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Hi :3 Request please?)How would exo react if their gf is scared of pregnancy and giving a birth cuz she don't think that she'll become a good mother

Sorry for the long wait sweet, hope you like it!~~

Suho: He would be heartbroken you felt that way telling you “Jagi you have nothing to worry about, your going to be an amazing mother”

Sehun: “Jagi please don’t think like this, you’ll be amazing, I love you” (Cute Maknae)

Chanyeol:  It would make him so upset to the point it might make him a little mad that you were being so horrible to yourself.  “Don’t say things that aren't true” 

Jongin: “Jagi look at me, you’ll be amazing there’s nothing to worry about”(Tries his best to comfort you)

Baekhyun: Baek isn’t the type to be sad but hearing you say that would destroy him “Jagi your incredible how could you ever think that?”

Luhan: “Jagi don’t ever think stuff like that, don’t ever say stuff like that, there’s nothing you can’t do”

Yifan: He’d kiss all you insecurities away reassuring you that you would be amazing.

Kyungsoo: “Ya! how could you even think that” He’d take you into his arms and try to make you smile with him.

Jongdae: He’d be confused how you could think that “But your the most caring person I know?

Yixing: “Your not thinking straight, come here jagi” (Fluffy unicorn mode)

Minseok: He looks up and smile simply saying “You have nothing to worry about I believe in you

Tao: He wouldn’t even begin to be able to comprehend the fact you didn’t believe you could be a good mother (Confused panda)

Tyler v. Stefan: update

It might be presumptions to proclaim myself a resident Sterowood expert, but I did call it. Here, here and here. So because there is so much disconnect and misunderstanding about their confrontation, I would like to volunteer my own two cents.

To recap: Stefan does believe that Tyler was a jerk. It’s a little bit of transference, because Tyler has always been a jerk to Stefan, and they’ve always shown each other their worst sides. It doesn’t mean that writers belittled Tyler for the sake of Steroline. Sheesh, they’ve been writing Stefan/Tyler conflict since 1x03, people. They’ve never not been in conflict. They are on each other’s shit lists. Tyler hates Stefan since 4x09, Stefan hates Tyler since 5x12. Check here for detailed explanations.

But just because two characters dislike each other and are in a conflict doesn’t mean that one is good and the other is bad. Let’s not pretend either Tyler or Stefan are perfect. They are both to blame that they don’t get along.

But let’s also look at this scene as what it really is - two evil vampires without their humanity goading a character who is easily angered. Forwood is obviously a button - although Tyler has many of those - that they chose to push to toy with him to trigger the werewolf curse. Caroline was actually more merciful than I feared - she could’ve forced Tyler’s hand in drowning Matt, and she could’ve pushed about Carol. Now THAT would be cruel. Calling a jerk a jerk - not so much (I love Tyler, and he’s a hero, but he is also a misogynistic jerk and he knows it and admits it). 


I’m sorry if I get hates for this, but the the two new chapters of Fairy tail only made me very frustrated. I love Juvia so much. The only reason why kept reading Fairy tail was because of her (and Natsu) and I hate how she keeps being pushed a way and she gets being shown as a weak character.
Juvia is strong. She was one of the 4 from Phantom Lord and she was seen to be intimidating through most of the arc until she met Gray. Don’t get me wrong, I love gray and Gruvia, but ever since she joined Fairy Tail she’s been portrayed as a weak Mage and as if her only reason of existing revolves around Gray.
I’m sorry guys but I’m mad at both Gray and Erza and I hope Juvia makes them go through some shit before she forgives them. And I might go a bit far but there’s a little part of me that hopes the same thing of Musica and Reina gets repeated so Gray can finally understand how important she really is.
I hate seeing Juvia like this. I don’t hate Mashima or anything, in fact I love the guy for making Juvia, but he should give her more credit. He made her look in the begin as a hard cold kick ass enemy and now he portrays her as nothing more than a fangirl towards Gray. I feel like this should change. I know a lot of fans agree and disagree with me, but this are my thoughts and feelings at the moment.
Juvia has been suffering for 6 months and I’m pretty sure she’s going to keep suffering because (Gray can be a lil shit sometimes) for some reason Juvia can’t ever truly be happy.
I know everyone’s going to be like ‘Omygod how can u say that?!! Gray took her rain away and he helped and protected her…blah blah blah!“ And I’ll say this. Who fucking brought her rain back? Juvia has done SO much for Gray and she has gotten so little in return!!! The only thing I’m asking for is for her to get more credit as the strong woman she is!!
Idc if ppl message me and give me hate bcuz I won’t answer them and I will delete them. This is how I feel and I feel like everyone should respect everyone’s opinion. And I’m not telling anyone to think like me. I’m just trying to get all this frustration I’m carrying inside myself out. All I have left is to hope for something better for Juvia later on in the arc.


