I wrote about the things on my mantel last year, but wanted to post again for trackabandoned. They’re all meaningful (to me), but nothing of actual monetary value, and the same can be said for just about everything I own.

I’ll take something sentimental over something expensive any day of the week.

-Antique (at least 40 years old) mini liquor bottles and cigar boxes that were maternal grandfather's. I scrunched them together so you can see them better.

-Wood-carved Tiki guy that was my bonus grandfather’s. There’s more to this story that I’ll save for another day.

-Wood-carved Buddha that was my bonus grandmother's. The glass decanter in front of the fireplace was also hers.

-“Hang Loose” wood carving that my parents got in Hawaii back in the 60s

-A close friend had a sign hanging in her house and I loved the sentiment so much that I took a picture of it a couple of years ago. She remembered that, and gave me the identical sign on my birthday last year. I love seeing it everyday. It’s a really good reminder.

How I feel about Slaine Troyard...

at times I’m like "PROTECT SLAINE 2K15" or "SLAINE DID NOTHING WRONG"     ;_;

but then there are other times when I’m "DAMN IT SLAINE, YOU LITTLE SHIT"

I can’t believe I’m this conflicted over a fictional character

I have loads of games and I feel like playing none of them


Forgive me, Marian. I am not myself.

someone just compared shipping jd & veronica to supporting the abuse in fifty shades NO

Alright. This is bothering me and idk, it might be stupid but it’s just bothering me so I’m gonna get it out. I’m fairly certain that the person who sent me the message isn’t gonna see the thing but whatever.

So, about two hours ago, I got this guest review on my fic Oblivion (Is Calling Out To You) 

:I am so tired of these Killian Jones dying fics. I’m about to the point that I’m starting to hate fan fiction because of it.

And I was just like ???? Ok? I’m sorry you feel that way but why oh why would you leave this as a review on a fic that is CLEARLY about a subject matter that you do not enjoy. And I don’t know what it is because I’m never upset about this sort of thing, because it’s happened before on graphics and such too. Like, Why would someone make such a thing when it’s clearly so so terrible? And I’m used to it for the most part but today it annoyed me.

Here are some super basic things that this person should take into consideration probably:

  • I write things because I want to write them, because I find it an enjoyable activity and I share it hoping that someone else will enjoy it as well.
  • You are not entitled to my time and effort. I do this for me and I share it in the hope that someone will read it and enjoy it.
  • The fact that you do not enjoy this type of story is a completely valid opinion but please keep it in your space. Please don’t invade my space to talk about it. (There’s that comic that I’ve lost now but it said something like don’t show up to a Pasta Convention to talk about how much you hate Pasta. Which, I mean, YES.)
  • What you see is just the finished product and it might not look like much (believe me, I am under no delusion that I write great literature) but it still requires some effort and some amount of courage to post so you being negative is just awful.

Idk, I usually don’t care but today, I care so I vented. Plus, I HATE when this happens to anybody! Even if the kind of stuff they do isn’t necessarily what I’m into. It’s disrespectful and rude and just plain mean.

Be nice to people ok? <3

are there any good non-au fics I should be reading right now? all my favorite authors either aren’t writing anymore or are pretty much exclusively writing AUs which is cool but that ain’t my jam…


worthless photoset of nerds in love part 18752785285

I had to get up at 4:30 am to make the 7:30 race start. The weather was 34 degrees F (just over 1 degree C) and misting. There weren’t enough shuttles from the parking lot, which meant waiting in line for 45 minutes in the cold just to get to the starting line. The course was an out-and-back through a suburban neighborhood with absolutely nothing interesting to look at. It was all pavement, much tougher than my usual training on a dirt trail. It was too cold to drink the water at the water stations. But you know what? It was all totally worth it because I have now completed my first 5K and I am ready to take on the world.

Also, my medal is a motherfucking TANK.

treegona asked:

9 and 12?

9. Which fic has been the hardest to write?  Well, Saviors has been a slog and a half—that ones not hard to write per se, I’m just putting a lot of care into it?  Um…let’s say Eight Days a Week.  Just because I was so tense about staying fairly accurate to 60s India! :D  Still not sure how well I did, but yeah.  I like how it turned out and I definitely enjoyed writing it, I just had to proceed carefully.

12. Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?  I….am really confused what this question is asking.  Like, episode of what?  above all others???? Inspires me…to write…?  I don’t know what this is asking.  Uh…when I need inspiration I tend to go read other fics by really good authors who I admire, and that inspires me????

I honestly don’t wanna be me anymore, I’m tired of being excluded. I can’t find the energy of putting myself in a conversation, and I always feel unwanted. I just wish I could be skinnier, socialize more, and be someone people wanna joke around with all the time. I’m just tired of being ignored

"I’ll change his lonely life, if you know what I mean."
"Shut the fuck up, I hate you."
Nobody appreciates my song references in casual conversation. ):

Yeah so. My handwriting is completely inconsistent.
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