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The saviour of my life, the Angels of the world, the goddesses of tumblr, could you pretty please with ice cream, whipped cream and Nutella on top recommend a few super fluffy mpreg Sterek were Stiles is pregnant and the story continues afterwards with the life as parents and such? Just craving it 😩 Oh and by the way? Did I mention that I love you like the most? Well I do.

Yo sterekstilinski-hale! We have some fics for you! Kudos to the lovely, amazing, totally awesome ScruffySterek, who helped us with this list! She kicked ass. :D

Snowflakes and Snowmen by HaleStilinski

(2,254 I General I Complete)

Derek is so happy to have Stiles. Stiles is happy to have Derek. They had two children, one on the way. Mpreg but no smut. I suck at smut and I also suck at writing summaries, gonna stop now. Enjoy!

These Little Things, They’re the Best of Me by malleablecreatures

(2,392 I Not Rated (Angsty Says: General) I Complete)

These were his babies. They were he and Derek’s babies and he didn’t know he could love something so much.
“I like them more than Star Wars,” He said.

Operation Mango Series by malleablecreatures

(total of 2,501 General I Probably Complete)

He never thought he would see Derek look so open and vulnerable, so hopeful for something. Then again, he never expected officially bonding with a werewolf was more than just a sentimental thing– like people with wedding vows. He didn’t know it would slightly alter him so that he could be hit with ‘surprise! There’s a baby on board’.

Christmas and/or Birthdays by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(2,840 I Teen I Complete)

“Baby!” Dylan squealed, small hands reaching out to the screen. Derek had to keep a hand around him lest he dived for it.
“Ready, steady, Dill Pickle,” Stiles said.
“I can’t wait to meet him, Papa,” Dylan said, waving at the screen. “Hi, Tyler!”
Derek felt his heart melt at the sight. He glanced at Stiles, who was smiling widely.
Derek leaned over and kissed his husband’s cheek. “I can’t wait to meet him too.”

Numbers in Life by FairyNiamh

(2,935 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles remembers the milestones in his life with number.

Let Me Take Care of You by LillianDeLooney

(3,434 I Mature I Complete I De-Aged!Stiles)

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

We’re Expecting by tearsandholdme

(7,045 I Mature I Complete)

Where Stiles is pregnant with a werewolf baby and decides to tell Derek in the most creative ways possible.
It doesn’t exactly go as planned.

The Adventures of a Pregnant Werewolf Series by Macyown5

(total of 10,643 I General-Teen Probably Complete)

He bent down and kissed and nipped at his neck as he let out a simple “Hey beautiful.”
Derek snorted. “More like fat piglet than beautiful.”
Or the one where Derek is pregnant with his and Stiles first child and it’s super fluffy and adorable.

Stilinski-Hale Family Series by castiel52

(total of 15,884 I Teen-Mature I Probably Complete)

Fuck. That was the only thing running through Stiles mind as he stared, wide eyed, at the pregnancy test (which shouldn’t have worked for him in the first place because, hello, he’s a dude?). But there, right there is a freaking positive.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (A Litter of Sourwolf Puppies) by Brego_Melon_Nin

(17,422 I Explicit I Complete) 

The Sheriff sighs and plops down in a chair opposite his son.
“Stiles, I’m going crazy here. We need to get you to a doctor. You sleep like you’re trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, and your eating habits are bizarre! You vomit around the clock and for some reason only the tea your mother used when she was pregnant will get your stomach to settle down for any length of time. Is there something you aren’t telling me? Can werewolves get guys pregnant? I’ve noticed how you look at that Hale kid-”
Stiles meeps and flails, sloshing tea down his front. Luckily it’s not scalding anymore, but still hot, so he jumps up and wrenches his shirt off.
“God, dad, no! Guys can’t get pregnant, that’s ridiculous, it’s like…”
“Like werewolves being real?” his dad questions, deadpan.

Wolf Pack Series by RivanWarrioress

(total of 28,101 I Teen-Mature I WIP I Alpha/Beta/Omega)

Stiles is heavily pregnant with Derek’s pups, and is both looking forward to and dreading their arrival. Takes place in an AU where Scott died pre season 1, Danny and Stiles are best friends, and Isaac, Jackson and Lydia don’t exist. You’ll figure it out.

Mr. Sourwolf and Family Series by LPM

(total of 31,476 I Teen-Explicit I Probably Complete)

Derek Hale is unaccustomed to children… or, where Stiles has a kid and Derek doesn’t know what to do with himself when he falls in love.

Mr. Mom Series by FirreFlys

(total of 37,742 I General-Teen I WIP)

“Yeah. It’ll be great. I can take naps and catch up on what is on tv these days. I can do this for a bit. And we’ll save some cash on day care. It’ll only be a month or so.” Derek kisses Stiles back and the two turnout the lights and go to sleep.
or the one where Derek gets fired and he ends up becoming a stay at home dad.