At the park today I noticed this group of preppy moms with their sons all huddling together and staring at us and smiling awkwardly when we walked by.

I was just like, whatever. I thought maybe it’s because we might look a little weird with all our tattoos and foreignness.

But then I noticed that my husbands beer looked all dirty. And he said yeah those kids knocked it over and their moms just stared and laughed, didn’t you see them? I said yeah but I didn’t know it was because they knocked your beer over, I didn’t see that.

And I was going to go over and talk to them about it, but then he got mad and threw his beer in their general direction! And then I was like, shit, never mind, guess we’re even.

But then! One of the moms (after a group discussion) came up to ME and said, is he angry because my son knocked over his beer? I said no, he’s angry because all of you stood and laughed and didn’t acknowledge that it happened and pretended to be invisible, or pretended that we were invisible, or whatever, it wasn’t cool.

She said, I didn’t know, I didn’t notice (yeah you did), we aren’t that kind of mom, should I buy him another beer, our kids want to play here, will they be okay?

I was like, they can play wherever the hell they want, my husband isn’t going to attack them and that’s ridiculous of you to imply that, and no don’t buy him another beer. And sorry he threw his beer, and thanks for apologizing.

But she wouldn’t stop! She kept looking at me with her eyelash extension eyes that I can’t financially or time-wise afford anymore and repeating herself! I was like, okay lady, got it the first time.

Jeez. Flashbacks to schoolyard drama.

Other than that, today was a good day. And I just almost had to use my AK.

You know, the more I think about, the more I wonder if somewhere out there is a story about all the assistants/sidekicks/head minion of all these big bad villains and wherein they meet together, like, every month in a bar or a support group somewhere and commiserate.

Some of them are frustrated at being under-appreciated.  Some of them are annoyed at the so-called heroes that prevent their boss from achieving their happy ending.  Some of them are worried that their boss maybe might be going a little too mad and they’re legit worried for their boss’s health/sanity.  Some wonder if maybe it would’ve been easier to work for the “good guys” and some wonder if the heroes have better benefit packages.  Some of them share woes of being in unrequited love for their employer.  Some of them offer advice on Why One Shouldn’t Fall In Love with Their Boss.  Some of them offer condolences when they do.  Some of them talk about leading double lives and some wonder what’s the point when honestly their role is expendable, thus those they bring into the fray become as such.  

Some of them also – most definitely – share notes in case the folly of one boss could prevent another from their downfall.  And speaking of notes, I’m sure a lot of them – probably all of them – have each other’s numbers in the likely event they tell their respective employer “Yes, sir/ma’am, I know a guy.”

Bet they also raise a glass/toast to any of their fallen comrades because unfortunately death is part of the business (as is getting caught and going to jail, also another form of death).

And then one day, and I think this would also be awesome, they get a new face in the group and they welcome them because y’know they need to stick together because who else would care about them but their employer?  The new person has this boss that’s been making waves.  Months pass into years maybe and this new boss has slowly made their way into the Villains History books.  The group members are definitely impressed that the “new person” is employed by someone so powerful and who has apparently treated them way better than they have ever been treated.  

But here’s the thing, here’s the twist/secret:  The sidekick/minion/assistant of this Big Bad?  The reason they’re so successful is because the REAL Big Bad isn’t the Face that the public knows, it’s the man/woman behind the Villain.  

other, purely self-indulgent things I’m going to do while I’m (f)unemployed:

  1. bust out the sewing machine and make myself a nice cozy flannel bathrobe
  2. actually use all the random fancy bubble baths and scrubs and such I’ve accumulated. like, every day. fuck yeah.
  3. start a kitchen herb garden
  4. paint my nails
  5. catch up on Mad Men
  6. get back in shape from last year’s working at home/doom project/winter laziness trifecta
  7. BAKE ALL THE THINGS (this might be at odds with #6 but whatevs)

also debating whether I should allow myself a little last-paycheck splurge in the form of the drawing tablet I’ve had on my amazon wishlist for a while. hmmmm.

