Okay is anyone else NOT getting notifications of being mentioned in posts? It’s not even in my activities page. It doesn’t matter if I’m mentioned first in the post, if I’m mentioned in the middle of the post, or if I’m mentioned in the end of it. Seriously the only reason I even realize I’ve been mentioned lately is because of the tracked tags or I happen to see it when I’m scrolling through my dash.

So if you’ve mentioned me and I don’t reply, I promise it’s not because I don’t want to or because I’m ignoring you. It’s because Tumblr isn’t telling me when I’m being mentioned. -_-


Hey guys! So ummm, I reached 201 followers……?!?

First of all, thank you soo much! I’ve made a lot of really good friends here on tumblr and it makes me so happy to know that I have you guys here. And thank you for giving me space on your dashboards!! You’re all sweethearts and I hope I can get to know more of you! SO if we haven’t talked yet, come say ‘hi’ and tell me some stuff about yourself! And if we have talked before, come say ‘hi’ anyway! :D Just know that your tags, messages, likes and reblogs, and beautiful souls make my day!!

This is my first follower appreciation post because, even though I wanted to do this before (when I reached 10 followers, 20 followers, 50, 100, 150, etc…), but I didn’t know what to do to thank you guys..! And, to be honest, I still don’t know what to do.. Ideas, anyone? Aha. I’ll be thinking about it though, because I want to do something nice for you guys!

So thank you, all you lovely people, for gracing me with your presence!! ^-^

what is this and why am i tearing?

found this on twitter. it said this is an old post on weibo’s translation from the mama era.

i really did not know about nini, chanyeol and yixing. 

this explains chanyeol’s squinting eyes in many fantaken pictures. i feel so bad. my poor poor baek and soo T_T

this is one is for you guys, squad ❤️

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A friendly reminder to all otherkins

You’re beautiful and powerful, and your identity is 100% valid. You deserve every ounce of respect as anybody else, and don’t let anyone try to bring you down.

You’re all awesome. Be proud of who you are!