Do you know those people that make you feel bad about something you like? I’m so sorry if you know people like that but just ignore them. Don’t reply. Don’t ever talk to them again. Push them away. Fuck those people ok? Cause no one needs that kind of people in their life and it’s ok to ditch people like that because you will never suceed in finding happiness if you keep having someone saying what happiness should be
—  Something very important my mother told me when I was a child and I have succeeded in keeping it in my mind ever since

Tbh I don’t wanna see my family again till I have my life together like the only attachments and guilt I have are to my siblings but everyone else idc I don’t need to see them. I left broken and at rock bottom and I won’t be seen till I come in blazing glory with a look of “fuck-you-all-i-have-better-people-in-my-life-i-don’t-need-you-this-is-all-me” on my face :)

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❊  a regret my muse has about your muse (both Livi…

"You regret the snake? Out of everything you’ve done to me  you regret the snake?" Olivia raises an eyebrow. "And only because it affects you? Not because it was a horrible thing to do?"

“I may have done other things to you that I’m not proud of, but I certainly don’t regret them because they were in service of saving my sons life and I would do it again if need be.”

Well, on the one hand, I’m somehow sick again, but on the other hand, work is totally dead this week and my boss is traveling, so at least I can “work” from home today. Silver linings!

all right i feel 10000% horrible for my inactivity even though my partners are fantastic and really understanding. life is outta control and tbh i was sort of evaluating whether i should leave rp altogether but I CAN’T and i genuinely miss writing with you guys and i fully intend on getting back into it, it’s just been a really crazy couple of months and i am SO SO SO SO sorry for that. i have a lot to do currently in real life, but i’m going to make time over the next few days to work on getting my muse back. i just need to get back into the groove of writing my characters again, but i definitely would like to keep them all, so no worries there. i’ll probably just write random, crappy things off on my own and if you guys want to spam me with headcanons or whatever then that’s totally cool. i just feel like i’m going to need a few days to get back into this because i tried writing my replies today and i was like … how do i do this??? so again i’m totally sorry for probably seeming really flaky and dumb but i really love you all and i love writing with you all, so if you still want to put up with me then i’m all about it!!

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this was never about winning. it’s just about surviving. the machine and i couldn’t save the world. we had to settle for protecting the seven people who might be able to take it back. so we gave samaritan a blind spot: seven key servers that hard codes it to ignore seven carefully crafted new identities. when the whole world is watched, filed, indexed, numbered, the only way to disappear is to appear. hiding our true identities inside a seemingly ordinary life. you’re not a free man anymore, harold. you’re just a number. we have to become these people now. and if we don’t, they’ll find us, and they’ll kill us. i’m sorry, harold. i know it’s not enough. a lot of people are gonna die. people who might have been able to help. everything is changing. i don’t know if it will ever get better. but it’s going to get worse. the machine asked me to tell you something before we part - you once told john the whole point of pandora’s box is that once you’ve opened it, you can’t close it again. she wanted me to remind you of how the story ends. when everything is over, when the worst has happened…there’s still one thing left in pandora’s box: hope.

Not for now. I mean, there was so much going on and I know a lot of people are curious about the music that I do. I mean I really like writing music for other people and letting them do their own thing and I’ve done so much over the past couple of years that I just need to be an actor again because, you know, Glee was the longest I’ve ever done a job, ever. It’s kind of crazy. Doing theater my whole life, you know you’re in a show for two months tops, and then you go on to the next thing. So, I’m used to going back and forth, so to do the same thing for five years, it’s a little, I don’t know how to translate this but, taxing? It takes a lot out of you, so I just really wanted to be an actor again and just put all my energy into that. So I imagine I’ll be doing a lot of that. And if the music thing happens, okay, that’s fine, but I just wanted to take a break from that because acting is so important to me that I needed to really pay attention to that. Yeah, so we’ll see, I don’t know, but Hedwig first. First things first!
—  Darren on if he has other projects after Hedwig (during his meeting room at the gleek reunion)

"… how ardently I admire and love you" - 4/25 (part 1)

