chacah skomentował(a) Twoje zdjęcie “Night doodles.”

And then a sneaky Lucas pounces him from behind and hugs him before laughing and going, “Thanks for the sleep over! Promise I’ll be quiet… And damn, you’re looking good! You’re lover is going to smile!”

Zaharian gasps quietly and blinks in surprise. When realises it’s Lucas who hugged him, Zah smiles and giggles.
“It is not a problem, really.” he turns his head to the kid “Seriously? You flatter me.” he laughs “Oh stars, let’s hope he will!” 

Bae Problems
  • Mayweather:Oi bae I wanna hug don't be mad pls I love you my heart will always be with you
  • Pacquiao:Mayweather pls I'm supposed to beat the shit out of your sorry ass
  • Mayweather:But we can snuggle instead *hug*
  • Pacquiao:Mayweather I need to decimate you pls don't do this
  • Mayweather:But love we can snuggle all night instead and listen to Justin Bieber *hug*
  • Pacquiao:Dude I'm more of a rock person also you have a wife and I have one and I also have a country to honour and...
  • Mayweather:Shhh *hug*

anonymous asked:

Do you hate feminists?

I hate no one. You sound like you need a hug. Come here and let me give you a hug!!!! 😊

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You are my most favorite artist ever! I got even more encouraged to draw better when I saw your blog because I don't really see a lot of filipino artists! Anyway, I love you and your blog so much! You're awesome :3



boy well i’ll be damned/// I’ve never thought i would be someones favorite or as someone to be idolized as,

It’s usually me whose idolizing over other artists and there are TONS of great Filipino artists in here and  yet i—

I’m so happy!!! ( aaahhhhh i need someone to hug rn so much joy??? )

You’ve really made my day~<3

You’re on your way to a very long journey, young artist! never stop ;)

( I never got anything like this before! ahah//// thank you thank you thank you!!! )