Three Strikes

I’m worried about Aaron next episode.

He’s out with Daryl, who he’s getting very close to, while there is clearly someone very dangerous nearby (strike one, we know tptb don’t like Daryl to be happy. They do, however, like him to feel like a loved one’s death was his fault). Aaron’s in a loving and committed relationship (strike two, they can’t have more than one happy relationship on the show, and gleggie has been monopolizing that spot for seasons). And he is a symbol of hope (strike three, no more needs to be said).

Bonus reason I’m nervous: he has served his purpose since he got Daryl to take a shower and got him a new bike.

I just want Daryl to have a bestie who’s not going crazy right now. Is that too much to ask?


But honestly what if at the end of 6x17 they don’t trap Kai, but he ends up leaving town for something and to give Bonnie space and as he’s leaving he kisses her on the cheek unexpectedly.  Someone said that he’s contracted for 16 episodes. So he will probably come back for the last 3 episodes and maybe will see a change of mind about kai in Bonnie.  They said Bonnie will have a love interest going into season 7 and I just don’t see it being Damon because so many people ship Delena.  It took 3 seasons for them to finally become something I just don’t see the writers taking that away, plus they can’t afford to lose viewers right now. There’s just so much chemistry between bonnie and kai that they would be really dumb not to do something with them.  Why would they give Kai feelings and make him obsess over Bonnie if nothing was going to happen.  I feel like that would just be a waste of time. Plus they’re both witches. I need something new on this show and bonkai is the new thing I need, It’s way to interesting.

The Return and Jail Break

~Spoiler Warning~

I watched these episodes five times so far and I still need to process all this information.

All I can say for now is:

  • The Return reminded me of FLCL.
  • Jail Break is my favorite episode! Everything about it is perfect (with the exception of the animation error where the left hand switched to a right).
  • The final battle was a mixture of smooth animation and music.
  • Two “new” protagonists look like characters from a Mario game.
  • That LEFT hand could be put to good use for the Crystal Gems.
  • Many fan theories were confirmed.
  • Season 2 will bring an even bigger confrontation.

I’m really excited to write a thorough analysis of this two-part special when I have a chance!

fight--for--now asked:

Once season 3 is over, Oliver will be in a place where he can have Felicity, be Oliver, and still be a hero. Now....I have a theory....what if Oliver's identity becomes public knowledge like Iron Man? What if that's how he's able to go on being Oliver Queen and the Arrow? Idk just a thought. But yeah, this is like the nasty medicine we need to take before be get all better and as good as new. -J

OOOOOO Nice theory babe!!! You might be right!!

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You said you don't belive Ward is with the real shield but how do you think he fits in on the show now? Season 2b main lots are the inhumans and this Shield vs real shield thing so Ward is going to need to fit somewhere. He can't be on his own the whole time or he will be out of the storyline and episodes a lot, like we have seen so far. He will need to make new alliances. Inhumans won't be so it's between old team or new shield. New shield is easy to see right now.

It’s not implausible and it could really be done but if it is, i highly doubt it’s going to happen next week. The summary said “Kara and Ward go on a personal mission.” To me it sounds like they are still very much rouge agents and tbh as much as I want Ward apart of this “real shield” just for my own personal sanity and so I can laugh over all of the hate I’ve gotten, I don’t really want it for him. Imo he doesn’t need to be aligned with anyone because he still doesn’t know who he is. Loyalties have always been his problem. He’s shifted his extreme loyalty from Garett to Skye and he’s never found out who he is without either of them in his life, as far as we know. However I do think on the writing end of it all, it would be very interesting to watch him become a part of this “new shield, real shield,” thing but as much as I’m surprisingly on board of the second half of this season, I still do not have that much faith in the writers. 

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I feel like OUAT has been a Bad Show (tm) since like, end of season 2-beginning of season 3. We all just sill watch it because the cast is hot af

lol YESSSS. i turn on my tv at 8pm on sunday and i tune out and i just look at the hotties

i had a weird experience with ouat where i liked beginning of season 1, hated the end. liked the beginning of season 2, hated the end. liked the beginning of season 3, hated the end.

and now i just don’t like season 4?? anna/elsa/kristoff were cute, but the frozen plot itself was completely tired. and i’ve said this on the subreddit and i think (?) on here before, but i really just want a change-up. i need new scenery - not storybrooke or enchanted forest. what if there are other magical lands that have portals to other parts of the world? what if humans start to find out about magic? i need something fresh because everything right now is so 😴

but like damn son that cast

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Val I don't want roy to die they already killed Sarah at this rate only Oliver will be around by season 5 IM SO SALTY THAT THEYRE KILLING OUT BBY ROY ):

So I have a new theory guys….. you will like it a lot.

