ppl who believe artemis is some stiff uppity pretentious asshole really confuse me??? this is a child who loves to make shitty puns no one understands n will finger paint w his little brothers???? he’s awkward n endearing at best and condescending n manipulative at worst. he’s not a horrible person n ppl that believe he is are???? so strange

kankri and aranea for a humanstuck au im working on! bl6h bl6h 8lah 8lah 8lah bl6h

tenderest touch; a hurt /comfort sastiel mix 

you fuse my broken bones back together and then, lift the weight of the world from my shoulders again

i. may i - trading yesterday; ii. heal - tom odell; iii. hazy - rosi golan ft. william fitzsimmons; iv. mercy - onerepublic; v. broken together - casting crowns; vi. wrapped in your arms - fireflight; vii. everything - lifehouse; viii. push - sarah mclachlan; ix. you are more - tenth avenue north; x. the weight of the world - editors; xi. build you up - kim taylor; xii. arms of the angel - sarah mclachlan  

listen / download - updated

I’m getting closer to becoming irl APH Romano every single second
but like not in the positive way 

raise ur hand if u wanna do a war with the others verse w/ me B)))

hey just a quick thought but posts like “if you’re toxic, go do ____” etc while have they good intentions aren’t the best as a lot of abusers use role reversal to convince their victims that THEY are the toxic ones and that THEY are the abusers and it’s not good for victims still trying to mend that

          he’s grinning like a goddamn cheshire
, orbs wide && glimmering —- —- 
          hazel optics often betray the cool facade 
          that  l i n g e r s  against angular features.
          right now, only genial amusement are
          etched upon the lightly-curled petals of 
          basil’s lips.

           ❛ guess where i spent my night. ❜

i just had a deep af conversation w my mum about politics and concentration camps and North Korea and child cannibalism and female genital mutilation n it was kinda confronting but I forget how we can have nice discussions about things sometimes when she’s in a passive mood

[7:15:10 PM] SHSL Moderator [Mr.Steal Your Girl]: beautiful
[7:15:56 PM] ・.•° Porsena Johnson || Jay °•.・: That is
[7:16:03 PM] ・.•° Porsena Johnson || Jay °•.・: fucking beautiful.
[7:16:15 PM] ・.•° Porsena Johnson || Jay °•.・: Did Jason join your game?
[7:16:21 PM] SHSL Moderator [Mr.Steal Your Girl]: OH MY GOD.
[7:16:30 PM] ・.•° Porsena Johnson || Jay °•.・: B)
[7:16:49 PM] ・.•° Porsena Johnson || Jay °•.・: I DO, TOO, TBH.