To the fan who was butt-hurt that I was too tired to take a thousand photos
with you and sign like 25 autographs for you that would surely end up on
eBay, you can go fuck yourself in your lying ass. I didn’t yell, I didn’t berate,
I just said that myself and the people I was working with were too tired for
all that fanfare. We traveled over 7 hours into a totally different time zone to
get very little rest so we could perform tonight. You might buy the tickets and
Pay Per Views and merchandise that goes towards my paycheck, but I don’t
owe you shit and neither do the rest of us. Grow the hell up instead of whining
to the paparazzi sites that boo hoo, boooo hoo, Randy Orton was mean to me
when I wasn’t even.

remember when i got anons who were telling me to kill myself and then i got an anon saying some shit like “u can’t be mad at ur anon they may be a fragile little star baby who is autistic or has bpd and they might not realize that that they’re doing is wrong uwu ur being ableist by getting mad at them uwu” like… are they not being ableist by purposefully triggering me… are you saying that i’m in the wrong by defending myself… this website is incredible like honesty how do some of you go outside without combusting

[On an unrelated note, I’m going to be changing my characterization/backstory of the Keeper slightly. I was rereading the artbook, and it says that “The Keeper is one of the subjects who synchronized the most with the utter madness of Ruvik.”

This opens up a few more possibilities of threads for me if I want to pursue it, but it would change very little in terms of its actions or behavior. It might change a bit in regards to the reasons it does things at times. I already have that it remembers Ruben as a child even though it shouldn’t, so now it just gets the occasional other bits of memories too. Basically it’d just be me shoving my personified verse in with my main. I dunno I’m thinking Mobius forces an assistant on Ruben and he fucks with his brain, makes him completely loyal, cuts out own tongue for him and shit. And then they shove the guy in STEM and either Ruvik finishes what he started, or he doesn’t need to because the guy immediately manifests as the Keeper.

It’d still be an it, because I love the idea of his personality being completely subsumed and its no longer a person, doesn’t remember being a person. It was never a person, it’s always been a safe, always been HIS safe.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?]

Cranky Bitch

I work with people constantly(I’m a cashier) But I’m very antisocial. Outside of work, I never leave to go anywhere.

I get cranky, but lately it seems I’m uber cranky. So the other night at work I was walking to the back to finish stocking the beer and pop coolers when I heard something crash behind me and I turned around. There was a box laying in the floor. And then another comes flying over the cold deli case. And another.

This lady yells that these little Debbie boxes and sunflower seed boxes are empty.

My coworker looked at me with wide eyes, I picked the box up and hurled it back at her with all my might. We stood there throwing boxes at each other for a good 5-7 minutes before I ran around the small wall while she was busy trying to bomb me and I grabbed her arms. I tried staying mad cause I was seriously fucking cranky and I just wanted to go home but she started laughing and hugged me and I couldn’t help but smile.

cosmogyros replied to your post:translatorcas replied to your post:ok, so I think…

yes we Yanks say sweater! I actually thought y'all Brits said “jumper”… am I tragically out of date?

haha, I’m relieved! I thought I was going mad for a second there. and no, not at all out of date, we use jumper and sweater pretty much interchangeably :D I might use jumper for something a little woollier or thicker than a sweater, but that’s just me!

alphaenjolras answered your question:So I might just be going mad

There’s a chance you followed them by accident at some point (happens to me on the app occasionally because I have clumsy thumbs) or they were blogs you liked when you followed them but their interests have changed dramatically so content has too

I’m edging towards clumsy thumbs - my app ends up doing all sorts of stuff that I didn’t intend! Am having some memory problems at the minute, so I wouldn’t put it past myself to forget little things like this. Just checking that it’s definitely me! :’) Thank you :)

Recall result - Manchester Met

I didn’t get in. I found out on Monday but I just needed a little bit of time to myself, which I’m sure you all understand.

The way forward from here is Glasgow bound, I definitely need a break from Newcastle and to try a new arts scene. I can’t be mad at myself because this is the furtherest I’ve ever gotten so I should feel proud.

The plan has changed, so has the path, but although I might not be getting what I want, I’m probably getting what I need. Don’t think for a second I’m going to stop trying though. Next year will bring new challenges, new experiences and the start of another drama school cycle!

Lots of love,


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Ugh there's this boy who frustrates me so much I can't help but roll my eyes thinking about him but man there's something about him I can't keep myself together and the smile I get wont go away and we just get into our own little bubble and all the other people just kinda fade away and he just gets to me even though he makes me mad but maybe that's because I don't wanna admit I like him because there might be something there

hm that’s cool, that everyone else fades away.. why does he make you so mad? seems like you might like him tho :P

         “It’s hard enough to live in a land where you
             don’t belong, but knowing it holding conflicting
                  realities in your head—
                                                    –will drive you mad.“

i.independent jefferson rp blog for ouat
ii. reserves the right to be selective
iii. mun is over 18. nsfw might apply
iv. multiverse


“Damn good face if I do say so myself. Your intelligence is also refreshing in this business, how do you put up with the bureaucracy though? It would drive me mad. Your skills at charming are decent. Add a little more polish and we might be related. Perhaps like twins?” A small chuckle. “Just be careful who you get attached to. We both have a habit of making connections with those that can, and have, harmed us.”

