How much downwards having a female x female in your series could be???

Sure some people might stop watching but thinks of hundreds other who immediately marathon your whole series in a week or less!!!! Prime example: the 100.

Lesbians made a loyal fanbase. That is just a fact. Just asks Xena dan L words fan. The show has been over for decades. And the fandom is still there. Lurking and giggling and still gif-ing every damn frame of those show. I mean have you seen Xena? It’s one of those 90’s bad visual effect every episode. And we still rewatch it. I do it annualy myself.

I mean look at Swan Queen. Look at us. We were once at the point where every little thing in this show are purposed to cock-block our ship. And we still here and cherish every little eye-contact and flail when they as much as stand next to each other. They touched? We died.

Tl;dr: put more female x female relationship on your show you won’t be sorry.

I am so tired of people coming into my askbox telling me that I’ve made gifs from a fancam which should not be edited. I am not getting a lot of asks because my tumblr isn’t popular enough for the people to start the rage because of it, but I am going to tell this once again, because it just makes me really upset - it was not a fancam prohibited from editing. I am a weak person when it comes to confronting people and I have a bad habit of explaining myself even if I’m not the one who did wrong. I get easily sad when people seem to suffer because of me. I even blame myself for making people think that I did something against the rules. There are so many blogs reposting and editing fantaken photos/videos all the time. There are blogs posting the forbidden content from fancafe. Do you think that after over four years of making gifs and edits overall, and over a year of doing so in the kpop fandom, I would suddenly break the rules for a few more notes? That doesn’t even make sense, looking at all the content we’re getting in our fandom. There’s something new to gif almost everyday, especially during promotions. But that’s not even the key. You still need some creativity and patience to come up with something good (and not a pixelated gif made in 5 seconds that people will reblog anyways because your popular); you can use the same bangtan bomb again and again if you come up with a good idea. I’m not in any ways saying that I’m exceptionally talented when it comes to making gifs and edits - but I try my best, so why am I getting shit? I did no harm to anyone in the fandom since I’ve joined.

5secondsofsupercool asked:

HEYYY. I saw your gifs all over Tumblr and I smacked myself in the head for never taking the time to see who made them. Your gifs are the best!!!! I hope you have a great day!

Hiii! omg :,) you’re so epic,thank you for being so damn nice!! (& don’t smack yourself in the head) lolz♥♥♥ you’re the best ok?? hope you’ll have a great day as well! *hugs*