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Omg I liked reading your new fic, The Checkered Room. It's really interesting, I liked how you started it. I felt you captured Kaneki pretty well. But I don't see any reason for him to not tell Hide about what happened, esp since nothing terrible happened to Kaneki's body like in the manga.

Hello! I’m glad you like my new story! :) As for Kaneki telling Hide anything, I don’t think he would.

In the manga, Kaneki initially didn’t tell anyone Rize was a ghoul. Though I’m sure there were a number of reasons, (Him having the organ transplant from her and his sudden distaste in food. I must add here that he didn’t seem to seriously think he was a ghoul yet. He seemed to be in denial that anything was wrong, jokingly suggesting he was turning into an insect, though I’m positive some heavy suspicion was there. Therefore, I cannot say, that didn’t play a part in his decision to keep quiet.) it was mentioned Kaneki also didn’t say anything because it wouldn’t sound like he was telling the truth. (This was taken from chapter two of the manga, when Hide and Kaneki were at ‘Big Girl’). In reality, if anyone were to believe Kaneki, I think it would be Hide, but I’m sure even with his best friend the doubt would still exist in Kaneki’s mind. 

In my story, (The Checkered Room), he didn’t have any proof at all that he was attacked, besides his injuries. Kaneki would probably think the injuries would just make Hide worried, and I don’t think he would want that either. 

Basically, I think if Kaneki thought he could sweep the whole incident under the rug, he would.

Thank you for the ask!



My trip to Hawaii in April with my best friend is fast approaching and I am so excited!!! I’m already starting to plan what I want to take with me (keen?)

So i thought I’d do a post showing you a few of the things that I could never leave to go on a holiday without. 


I loveee sunglasses, they make everything better! not only do they protect your eyes, but they go well with absolutely any outfit and can hide your face either when you look like crap or are people watching cute boys (or both). They’re also great to wear in photos, sunnies always make you look better, pretty much they’re just a must have for any holiday, ever.


Obviously, if you’re going somewhere warm you need to take some swimwear. I usually take more than one pair of bathers in case one is wet :) I like to mix and match tops and bottoms, bring some nice simple tops, i personally love triangle bikini’s and bandeus, and some fun printed or block coloured bottoms (or vice versa) and BAM, endless possibilities! 


Mini beauty products are a MUST have when going on holidays. I would need a whole extra suitcase if I was to carry all of my full sized bottles with me everywhere I went. I bought this cute little travel set from Aesop and i am in loveeee! It also came with an adorable zip bag to keep them all in, it’s perfect for travelling and so compact so it’s able to fit right into your suitcase without any dramas. I love bringing lipsticks on holidays, at home I’m not really a big lipstick wearer, but I feel like I need to look my best at all times during a holiday, which = lipstick. Mini perfumes are also fantastic when holidaying! therefore you can take more than one scent with you without it weighing a tonne. 


I love sitting by the pool or on the beach and reading. Magazines are my favourite, especially RUSSH, but i also love a good book, either the real deal or on my iPad mini. Reading is a really awesome way to unwind and just relax while you’re on your holiday. Isn’t that what we all want?


Cameras are an absolute must. I mean, what’s the point of going on holiday if you can’t share it with the rest of the world? I love using my iPhone for taking quick snaps here and there. But i personally am in love with my Instax mini polaroid camera. It’s so pretty and perfect for keeping lots of memories! I also love to keep a travel journal, where you can write notes about what you’ve done each day and keepsake photos and tickets from your trip.


Trust me. You NEED one of these when you go on holidays. Whenever I’m on holidays, there’s at least a few days where we walk all day, and carrying a massive tote bag with you all day can sometimes lead to regrets later on, not fun! A cross body bag is perfect for carrying the essentials, a camera, phone and money. You can’t go wrong.


On the topic of walking around all day. It’s kind of impossible to spend your entire holiday in heels. Holidays are for being laid back and relaxing (well to me anyway), which means being comfortable. Which is pretty much the opposite to what walking in heels is like. Flats are easy to slip on, look adorable and make any outfit look much more relaxed and casual, also they’re so comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time, so you can enjoy your trip at its full potential!

I hope you enjoyed this post, thankyou for reading and I hope these tips helped you!!!

Simonette xxxx

bandeau bikini top - Shakuhachi • triangle bikini top - TRIANGL • magazines - RUSSH magazine • sunglasses - Karen Walker • beauty products - aesop • mini perfume - marc jacobs from priceline • lipstick - MAC • cross body bag - Country Road • 365 journal - Kikki.K • buckled slides and strappy sandals - Windsor Smith • cross over slides - Cotton On Body

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[ ASAMI ZDRENKA ] sure is hot, I wish there was two of her. There is? Well, I guess [ ASAMI ZDRENKA ] has been hiding her for all of these years because of [ THE FACT THAT HER SELF ESTEEM IS SO LOW, SHE WANTED TO BE KNOWN AS THE PRETTY/TALENTED ONE ]. Their twin must really resent them for that. Maybe they went into hiding to support their twin? Or maybe they went because [ SHE NEEDED TO GET AWAY FROM HER FAMILY AND THE FAME ].

Good luck hiding out, Asami Zdrenka. Please send your account in within six hours. (1/2 Asami Zdrenka faceclaims are now taken.)