Aiba Masaki


Ohsaka Ryota, Shimazaki Nobunaga and Hanae Natsuki aka Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru and Kominato Haruichi, ladies and gentlemen

Hanaecchi’s take on Go EXCEED! and their very own version of an orchestra among other things /facepalm


“Marvels” - Jason Chu (Official Music Video) Starring Hudson Yang

“I started reading comics because they looked tight
Stopped believing in them, because of real life
Picked them up again because I chose to believe the world is more than what I see around me
Maybe my cape doesn’t fly
And bad men win - even good men die
But one small spark can light the whole night
So one small life can fight the good fight

Heroes aren’t just childhood dreams
Grown men and women still need to believe
I can’t read your mind or fire a laser beam
But if we can conquer our fears, how much more could we could achieve? “

Jason Chu facebook / soundcloud / twitter

To stream & download music and buy CD’s, hats, t-shirts, posters, and more, visit grandmaster.bandcamp.com   

Every single word I write is for you.
If it’s not about you, it’s an attempt to describe how I feel. How my brain works. How my heart works. How my weirdness works.
If I’m not saying “I love you” I’m saying “this is how I know I love you.”
I might be saying “look how much she hurt me” but I’m also saying “I’m so glad it worked out this way, just please don’t do that to me, I couldn’t take it again. I need you.”
Every word I write means “I love you more than I ever thought possible, and nobody else matters but you.”
Nobody has ever mattered as much as you.
Every word I write means “I’ve made a shit load of mistakes in my life, but I’m done with them. I know this is right, and you’re all I want.”
Because I know you’ve been in love before, and you know I’ve been in love before, but I also know neither of us have ever felt this love before.
And I still struggle to find the words to explain it.
I struggle to find the words to say “I know parts of your heart are lost to other losers, to other guys that gave up on your glory, but this loser wants the rest of you.”
This loser wants to be lit up by every single part of you, and is willing to give up everything he has left to be yours.
I would give anything to be yours forever.
I love you so much that it hurts.
And I wish I had more than just “always be mine”
but the future I have in mind for us is beyond the description of words.
—  giraffevader - Poet problems//internal war ((I wish I had more than words to explain this))

goldenherbivore asked:

Can I politely ask to delete my post because I honestly want nothing to do with your page? Im asking seriously. Your page has so much... Hate towards other people, celebrities, white people, people of different ethnicities that want to be distinguished from "white" it's giving me really bad vibes and a stomach ache and I literally do not want to introduce that into my page or life or followers lives. 💀


aka I said some stupid shit and now i’m scared of the backlash lmfao.

This white casual racist who was talking shit on my post got dragged and now she is crying and begging for me to erase the bullshit she stood behind. Said us black folks need to be nice, grateful and respectful towards white people who decide to not be racist to us anymore. That we owe them something because of that. I hope you think twice before you cross over to black tumblr popping off at the mouth again . If my BLACK NEGATIVE ENERGY is clouding your beautiful pure white positive aura then BLOCK ME SUSAN!  Cause I’m damn sure going to block you lmfao!

y’all going to fucking learn.

ficlet; What Now

So…I don’t know. Just a little something that came to me tonight. Had to get it out. Brittana fluff.

title: What Now

words: 1,609

rating: T

summary: It started innocently enough. You opened Instagram one Thursday, and as you scrolled through pictures of new and old friends you saw your own face and stopped. Your thumb shook as it hovered over the screen motionless. You couldn’t stop staring.

(edit) A/N: Just felt the need to comment that I wrote this two days before Naya posted her #tbt of Christmas/HeMo and therefore I must be psychic. ;)

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     She was grading papers —- the red ink of her pen smudging the side of her left hand, her fingers and wrist aching from how many ticks, crosses & grades she’d written. She totally didn’t get paid enough for this —- her hand could fall off ! Blonde locks shield her face as she continues to scribble when necessary, a shadow of a silhouette in front of her peaking her interest, yet not enough to make her look up. ❝ Yeah ? Do you need something ? I’m trying to grade papers here. ❞

An earnest letter of thanks to Orphan Black and Clone Club

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