It involves him staying alive AND Sara too……

but I can’t post it right now because I need to study lmao

quinnhummelrps omg I just watched that hummelberry scene in Rachel’s car after the NYADA showcase in the first episode of season 3 where they’re crying together and then end up swearing that they’ll make it to new york together no matter what and I’m sobbing like my BROTP needs to stop because I can’t handle this right now omg

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I get the point of a ship week but support the people in the tags who ship it too and reblog their works because that makes them even more excited and inspired! It's kind of like a slap to the face to be ignored by a blog like this when there's material in the tag that exists and needs attention too, y'know? Get people hyped up before trying to pull something off like this!

This is technically the “hyping” right now. This blog is really for Tamakyo week, which is September 13 to the 19. I track the tamakyo tag, so I know everytime something new is posted. Lately there hasn’t been art or anything, just ask memes and the likes. Those are great, but they’re not relevant for this blog. Again, I’ll try to post more during the off season, and I’m reblogging everything that’s current.

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For the pretty city asks; Dublin, Prague and New York City

Dublin : Thats a tough one, I wanna say yes. Because I’ve seen people finding theirs and it can be platonic soul mates. One of my best friend is my soul mate, so yes :D

Prague : Season 3 ? I’m jokiing ! I guess winter. But the more it goest the more I love summer. I used to hate it because too hot, and allergies but now its the time of the year i’m the happiest so yeah summer.

New York City : Honestly ? Right now because I have to. I have to get up and go to uni, work on my uni classes because I need to pass this year. More like I have to !!!

annarpsandstuff replied to your post “Ugh ugh ugh I need Finchel, what is this?”

I’m right there with you. Like I don’t even have a working computer atm, but I keep seeing plots that would be cute for Finchel and I NEED THEM

Ugh same, I know I don’t need to start new things right now because I’m already on hiatus from all the things I’m in and I’d just disappoint a new RP partner, but the finale made me feel like I needed Finchel feels even though I stopped liking them in canon in season 3

okay so thoughts:

-yay! daryl’s on a motorcycle again!
-fucking father gabriel. this asshole is a waste of space and I hate him.
-poor noah, but whatever… whatshisface has a new show right?
-where the fuck is michonne???
-and finally, I can’t wait for this season to end. I kind of hate it. I need that finale like now.
-ooooh, and if beth is alive, does everyone assume daryl will find her on the road somewhere with morgan? because I can see that happening in the finale… I mean, that’s IF she is alive.

Well its more like a comment on your shows ruteruthy with some of mine in between…
I only follow one Fandom too and that is obviously Olicity and that is time consuming and just yesterday I hadn’t checked Tumblr for a day and so much stuff happen and you need to scroll through so many post.
Lets see if  I remember all the series I liked or like I always forget some of them.
Series I like to watch next to Arrow: (on and off air)
-Big Bang Theory – same with HIMYM it on a lot on TV here and I try to catch new episodes when I can
- NCIS – that show actually gets better and better with each season and its my favorite crime show and I love crime shows
-Agents of Shield – next to Arrow the Show I am most invested in right now…Skye is just my favorite and I love most things Marvel so that is a must and its just like having a new Marvel movie each week
- Grey’s Anatomy – I just can’t get away
Off air:
-Gilmore Girls -  I saw each episode like a thousand times…me and my sisters had some great nights with that
-Friends – I actually just started it again, I saw most of it a couple of years back but now I watch it with my twin again
-How I met your Mother – yeah I am still not over the finale and its always on TV here like between 3pm and 5pm you can see it everyday so I have seen most episode to often that I can’t watch it anymore
- Smallville – that is still one of my favorite shows and brought me deeper into the Comic world of DC
- McLeods Daughter – its Australian but man have I cried over that show I grew up with it and its always a joy to get back to it
- Charmed – I just remember I used to love it
-Psych – I loved that show! And I just found out a friend of mine watched it too we just watched some of it together…this show is so underrated

Show I don’t watch regulary but try to keep up with (mostly reading and then occasionaly watching an episode)
-Homeland – I now whats going on and I skiped a lot of episode but I am trying to get back into it with what I heard about Season 5
- The Flash – I started it but I just can’t get invested in it…I follow up on the things happening but I stopped watching it after the crossover. I am keeping up for future crossovers and when big things happen
- Castle – I do enjoy a episode of Castle if I can catch it (Basically any crime show there is NCIS LA, Cold Case…)

