The trip was long, it took the entire lifespan of a butterfly.

The trip was short, for it only took one lifespan of a butterfly.


Now I did not create the GIF, Thank you to whom ever is the creator, and sorry for not able to credit you.Got if from a friend.

Now my firends and I first come to see the white dot as a flower, then some one said it was the reflection of the sword, yet I think it is a butterfly. so here is a lil sequence for the thought.

with reference to the tomb scene form the Moria LOTR.

[Lost my phone that contained original pic of those art so i took it form weibo where i posted them before, so there is the watermark, mine, my name , my watermark, just in case of anyone is wondering.]

Am I the only one who creates stories in my head waiting for gifs to work?
  • I mean it's like my mind manifest my anger into two separate people and one of them is about to walk off..
  • Example:
  • Jim:Tom I'm leaving, it's not gonna work
  • Tom:Jim you're being dramatic. It's gonna start soon just wait
  • Jim:no TOM! You always lie to me about this. I'm out
  • Tom:JIM WAIt it's about to start in ten seconds
  • *ten seconds go by*
  • Jim:oh fuck you Tom..
  • Tom :it's started! 😙

anonymous asked:

Hi! How can you put a gif as a header here? Thanks! Love your blog 😘💕

Hi😊 I only know how to on mobile: just save a gif/create one in your gallery, then go on your blog and click “edit appearance ” and click on your header, choose the gif from your gallery and should work! Thanks a lot! 😘