>.> Perci don’t be an ass

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My Opinion 👇

Okay guys I think I just need to add a little to this hysteria crazed madness that these FALSE news articles are putting out there….

Okay let’s start here before I go into all the finer details, if you have read the article on OK! Mag and have looked very closely to the top of the page it says “We pay for scoops.” Now doesn’t that raise a little suspicion on how reliable they may be? Well if it doesn’t you might need to take shut down think about it a little more and open your eyes because come on people if your looking around and wondering how to make a little bit of cash why not go out and email or call a magazine and say “hey on your previous articles about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield being on a break I have some more inside information.” And there you go you have someone making cash for a really good lie that those magazines are surely going to publish. Why? Because it’s beating out their competitors and earning their company money for gossip they/we all know the average human loves.

Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up lets think of some of the things mentioned in both OK! Magazine’s article and US Weekly’s article….

1. US Weekly claims to say that “He’s been in a Dark Place, and hasn’t been the best partner.” When exactly were the referencing this to? Before he left? Well for what I can remember there was nothing but smiles before he left. Except for when the paps follow them around but I mean come on I know I wouldn’t and I’m sure no one else would like people following you and your boyfriend around taking pictures of your every move.

2. Let’s take a look at OK! now. “Andrew cheated on Emma with a one night stand in Taiwan.” Okay people let’s think about this one. I have talked to someone who has personally spoken to a producer of the movie and he said both Andrew and ADAM both retreat to their rooms when done with filming and that he is doing an exceptional job filming. When in the world is Andrew going to have time to go out there and get drunk and cheat on his girlfriend of ALMOST 4 YEARS, after work I’m guaranteeing he goes into his room and tries to talk to a loved one of some sort whether it be his mom, dad, Emma. And then goes to sleep he’s working so hard and I’m telling ya’ll right now this movie is going to turn our fantastic and this is going to sky rocket his career. Let’s just sit back and watch it happen.

3. Now let’s just take a walk back down memory lane, Back in September and December Andrew went missing for a month and no one questioned where he was or that they are now on a “break” or have broken up when back then it would’ve made a lot more sense. When he came back what kind of pics did we get? Pics of them smiley and cheery oh and let’s not forget how miserable they looked in the ones after they must hate each other, like again how would you like strangers capturing your every where about? That’s right you wouldn’t. Before Andrew left where was he spotted with his co star Adam Driver, Eddie and his wife? Oh that’s right Emma’s show must hate one another right? Totally. Again on Adam why hasn’t anyone questioned where he was and he even has a wife.Does that make anything different? Oh just because they’re married they don’t have any issues? NO. He wasn’t at the Golden Globes, and he was nominated.

Things have been taken way out of proportion, and before you even think to believe these articles then take a look around and use some common sense. These articles have to many “sources” and “insiders” and the stories are just to jumbled and mixed to tell anything and people can tell me all they want about how this maybe true and that maybe reliable but I’m not believing anything. We have less than 20 days till he comes home let’s wait and watch everything fall back into the places they right before he left. Please guys just let them go and if you don’t feed into the articles anymore then stories won’t be that big anymore and they will fade away like they were never there. Come on at least some of you have to have younger siblings or are the younger sibling and your parents have told you “If you ignore them they will stop and leave you alone.” Well that’s exactly what we have to do with these articles. I think enough has been said about this so again please just ignore them.


Tomorrow is going be a big day for me. She thinks I’m ready and I feel like I am. I’m excited and a little nervous. I don’t know why. I just want to stay where she’s taking me the whole day. To talk and think about what might of been. I wish this would’ve of work out another way. Where I wake up to my wife and kiss her bye when we head to work or school. Then go down and kiss her bump and rub on it while I give her that look that she told me I gave when we knew there might be a little us in her belly. Outside of her parents house when she walked me to my car. But things don’t work out the way you want them to and it fucking sucks. I tell her everyday in whatever mood she’s in whether if I get her frustrated, mad, sad, or when she feels like dookie. I promise that we will have kids. I will give you three more and we’re going to have our little family of our own. I’m going keep that promise because I know it will someday happen.