Yoga Pose Set - Really basic easy one. lol. (request)

So, Yoga Pose Set is here. I was not tend to made those hard one , well maybe last three? lol. These r really basic simple poses that your sim can easily achieve. XD

So, here is the Download

CAS -> creative trait 

INGAME -> pushup_start

Sorry there are not that much poses. I have my internship starts this week, so kind of busy. But, still hope that you guys will love them. And, don’t forget tag me if you use my poses. XD 

It’s finally happened and y'all haven’t left in a week, so it’s time for a little gift!

I got rid of a lot of my extra witchy things in the last one, thus I was putting way too much thought into what I was going to give to the winner. When all of a sudden it dawned on me. I’ve been wanting to expand on my prayer bead selection. Why not give away a set of custom prayer beads?? Christian, Pagan, whatever you desire for whatever faith, I will make!!

The winner will receive any set of prayer beads (Up to a $40 value) either from my inventory or custom made and just for them!!

Second place will win 50% off any prayer beads in my inventory or custom made!!

The Rules:
Must be 18
Must live in the U.S.
Must be following me & my shop blog
This is not affiliated with Tumblr
Likes & Reblogs count
Give away blogs are not eligible
Do not tag as a gi-ve-a-way
Winner will be chosen June 29th at Noon Eastern by random number generator
Winner must respond within 48 hours with mailing address

Oh, and it may help you to check out my etsy shop to see the current inventory 

Jean makes coffee with two sugars and low fat creamer, nudging her out of the kitchen with a gentle tap of his hip against hers.

“Go sit,” he tells her, when Mikasa looks at him, bleary eyed with an ache in her legs that’s never left since last night. “I’ve got you,” because it’s been two years, and he knows how her coffee should be fixed, and how breakfast should be made, and how she likes to pick the newspaper apart into fours. Mikasa all but stumbles back towards the dining room table, drawing her knees to her chest and settling her glasses on nose, and there is comfort in the constant, in whatever the two of them have.

Jean carefully sets the mug down beside her, careful not to disturb, and she catches him by the waistband of his sweats, drawing him closer and closer still, until her mouth is on his.

“I don’t have to be in until ten,” Mikasa murmurs, feeling his lips twitch and curl into a grin against her own. He pulls away, tapping the table and telling her he put that cold brew coffee to use, to try and see how it tastes. Mikasa pours the cinnamon Jean leaves for her in her cup, dipping the spoon and wiping it clean with her tongue.

“What–” She glances down at the coffee, then back at him, as he lounges in the chair beside her with the discarded news sections sitting in his lap, half a smile lapsing onto his face as if he had no clue ‘Marry me’ was inscribed in the spoon.

—  x

Queen: Ha! I had not thought it would be so easy, my brother. The Silent Fang brought low.

Uldren: I do not see why this is funny. This Guardian may have dealt with them on Earth, but my Crows say we still have much to fear. More of the Fang survive, nearly every one of them made it out alive.

Queen: I find no humor in any of this, brother.

The Queen rises and descends to the bottom of the stair, turning  in place to take in the chamber.

Queen: So empty, now. No Wolves to sit at my feet. My guards—


Queen: Talk to Petra. Set more bounties, hunt down any of the Fang your Crows can track. They may have escaped the Prison of Elders, but they will not escape my Wrath.

In all brutal honestly, I probably have said so before but my favorite Daedric Princes in actual canon include Sanguine, Nocturnal, and Meridia in that order.

Sanguine reminds me of so many friends of mine, Nocturnals strict set of code and respect among her followers and Nightengales is nice to see, and I’m all about life and light energies so Meridia is there too. 

Plus these are like the only princes that genuinely don’t seem like they wanna hurt anyone? Like you probably could play Cards Against humanity with Sanguine and he’d give you his rose staff cuz the game was fun. Nocturnal just seems to have a set of rules made for Nightengales and just mutual respect with her followers and only gives them a hard time if they take her stuff (and even THEN it’s stuff that is fixable, she gives mortals the option to undo their mistakes and most of the time the mortals were on the wrong anyways) And Meridia just seems like she wants the world to just not have undead things running around? And you know undead things kind of kill people so I can get behind that lol