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours by tearsandholdme

(87,383 I Mature I Complete)

“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I’m a walking cliché!”
It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor’s appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good night.

I’m With You Til The End by tearsandholdme

(106,587 I Mature I Complete) 

Stiles has a secret and a choice. Derek is the one to step in and become the salvation he never knew he needed.

Enjoy (and thanks again to ScruffySterek!)!

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Most people think that red wine is required with cheese. This is a misconception. Each cheese has its own personality and each wine has its own personality. I have listed my own recommendations and posted numerous wine pairing infographics from the internet here. Some agree with my pairings, some don’t. I would love to hear which rules you find most suitable.

Infographic by WineFolly

so you’re telling me that kaisoo isn’t real


i also bump foreheads with my best friend when we’re happy

and comfort them with very intimate hugs

(that work magic)

there is also nothing gay about holding another man’s hand in public


was the arm touching neccessary kyungsoo

oh but jongin is doing the same

nevermind then

oh hey theres something on your lip here let me wipe it off for you and oh how do i know this?? definitely not because i stare at you all day every day

 just best friends casually cuddling in disneyland

finding each other’s eyes across the fucking stage 

isnt that sweet

i love you in the most heterosexual way

eyy lil mama lemme whisper in yo ear (and have my lips touch your skin ofc)

but the conclusion is

you are right

kaisoo isn’t gay for each other at all

You know one of the things that I loved most about AOU?

-The dynamic between the Maximoff twins and Ultron. Especially when Pietro was telling Ultron about what happened to them when they were young, and how Ultron was emoting sympathy while he was processing all that information. It was sweet. And then when Ultron tells Wanda ,”Don’t do this,” on the train I really believed that he cared for her well being, and that he didn’t want her to get hurt. And don’t even get me started on Wanda and Ultron’s last scene together.

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You know what I love about you the most, Cap? You never talk to your fans like your above them & you always seems so grateful. I love seeing you get the praise you deserve because I don't think you realize just how talented a lot of us feel you are. It baffles me how you don't seem to think you're one of the most popular writers in the fandom. This is why I really think you are. The best writers are the one who don't really know how great they are. Please always stay this humble. <3

I don’t even know how to properly reply to this, but to say thank you so much, this really means a lot to me, omg <3 I’ve been having a lot of moments tonight where I wish I could see all of you in person so I could just hug the shit out of everyone here xD And even though - I’m sorry, I’m really not trying to be an argumentative shit, nor am I looking for the reassurance haha - I still have to respectfully disagree about being in the “most popular Stucky authors” group, I really do appreciate each and every one of you who reads my stories, or follows me on here, or messages me (even though I’m a trash asshole who still hasn’t chipped away at my 2k+ Inbox messages nearly as much as I’ve really wanted to :S so again, I am SO SORRY if you’ve messaged me and it’s been forever and you’ve still yet to hear back). 

Please know, everyone, that I read every single message/comment people send me, and honestly, with everything that’s been going on over the last four months or so, this fandom has been probably the second biggest thing that’s been helping me get by at ALL (the first obviously being my mom <3). You great people have been motivating me constantly when I’m at my lowest, and writing Steve and Bucky is pretty much the only sense of purpose I have these days (though my meds have been sort of fucking with that lately… :S But I managed to get SOME work on chapter 9 of After Hours done today, which is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than I’ve been able to do in weeks, and according to shanology, it apparently isn’t coming out as shitty as I feel it is xD)…

Sorry, I went on a tangent. I do that a lot, ugh. My point is, I really appreciate you taking the time to send me this, and for reading anything I’ve ever written, and I love you. <3

It’s insane knowing how much you feel for someone. how much love you have for them. No words, no actions, can show it. In your head, it eats you alive because you want them to know how much love you have. When I say I’m in love, I mean I’m head over heels in love with her. Every inch of her is perfection to me. I could look at her for days, months, years. I want to stand by her side through everything. I want to show her I love her daily. I’ve never felt a feeling like this, a love this strong. I can promise you it is the most terrifying thing. I love her for exactly who she is, as she is, always. I want to scream it to the world, I want to scream it to the universe. I want to put a ring on her finger. I want to wake up next to her, make her breakfast, sip on coffee together. I want to have tiny humans with her. I want her. She is love. 

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Do you like the Beatles? If so, favorite song?