Things you mentioned:
Dr House – well it used to be really big over here and everybody watched it I remember my family getting together on Tuesday nights somehow at the end I lost it but I watchted the end to get the closure
Heroes – oh I loved the show I watched the first Season and then I somehow got lost and only kept up with reading about it

Books and stuff
Well I am a reader…and while Fanfiction are at the moment the things I read most I do still read a lot of books (my and a friends were known as the Kindle Reading Party Throwers)

-Hunger Games – I read the books (I read all three of them the week of my high school graduation exams…I did well on them) and I saw all the movies more than once and dived into the fanfiction world of Hunger Games deep and the whole world basically it was an intense love affair that got lost in my Arrow love
-Harry Potter – Harry Harry I blame you for my fanfiction reading habits and a little bit for my shipping tendencies…I actively avoided reading Harry Potter for years…I remember going to school and listening to people talking about Dumbledore dying and Snape being evil but I was like ‘I won’t read it’ and then one summer 2007 it was the last book was coming out and I was on summer break and my friend and neighbour had all six book so I started reading them and six days later I was done and in love…the 7th came out it was the first english book I have ever voluntary read (I was so confused by the words like wands and caldron) and started reading Fanfictions and I actually wrote one (its in german so sorry, not really) It was the beginning of it all…
-LOTR – my love for it can’t be put down… those are the best movies and I did read the books when I was younger (all but the Frodo part in the third book I skipped that, I heard most people did) and with the Hobbit I was late again and just read the book in 2012 and then saw all the movies which were good but not LOTR good – I adore Arwen even though she basically does nothing
- Divergent – read the trilogy and hated the movie. And I actually loved the end book 3. Its one of the few series that actually get better with each book and not worse… I don’t love it as much as Hunger Games or Harry Potter but I enjoyed it while reading it. And I know everybody hated the ending but me…
- Twilight – well I did read all the books and I saw all movies but the last ones and while it isn’t bad I just don’t like it. I enjoyed the books but I guess the reason I like the ending of Divergent is also the reason I don’t like Twilight…it just all so convenient
- other books I love (well that changes often I will just write what comes to me right now)
the Winnetou series (well I am german) I do enjoy a Nicolas Spark roman and any good book basically
Other comments:
Star Wars – yeah
Avengers – so good …Iron Man Trilogy and the new Captain America are right up there..can’t wait until April 23rd

And probably some major things I forgot to mention but Paley is upon us and I can’t think of anything else right now…

On May 9th I start a new season of life

It doesn’t at all look like what I always expected.

I’m not moving to a far off place to explore, I’m not leaving everything behind and starting over, I’m not doing my best to get as far away from my mistakes as possible.

I’m not compromising per say, just accepting where I am in my life. Accepting that I need people who know me and love me to help me stand tall. And taking the next step the only way I can for right now.

Maybe one day I’ll find myself in a random little city in Australia or New Zealand. But for now, I’ll be in a tiny apartment in Virginia beach.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

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Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of the last 10 people that reblogged from you :)

Ah ok here goes, in no particular order:

  1. The Beatles (obviously, but like significantly enough where I feel the need to include them in this list)
  2. Dance & musical theater, especially the shows I’m involved in right now since I’m working with the most amazing people.
  3. Comedy TV in general, (I watch so much TV and comedy is super important to me) namely Community since it’s the show I’m watching right now.
  4. Game of Thrones & the books, which I am ALMOST done with in time for the new season coming soon <3
  5. Museums - I went to the Met by myself this week and had a blast.

Ok this is the nerdiest list in the world but yay here ya go. Thanks for asking!

  • Lip is still the best character.
  • Poor baby Deb.
  • Fiona makes bad relationship choices. Great at most other choices, but…damn. 
  • I like Mandy, so far. I heard she goes even further off the rails later, but for now she’s good in my book.
  • …Carl…?
  • Fuck Frank. Seriously, fuck him. 

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Text: Derek is super busy between DWTS and his show in New York. He doesn't really have the time to breathe let alone take Landon right now. He's loving this house. He's a little moving maniac right now. I'm liking it. It's way more relaxing here from what I'm used to in LA. How are you guys??

Text: That’s why I thought he wasn’t doing this season? That’s a lot to have on his plate, so not having Lan is totally understandable. He is? Aw, how cute! Don’t get too comfy though. I need you back here eventually! We’re doing really well! Rae’s starting to babble nonstop and she’s smiling more. Plus she can mimic faces so I’ve literally been sticking my tongue out at her and doing any funny face I can possibly do so she can do it right back at me. It’s so much fun. And the absolute cutest.