trans-parenting asked:

What is going to go into that new flower bed?

First I need to transplant a few peonies from the other side of the house. They are too shades there and get moldy every year.

Next I have some Dahlias and Calla Lilies to plant. I’m hoping the amount of morning sun that side gets is enough for them to thrive.

I have day lilies all over the other beds (and some in the lawn) that I’m going to move too. I have some milkweed seeds that I wan to try as well. Not sure how that will fare but yay for monarch food!

I have a few different wildflower seed packs that I’ll plant in pots around too, probably sprinkled between the bed and veggie garden and maybe the front porch.

Next year I want to put up a big trellis with clematis, so I’ll save room for that.

I think I got it all. I’m game for anything with this bed! So stoked to see what it looks like come June/July!

Edit: I totally forgot to mention that I planted Gladiolus bulbs in between the hostas around the chicken coop, so hopefully that little color pop will be fun too! 

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