My dad likes the Beatles like I like Pokemon, so I was really raised on it and it’s very much comfort music for me. There’s not a lot everyone in my family can agree on, but every single one of us loves the Beatles. It’s hard to pick a favorite song. My favorite of all time is probably All My Lovin, but a couple others I love are Follow The Sun, She Loves You, Hold Me Tight and Hey Jude. Really I love most of them. Could sing along to any Beatles song :)

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better
I was tagged by starryurie
Name: spencer 
Time and date: 6:18pm, May 3
Average hours of sleep at night: 6 hours
Last thing I googled: the 1975 songs 
Nickname: Spence or weeb trash
Birthday: Sept 16
Gender: transboy
Sexual orientation: gAY
Height: 4'10"
Favourite colour: electric baby blue idk how else to describe it
One place that makes me happy: downtown
How many blankets I sleep under: three
Favourite movie: rocky horror 
What I am wearing right now: tank top and shorts that are definitely not dress code but I’ve never been yelled at for wearing them
Last book I read: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (heart eyes emoji) 
Most used phrases: yo, I love you, and omg
What I last said to a family member: “you’ve already had like 5 pieces you need to stop” (@my brother abt pizza)
Favourite beverages: Shirley temples and sprite
Favorite food: pizza and chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese omg I’m like 7 shut up
Last movie I watched: rocky horror 
Dream vacation: big city somewhere 
Dream wedding: nah
Dream pets: dogs. doGS. DOGS. and cats.
Dream job: English prof

I’m tagging: all-time-jalex-321
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Custom Sunday! \o/

By pathos (funding slots!) | Basing by Ryou & coloring by Braxiatel | By Obi

Yes I love horns especially ram horns why do you ask

My three most recent completed commissions! I have… /checks 3 more private commissions and 2 GCC tickets in the queue (for more soli, of course)! I certainly cannot compete with all of Pony’s gorgeous lepus, but… I’m still extremely pleased, hehe. Sadly I’m broke right now, though, so I have to work on saving up before I can get more. But hey, if you’re an artist that would be interested in making a GCC-level soli (or, hell, any soli I guess xD), you should let me know (msg me @ 166, reblog/post here, etc) so when I finally have funds again I can hit you up! o/ PS, all of these artists are amazing, especially because they all put up with me and my indecisiveness <3

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you've been my inspiration for many years! over 4 now, at least. i love seeing your artwork progress, you've improved so. you are a most talented person, your art is going to take you good places. really proud of you and just wanted to say thanks

this is so sweet…..thank you so much!!


Okay peopleeeeeeeeeeeee, so these are my favourites:














I love you all, your blogs are totally amazing and you’re the most wonderful people i’ve know here. You can check my favourite’s page here

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barrison for the ship meme!!!

Oh you do realize I love you right? Thanks!

my otp babbies!!

Who is the most affectionate?

Both, they are both so so obvious with their affection they can’t even hide it at all.

Big spoon/Little spoon?
Harrison is the little spoon and Barry is the big spoon (Harrison knows that Barry thinks he’s the weaker one so he lets him be protective of him)

Most common argument?
Who is more obsessed with the other

Favorite non-sexual activity?
Barry listening to Harrison in his earpiece while he’s helping people while being the Flash (and when Harrison starts speaking lower than normal)

Who is most likely to carry the other?
Barry holds him and Harrison just laughs internally about the situation

None, but after the 3rd time of them sleeping together Harrison finally tells him that he doesn’t have to call him Dr.Wells in the bedroom.

Who worries the most?
Barry thinks he’s worries the most, but Harrison is the one who has to worry that this crazy kid that he somehow fell in love with won’t ruin his own future somehow.

Who tops?
Barry, but it drives Harrison insane because he just wants to flip them both over and have at it at Barry’s ass.

Who initiates kisses?
Depends on the situation, Barry kisses Harrison for romantic reasons and Harrison kisses Barry if Barry seems like he needs to be comforted.

Who wakes up first?
Harrison, he stays in bed next to Barry to watch him for a few hours and think “How the hell did I end up in bed with you of all people?”

Who says I love you first?
Harrison, to comfort Barry at some point and to show him that he really did care about Barry (and saying it surprised even himself because he was actually telling the truth).

When I was younger I was told that the person you love would
be the most wonderful person you would meet.
Waking up to their face every day
would the best thing that could ever happen.
They would be your best friend,
Be with you through the highs and lows,
Your confidant, and your lover.
They will understand your pauses,
Will hear you in the silence,
Will aimlessly drive around with you,
Will laugh at the world with you,
And understand past mistakes.
They will watch you play with the rain
And know exactly how you take your coffee,
But know that on Sundays you only like to drink tea,
Will tell you it is okay if you want to order desert first,
With them there would be no judgment.
They will aimlessly walk around all day with you
Because no moment is ever a waste,
They will understand that sometimes you just have to weep
And will know your inner most secrets
Will know that bookstores feel like home to you
understand that sometimes you need to be alone,
A sentiment not of loneliness, but of comfort to you.
They will take you for who you are.
They will always be there;
They will grow old with you, die with you and never not love you.

But, they never told me that the person,
I would fall madly and unexpectedly in love with should be myself.

Do you love yourself?

—  Script for You Are Not in Love (https://youtu.be/WuKJt8n0w1A) by Wendy Perez