Ducking into the clouds to hide Paradox flies at his top speed through them, at even poorer visibility than he usually has, so it’s really no surprise when he loses control and crashes through a storm cloud.

Even though Pegasi have usually a bit of resistance to electricity, crashing though a storm cloud is still enough to send Paradox spiraling to the ground and skidding roughly before coming to a stop. “Where by Celestia am I?” He mutters, struggling to his feet. “When by Celestia am I…” He looks up at the cloudy night sky. “At least at lost them. Whoever they were…” He flexes his wings and flinches before digging in his saddle bags for a flashlight. “Wherever I am, I think I’m stuck here…” He turns the flashlight on his surroundings. 

Pastries (& Something Sweeter)

Dean/Benny AU
Blind!Dean, Mechanic!Dean
Can be read as an addition to this fic
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Dean groaned and wiped the sweat from his brow. The sun was beating down hard on the city, roasting every object and body caught outside in its burning rays. But even with the temperature that was surely reaching well past a hundred, people filed in and out of Singer Salvage like it was Church on Sunday morning.

Car engines were overheating, air conditioners needed fixing. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong through the heat wave was happening every minute and the shop could barely keep up. It was the main reason Bobby had called Dean in.

He’d been expecting the call as soon as he’d woken up that morning to the TV blaring the weather forecast. Hot and humid, this week was determined to be the hottest the state had seen in ten years. Bobby was gonna’ need all the help he could get. Especially from his blind, semi-adopted son (through popular opinion.)

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So I always wanted this drabble/fic where Stefan thinks of helping Caroline rehearsel in 1x19 for “Miss Mystic Falls” day (in that scene where they both stayed alone after Elena grabbed Bonnie out to talk, Bonnie was Caroline’s partner, cuz Matt couldn’t be present for the rehearsels … Don’t know if you guys remember that scene)
I need this fic 😍 plz … if it already exists, send me the link to it

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why yes, this workout plan was an absolute crock


icons → frank zhang (requested by zoenightshadow ; because we don’t have enough frank icons in this world)

note: sorry they’re the same picture! (just pretend that i did this set with these two in mind.) i actually have others where i used different pictures but i don’t really like how they turned out. if you have any frank art recs that you think i should use for icons please submit the links here.