Scorpion S1 Hiatus Meme:   [3/10] Scenes

Geez, Happy, you know that there are whole sections of the Internet that would pay top dollar for a peek at these toes. 
Why do you do that? As soon as you become human, you switch to wise-ass.
It’s a textbook defense mechanism to hide how I feel.
Especially around you.

     -     1x10 Talismans

I know I’ve seen a few posts on this and even got an Anon asking about it a few weeks?days? ago…anyways I heard Where do Broken Hearts Go on Sirius Hits One twice this wkend and that’s interesting since they usually play Top 40 singles and it technically hasn’t been released as a single. It’s almost as if it’s an “unofficial newly released single” at this point.

My latest project for my Art class. Not too proud, but I was experimenting techniques and stuff, so yeah. This was made with oil pastels (used dry), coloured pencils and a touch of wax crayons. My teacher made us give our projects meanings, and I said mine was about the different stages in a relationship. Wow, much bullshit, such lies. (This what happens when you are told to work on sth randomly and then are told to make it meaningful. I literally was just playing around colours and contrast)


#barry realized he had powers when he placed iris’ hand over his heart#he broke the sound barrier creating a sonic boom in order to save her knowing it could kill him#their first kiss gave him such an adrenaline rush that he became faster than time itself#and actually traveled back in time#all it took was a reminder of a spark that happened over a year ago for iris to realize that barry is actually the flash#i mean how more epic can they get?#their connection is just that powerful#it’s impossible to not ship it