Avatar AU! Waterbender ( Avatar ) Zayn, and firebender Liam.

This is my part of me and naharreh's art trade! She asked me to draw Liam and Zayn as benders after we discussed headcanons, so here's my share, hope you like it cutie  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

She will draw the other three, and this is definitely not the last time i’ve drawn this, god.

On February 1st, 1994. A new life came to the world without realising how he was going to meet four strangers who ended up meaning more than brothers in his life; how his name would be printed on tons copies of magazines; how many people were eager to meet him; how his band members and him were going to break piles of records; how he was going to change the world, and so many people’s lives. On February 1st, 2014. He leaves a farewell message to his teenage life and starts his new journal. Happy 20th birthday, Harry Edward Styles. Thanks for making me happy, thanks for teaching me things I never think about as a teenager, thanks for being incredible, thanks for changing my life.


Rest in Peace Ava Lavinia Gardner

(December 24th, 1922 - January 25th, 1990)

"She was fresh and funny, so beautiful it hurt your eyes to look at her."

-Rosemary Clooney

"She was very nice and of course very beautiful, with a wonderful sexy voice and an extraordinary way of moving, like a cat."

-Jack Cardiff

"She was straightforward, honest, terrific person. People underestimated her all the time. She was not only one of the most beautiful women you ever laid your eyes on but she was also smart about many things and had an instinctive knowledge of what was good for her—except when it came to men! She was one of those people who broke the rules all the time. Spontaneous. A real child of nature. She was a straightforward person who did whatever she wanted."

-Marge Champion

"As an actress she was rather nervous. She did not have great faith in her talent, actually. And I think she was a much better actress than she was given credit for, but I think she had a problem in that her beauty was so distracting to people you couldn’t concentrate on her performance. I have never known anyone so beautiful. A totally beautiful, perfect figure and face, whatever she was doing, or whatever clothes she was wearing, totally, absolutely lovely. And she moved so beautifully had an instinctive gracefulness, fascinating to watch. She was very talented in many ways."

-Sheila Sim