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A wodeful nursery objects for your newborn//toddler

*credits to the ts2 creators who made the items

Changing Table : http://www.mediafire.com/download/p4cj6uavk313pa7/ChangingTable.package 

Crib : http://www.mediafire.com/download/tq6ra4e7vy5hqcy/HazleSimty-Crib1.package

Enjoyyyy. :) TAG : #hazelscm so i can see them . (btw they are located in plants i forgot to change them ;-; and no they arent functional but you can make poses)

I just wanted to say that I’m very proud of how quickly the fic library for Jupiter Ascending is building up - we have 133 fics on Archive of Our Own alone, which is pretty impressive when you remember that the film hasn’t even been out for a month.

While I didn’t get any responses to the first fic challenge I posted, I’m not terribly disheartened - I shouldn’t have set such a close deadline and should have probably made the prompt more specific. I’ll drop the writing challenges for now but may return to them in the future if I feel they become viable.

As an alternative, how about fic recommendations? We’re getting a few dozen new fics each week, so I definitely think there’s a market out there for it. Have you got any favourites you’d like to submit for consideration? If so, drop me an ask/leave a response with a link to the fic.

What are your favourite stories so far?

I Found A Dream

The guys reach their hotel after the wedding. Set after episode 608. Rated NC17. Word Count: ~1300

They have every intention of tearing each other’s clothes off when they reach their hotel. But somewhere between arriving in their room, unpacking the few things they brought with them, and showering, exhaustion sets in. By the time Blaine tiptoes out of the bathroom, Kurt is fast asleep on top of a still-made bed.

He smiles and gently rouses him, enough to tuck Kurt in beside him, before flicking the bedside lamp off. Carefully, he pulls Kurt into his arms, wanting him near, and presses himself against his back, the warmth lulling him to sleep almost immediately.

Later, when the room is pitch-black, he’s woken by Kurt shuffling out of bed quietly.

“Are you okay?” he whispers.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in a minute, go back to sleep.”

Kurt pads into the bathroom, the light flooding into the bedroom momentarily blinding Blaine. When darkness returns, he rubs the sleep from his eyes and sits up in bed. The unfamiliar cool feeling on his finger makes him smile; it’s a pleasant weight, a welcome reminder that the wedding had not just been an elaborate, crazy dream, but something tangible and real.

They were married.

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Gathering Nectar (Closed RP for Bow-to-your-King)

Kura entered the house, not bothering to knock. She and King had become quiet close and at some point she’d just started letting herself in and he hadn’t complained about it.

She quietly took off her shoes at the door and set them aside on the mat so they wouldn’t track dirty through to tidy house. She took a moment to fix her hair, feeling a little for doing so but she wanted to look just right when she talked to him. She shook her head and laughed mentally at herself. “Wow I’ve got it bad.” She poked fun at herself.

She made her way to the kitchen where said male was standing with his back turned to her. She pauses for a moment to enjoy the view, the muscles of his tall form rippled and flexed with each movement he made. He had just the perfect amount of muscle for Kura’s taste and she has no shame admitting it.

"My King…?" She called softly, letting darkness carry the sound of her voice to his ears like a summer breeze.

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Why the hell does anyone in this godforsaken fandom think Dolarhyde wanted to stop? Will made that comment believing Dolarhyde killed himself instead of Reba, when in fact all he did was trick everyone to escape and try to murder Will's family. You're even IN Dolarhyde's POV when he constantly obsesses over his next set of victims rather than Reba.

Don’t take it too personally. I’ve seen chunks of people say that the books don’t matter and that they’d never read them because the show has already done everything so perfect and they’re awful (even though they’ve never read them and couldn’t possibly know) so… yeah…


I didn’t bother meeting him the other day because I’ve met him so many other times. He really dug Caleb, tried to bribe him with a burrito to get a high five or a hug out of him but Caleb wasn’t having any of it at the moment (you should see the pictures of him with the rest of them he hated them and slept through their set at the warped tour). My best friend gave him a piggy back ride in Chicago, she will always be my hero lol. The butthead made fun of my accent that’s why we’re both making stupid faces in one of them. There were a couple other times we met him as well, in St. Louis when mcr were opening for green day though that picture is an actual photo and is in storage back in the states as well as an autographed ticket from Nashville. Basically frank iero is the easiest person to meet.


Is the title of the new set I’m going to show you. The first picture is already online and I am very excited because there are some photos from this set that I really love 

All pictures come from Southbank, London. I took them in a rainy day and, sure, this is the reason why I decided to call this set “The sound of the rain” 

Fujifilm X100, self made black and white preset

Enjoy it 


hazel & gus
   the fault in our stars


"I’m just saying, we… I need you on the team."


We don’t make  e y e s  …

           ready, love? *makes eyes*