Sometimes I wonder who tries to feed me more. The people I know without an eating disorder or the ones with one!

Like I don’t appreciate people trying to feed me. I can understand that my family want to make sure I’m eating but I don’t qui get why my friends with eating disorders are always trying to feed me or make sure in having more calories or more to eat than them. Like I expect trickery an lies and trying to sneak food or extras into me thinking I don’t know from my family who’ve seen me very sick but when my friends with ed’s get me a bigger size full fat drink when I ask for a small skinny one an getting themselves a small skinny one or tell me to go and get this that or another high calorie good or drink. Or when they know my struggles an don’t help as if they did it would mean then having more than me. Or when I’ve chosen my lunch and they check the calories of what I’ve chosen even when I don’t count the calories myself. It’s so frustrating. An it makes me feel like I’m less important to them than there eating disorder and that I’m constantly hurting myself and going against what I want and what my eating disorder wants to make sure they are ok. I always put them before my ed.