that is they laugh about you. Needless to say that I no longer respect him as much as I did before. He wants to represent us students? He shouldn’t be so damn irrational and disrespectful!!


so I literally couldn’t get Suga out of my head cuz I was listening to the new BTS Album so much XD  and I really liked Suga’s voice in it! 

Don’t get me wrong I stan Jimin and I ADORE AND LOVE his voice, but Suga’s some how kept getting stuck in my head. 

And well I wrote something before but that was stupidly stupid which wasn’t satisfying me so I wrote this one :3 

I also have some drabbles I need to post up QWQ but Suga held my head hostage till I put this out!! so I’ll post the drabbles up soon!! please don’t hate me who ever sent them in!

Pairing: Suga/Reader

Type: Smut and stuff

Word count: 2,145

GIF/Pic inspired me: So this time I made a post while ago asking my friend for help on which GIF/ Pics to use for inspiration and that is here Here

but the main one was this one… 


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I saw one ridiculous anarchist post yesterday.

They calculated that the average Australian paid roughly 2500$ a year in taxes and asked whether you’d really need the state and its services if you kept that money instead.

Like sure, who needs police, fire departments, infrastructure, customer protections, safety standards, healthcare, the military, education, research grants or a Democratic system, when you can have $2500 instead.

I’m not sure if this was just naive and shortsighted or actually that stupid. I mean, at best that money would be spent trying to buy the same services you had before, but now with even less accountability or guarantees. Amazing.