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001 - Cecil/Carlos

  • when I started shipping it if I did: uh, it was pretty much spoiled for me that they ended up canon as soon as i started listening, so i guess i always did?
  • my thoughts: i appreciate that they’re really trying to write a healthy relationship between these two characters, and that they made a point to develop it like anything else - they didn’t set out with a goal of ‘we’re gonna be DIVERSE. look at this GAY COUPLE.’ i dunno, some people critique that, but i like seeing queer things happen the same way hetero things do in media.
  • what makes me happy about them: oh. i guess, same as above!
  • what makes me sad about them: i mean, i don’t like that they’re separated, just because i really like the idea of them being all domestic together and things like that - but even then, i appreciate what finknor is writing for us, so.
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: when people infantilize carlos HARD and make him seem like he’s just 100% helpless and like a blind puppy walking around. that’s so weird, don’t do that.
  • things I look for in fanfic: one of the nerds being ace, and anything that includes fashion disaster cecil is a+ for me.
  • who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: cecil with earl. i haven’t thought about carlos otherwise - so i guess, anyone? not kevin. 
  • my happily ever after for them: that they both end up where they’re happy and can do what they want to do - whether that’s together again in either the desert or in nightvale, or very separate and just taking visits and making phone calls to one another.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: cecil is, but he’s like a foot taller than carlos so it’s more like jetpack style.
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: cooking together, or doing science together - and by together, i mean ‘carlos does it and cecil watches in awe and amazement’

Send me a ship and a category! 

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OMG. I ADORE BOTH OF YOUR STRANGE MAGIC AU FICS. Like I really love Changing of the Seasons and I thought t was so interesting with how you made Bog younger and how Marianne was so serious about her position of queen. UGH. LOVED IT. And the Art School AU? total riot. so many good lines I can't even count them on all my fingers and toes!


I’m glad you liked them! I’m gonna ramble a bit now. You set me off!

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Hey are you asexual cause it seems like you really don't give a Fuck.

(Mun): I don’t know who are, I don’t know what you want, but I will find you. I will find you a set of skills. A set of skills that I have acquired over the years. I will use them and I will hug you for that wonderful joke. You sir/madam/or those who have not made up your mind are truly an artist. Thank you. 

So I decided to do a little test run on tumblr’s new “block system” by blocking another main blog of mine…

  • I logged onto my other main blog, tried to go onto this blog and I could still view it just like before.
  • I went into a tag where I knew a recent gifset of mine was, I could still see that gifset. However I could not like or reblog the gifset.
  • I tried to go on someone else’s blog and reblog it from them instead, it still wouldn’t let me.
  • I followed someone who reblogged the gifset recently so I could see if it showed up on my dashboard still and it did show up. But I still could not reblog or like it.
  • So basically these are the only new settings for this update that weren’t already in place before with the “ignore” button (which already made it so people couldn’t message you etc but you can bypass this by just logging out). 
  • What I’ve gathered from this update is that this can be useful if say someone is reblogging your stuff and putting annoying, hateful, harassing comments on it. You can easily stop them from reblogging your stuff altogether now. The downside is that they can still SEE your posts, so if they do try and reblog them and they see they’re not allowed… well then they will know you blocked them. Which some people may not care about but others may be uncomfortable with.

R-1DL31 and B-X2B01 - aka Ridley and Benedict, or R-1 and B-X

R-1 was made for being a security android of the Ragnarock building, B-X was made to be sold as a companion robot and for entertaining kids during parties.

funny stuff happened and people mixed their A.I.s, and before anyone could notice and fix the problem they already sold and sent B-X far away, only to sell R-1 as well to regain the money they lost by building that adorable scap metal son of a bitch.

“BUT WHERE ARE MIKE AND THEO???” gimme time i wanted to draw robots
“BUT YOU CAN’T PUT RAGNAROCK EVERYWHERE!!” just fucking try and stop me im going to connect all the stories
all of them

jpegfluffy grumpy-french-fry jpegfluffy

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Your stickers are so cute, but so detailed at the same time. Just our of curiousity, do you turn them into vectors in Illustrator, or only use photoshop to add color to them? I have already brought several products from you because I love your work so much. Thank you.

^_^ thank you so much! ♥

well, some of my stickers series are realized using traditional illustrations (like Girl Gang stickers) made with watercolors, markers, colored pencils etc… 
whereas other sets are realized using illustrations colored with photoshop ^_^

Thanks again for the reviews. I do appreciate them. The wedding is coming soon.. but a few important scene-setting tales to tell before that - hopefully the romance level is getting up there enough for y’all to cope with the suspense. :)

Made Different

MM appreciation. A tribute for WW1 Centenary. A multi-chapter chronicle.

Chapter Twenty-Nine now up!



“Now, my three friends could hardly fail to notice that I disappeared once a month. I made up all sorts of stories. I told them that my mother was ill, and that I had to go home to see her… I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But of course, they worked out the truth… and they didn’t desert me at all. Instead, they did something for me that would make my transformations not only bearable, but the best times of my life. They became Animagi.“