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why did you copy that kai gif set that someone else had with the fan crying? it's the same

uhhhhhhh well tbh i didn’t know that someone else did something similar so it was honestly just a coincidence??? i’m not sure what that other post is that you’re referring to but yeah i honestly don’t know what to say?? a lot of stuff gets giffed like 50 times and it just so happens that more than one person thought of the same thing?? idk. i haven’t really been scrolling through tumblr for the past week or so, so i don’t even know what that other gifset looks like? well i’m assuming it’s very similar since i’ve just been accused of copying someone. 

i usually just make gifs during the day or whenever and then throw them in my queue and whenever it decides to publish…then yeah… 


At KEXP Feb (x) and May (x)

Right I’m heading out to be an extremely attractive corpse in a Murder Mystery party. Catch you all laters, if anyone’s left if the 3000 messages I got about everyone quitting the show in my inbox mean anything. :P

Those who make it through, tune in for more Dean and Rowena ballroom dancing headcanons tomorrow.

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Just a friendly reminder that Brian is Justin's muse (yeah I see you 2x05)

YES this is 5,000% true, zero question whatsoever. Brian is always the one who inspires Justin and really pushes him to greatness. And what’s more, it’s always completely genuine. He’s Justin’s muse because they love each other more than anything, because they push each other and bring out the best in each other, because they’re there for each other in good times and bad. So of course Brian becomes Justin’s muse. It’s a natural progression. Artists often draw their inspiration from their lives, and there is no more important or influential figure in Justin’s life than Brian Kinney.

Now, compare this with a certain fiddler, who loved Justin because he was his muse. Justin’s muse-itude came first, then came the love. No wonder that didn’t last. 

In short, Ethan loved Justin because he was his muse. Brian loved Justin as fiercely as Justin loved him, and because of that became Justin’s muse. And that’s all there is to it. 

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why do you not like t0asty? their art is some of the best in this fandom imho. and what about gum/my?

u kids and ur thirst for drama

t/oasty’s art actually is really good! it’s just hard to like them when they have onions like these (taken from their actual blog) and have referred to kankri as having a “bad sjw mentality” (again, from their blog)

gu/mmy’s art is p good too but like almost every popular artist in this fandom has godawful ships and believes that “i would neeever excuse this irl” is a good enough defense for it lel

Someone just left this review on a fanfiction I posted TEN YEARS AGO.



I haven’t done anything on Fanfiction.net since 2013 except update my profile, and this story is literally just about a dad trying and failing to change his kid’s diaper for the first time and getting into all sorts of shenanigans while attempting to do so.

I have so many much worse stories there, Hell, I have one where a kid gets brutally murdered

But they reviewed this on this one???

Ten years later????

on the topic of people being scared of approaching other members of the fandom

ask-felivargas complained about this, and since I get messages like “sorry for asking” and “hopefully I am not bugging you” a lot: Don’t be scared of talking to me please. I am the biggest nerd, and a huge dork who spends too much money on food and sewing supplies. If you wanna talk to me, I’m not someone who’s going “oh ew noobs”. I mean I have my whole inbox full of conversations with total strangers mostly, and it takes less than a day until I videochat with my followers. Seriously, if ya wanna be my friend I’m always open for that!!
Please don’t hesitate!

so, I thought about otherkin…

In my opinion otherkin is not a gender, but some kind of other important part of the personality and some special bond between you and something/someone. It’s something more beautiful and special. For example, I feel this connection with cats. I say that always in a funny way, but for me every cat on this planet is truly a friend of mine. Not only because I like them, but although because they like me too. The first time I visited my best friend’s home his 2 cats didn’t even knew me but when they saw me they immediately came to me, wanted to get pet, stuff like that. He said “okay, this is strange, they usually don’t like strangers at all” They really liked me. And of course my cat who is the most precious and beautiful being in my life. Sometimes I even have this weird feeling we can really communicate only with looks. My friends sometimes call me kitty or catboy because of all that (there are more storys like that), but in a lovely way, and it feels so good and warm and just right. I think I could be a catkin (and this is the first time I say that because I feel so embarassed and scared, I saw so much hate and bad things and people probably start unfollowing me idk) but of course I’m still human. I’m still a guy who likes guys and who prefers he/his/him but with a catkin heart, I guess. Because it’s a connection and a good feeling. And for me that’s the meaning of otherkin.

listen I replied to twenty two different plot asks ( & some were long plots & I made them even longer ) so I’m leaving the last three for a little bit later since I don’t want to sound repetitive &/or not give them my all. If anyone wants to plot, now is a fantastic time to do so since my inbox is never this empty tbh. 

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?? teachers get paid for that shit AND they assigned the test

?? they assigned the test bc THATS their job wyd. they mark stuff on their own time, theyre literally not even required to hand them back so idk u should be a lil bit grateful. like do yall not even know all the work that teachers put in every single night n day, sorting out the work that they will assign, writing notes for yall to copy, putting together lessons, etc. and then coming to work nd dealing with ur bratty asses that dont even give a shit about what theyre trying to do for you??? thats fucked up. most teachers work really hard to help u succeed but a lot of yall just dont seem to give a shit about ur lives and ur grades and then u blame it on ur teachers and idek what else to tell u. do ur hw, stop being an asshole and u’ll prob be surprised how easy school will become.

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Did you get any anon asks on LoK? Am I annoying you? :(

I get some? But there’s an awful lot of messages I don’t respond to for various reasons, usually bc I get them early in the morning on my phone and then wait til I’m on my laptop to reply and then completely forget about them. Case in point I got this one 5 days ago and had completely forgotten about it until now, sorry!