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Spoby by episode: The Badass Seed, 1x18


"Nobody will believe it’s possible until we show them.

But when that day comes, you know what they’ll say?

They’ll say that it was inevitable.”


Everybody told me love was blind…

Well hell boys, let's drop in.

SPH’s Ollivander’s Challenge: fancast the Next Generation

Not gonna lie The West Wing fandom is kinda sick and twisted. 

I mean we get a serious kick out of pointing out angsty things to each other, and we love sharing our horribly painful headcanons, and even our fluff spirals out of control and plunges into the bittersweet and occasionally into tragedy.

We’re out of control.


"Take off your boots, I’ll boil some water."

Konan's healing Powers-rant-

remember when tobi sucked both of them into the void to save them ?

well ..konan was in one piece

I’m %100 sure she should get wounded too,I mean Tobi lost his arm and mask and look at his blood on his face ..

 I think Konan recovers quickly, because she can turn herself into papers even after she gets badly wounded, but it costs her chakra.

anonymous asked:

why are you trying to get someone fired over an actor you think is cute? there are actual rapists who get light sentences who need petitioned against. if you hate to show boycott it and if enough ppl think like u it won't get picked up. then a bunch of union artists, tech people, writers and actors will lose jobs and the ability to support their families b/c of toby fangirls. but don't single out one person to bully, truly terrible things happen in the world. help change that, dont hide from it

Laurie is this you?

Nah, I don’t want Laurie McCarthy to get fired because I think toby is “cute”. I have express a lot of times that my admiration for Toby gets far beyond his looks. I mean he’s a brilliant actor and a wonderful human being.

Yes, I’m aware a lot of people will lose their jobs if Reign gets cancelled. And if enough people think like me is because there is something WRONG with the show. I really feel bad for some actors, the makeup and wadrobe teams, tech people, etc. But honestly I don’t feel bad at all for the writers or for Ms McCarthy. As you MUST know they decide to use rape as a plot device without warning the viewers and even when we made a petition telling them we weren’t in agreegment with that storyline.

Also did you even read the petition? fans want the CW to hire a NEW showrunner. We want a change for the better.  Laurie has failed many times as the showrunner of a so called FEMINIST show. 

1. Laurie has wanted to use rape as a plot device for YEARS. And if that doesn’t make you feel sick I don’t know what kind of person you are.

2. Ms. McCarthy once said in an interview "When people wrote to me online and said, “Please don’t do this,” I thought, “Thank God people are saying, ‘Please don’t do this.’” You wouldn’t want people to be saying the opposite. I felt their concern for a character that they’ve really come to care for, but it didn’t alter my thinking as to whether or not this was the right story to tell” aka She didn’t give a fuck about the right choice of using a very sensitive scene in the show.

3. When asked why did she built the rape storyline this was her response “The rape is something we built to all season. We talked about it when we structured the season. We talked about the rising tensions in France and we talked about bringing them to a boil that became very personal and very destructive — not just to Mary, personally, but also to her marriage.” She addmited the storyline was used to create drama between Francis and Mary and as we now know that drama’s purpose was to develop ANOTHER love triangle in the show.

4.Laurie said “we were always going to be incredibly careful about it" and neither M3 nor the CW warned about the scene. And as YOU said terrible things happen in the world, some rape survivors where triggered because of the scene as well as other persons who are sensitive to that kind of material.

5 “It was very important to me that it wasn’t eroticized in any way, shape, or form, that it really was an act of hatred and violence and really powerlessness and rage" and do you remember how was the scene when Mary got raped? oh yeah it was shown in slow motion!

Now if after all I said you still defend Laurie McCarthy/Reign then I truly feel sorry for you. 

Anyway have a nice day👍

PS I’m not the one hidding my dear anon.

I’m sick and tired of snow days. I’m going crazy over here. My house is spotless, there are no dirty clothes any where, and no dirty dishes. And then Kevin is in San Diego for the week at the IPC-APEX expo, so I’m just here talking to Toby. I mean look at me, why am I holding my phone like that???? Oh wait, I was on the phone with my mom. Oh lawd. I also haven’t done my hair or makeup in like 4 days. And I miss my kids terribly. SNOW GO AWAY.