my mom was the first person to teach me about love. she talked to me about what love is, what love i deserved, how to love myself, how to see when i’m not being loved. 

it still floors me that a woman who came from nothing, a woman who herself was abused growing up, and mistreated by men, that a woman like that could grow to be a woman with so much love. a lot of the love i have in me, is her love. a lot of the love i pour into other people, that’s her love.

i grew up and continued to define love for myself. but most of what i learned about love came at the hands of my mother, who gives more love than she ever recieved

When people think of rolls they scrunch up their nose. They get uncomfortable and squirm. But not me, not anymore. I work every day to love myself more than the last day and though some days prove to be hard it’s so worth trying each day. I am in a great place with my confidence and self image. I am worth the love i have for myself.

It’s 4am and I just got back from my cousin’s wedding. We grew up in the same house, learnt how to climb trees and play football and wrestle together, teased each other mercilessly and just generally were more siblings than cousins. It made me so happy to see how widely he was smiling today as he married the woman he loves. We are not the sort who say sappy things to each other AT ALL. I don’t remember the last time I told him I loved him or he said it to me. But today I couldn’t help myself, I whispered in his ear as we were taking the picture and reminded him of a day 20 years ago when he was bored and wanted to play, but I was reading, and he threw my book out of the window. I told him I loved him then and I loved him now. He looked at me with such love and contentment. 

I am so full of joy and love that I feel like I can’t breathe. I want to scream to let it out! I danced like crazy and everyone was doing the Arabic ululation at me (hard to describe if you’re not Arab unfortunately). I feel so blessed. Thank God for days like today.

Sidenote: I wish I could share with all of you what my hair looks like today. I am in full Arab mode, it’s hilarious and awesome.

I haven’t listened to a lot of Andrew WK, but I am a fan of his hair. I’m now a fan of his brain too. AWK runs a weekly advice column at the Village Voice, and last week, he got this question:

     I have a lovely girlfriend who makes significantly more money than I do, and I find this situation aggravating and stressful. She and I live together, and the kitchen is now “my domain.”
     I know that love conquers all, but how do I be “the man” when I consistently find myself relying on her?
     Your friend, T

Andrew WK proceeds to break it down for “T” (and for the rest of us) in the most spectacular of fashions:

     “The man” isn’t as valuable as “a man.” And “a man” realizes that in order to be a great man, he must be a good person first.
     In order to be a good person, he must respect his partner as a distinct and equal person, and not just an abstract identity attached to him, such as “my girlfriend,” “my woman,” or “my wife.”
     A truly good man must think of other people as unique beings of inherent value and greatness, capable of just as much greatness as himself. Rather than resent another’s greatness — especially the greatness of a loved one — a true man strives to encourage it.
     In recognizing someone else’s capacity for greatness, he may also see her become even greater than himself. Perhaps in ways that he didn’t expect. Perhaps in ways that defy social standards. Perhaps in ways that force him to look closely at his life and feel self-conscious and insecure. But rather than fear these feelings, the great man embraces them, for he realizes they’re opportunities to improve the quality of his soul, to loosen the strangling grip of his ego, and to free himself and others from unnecessarily stifling conventions.

The whole column is worth reading (and sharing with people you know)! Am I pleasantly surprised? Absolutely. Incidentally, now if Andrew WK is ever cast as Steve Trevor, I’ll know that it works perfectly.

My Love,

We are moving out of the house we built together before we got married. We are moving and I am, as usual, overly emotional. Here we have lived together as young do-it-yourselfers intent on turning this pit into a palace, with a family as charitable roommates to tiny, tyrannical two- and four-year-olds, with my sister as a married couple humbled by the chance to help our family, and as a man and woman working hard to foster a healthy marital relationship. I have watched you build, tinker, and create—rooms, chests, meals, romance, love, and on and on—and have spent more time than you’d believe reminding myself that I am worthy of such an amazing man. You have filled my heart and my life in ways I had never imagined possible, and for that I cannot thank you enough. I am incredibly excited to move forward, but I need you to know how deeply in love I am with our past and present. More importantly, I have to know that you feel my love in your bones now and always.

With Everything,
Blue Eyes

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ship with: Gray, Cana

friendship them with: Gajeel, Cana(again), Erza, Lucy, Levy, Evergreen, Wendy, Meredy…(very long list)

general opinions: 

I love Juvia, she’s a precious bae. That girl deserve more love than she get. She’s my second favorite female character. She’s a deep and complicated person, and she deserve someone to truly love her.

To be honest, I see lot of myself in her. I’m a Pisces, and I have the headcanon Juvia is a Pisces too. We’re both very emotional people with deep feelings and complicated minds.

I dislike the fact the animation make Juvia look only like Gray’s fangirl. She’s a strong and independent woman. She’s not just a fangirl. I just love her.

Juvia was alone in the most of her life, and the most people around her hated her for bringing the rain. And then Gray appeared in the picture and changed everything for Juvia. She was able to see the blue sky and the shining sun, she was free.

And that’s why Juvia loves Gray, because he saved her. She isn’t crazy or obsessed with Gray. She’s just in love with the man who showed her how beautiful the world is. I hate when people call Juvia crazy or creepy, because she isn’t. That girl deserve to be loved, and seeking her so sad in the last chapters broke my heart

                       “I don’t love men
                                                  who love other woman. 
                                                                     I think more of myself than that”

                                             I.  II.  III.  IV.  V.  VI. VII.

30 Days

It’s been 30 days since we decided that our union could go to a very sacred place.

The entire 60 days knowing you has taught me that genuine love comes from a genuine heart, despite time.

I’ve never felt more beautiful with anyone (except myself) than I have with anyone else.

You let me be weak. You let me be human. You let me be myself. And I love you for it. I love you for reminding me that I am gorgeous despite my pain. And I love you for loving even the ugliest parts of me.

I thank you for accepting the whole of me. I love you boomboommountian93

You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever. I offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own than when you almost broke it, eight years and a half ago. Dare not say that man forgets sooner than woman, that his love has an earlier death. I have loved none but you.
—  Persuasion, Jane Austen
woman : I’ve started actually to feel more sorry for Bunny’s parents.
Donna Tartt : Are you a parent yourself?
woman : Now I am of course a parent myself so…
Donna Tartt : Well then that’s why. [laughs]
woman : …So looking at it now they’re much more cruel than I had first thought. Do you now feel more sympathy for Bunny’s parents?
Donna Tartt : No. [audience laughs]

I’ve never truly been a daddy’s girl but every single time I need him, he’s there for me. Every single time I’ve tripped and fallen flat on my face, he’s been there to pick me right up and remind me to keep moving forward stronger than ever. He’s been there for every achievement, failure and heartbreak. He reminds me that I’m a strong independent woman and that I only need myself to become the person I want to become & for that and many more things, I love and appreciate this man very much. He’s an amazing human being and a much more amazing father. But better yet, he’s the greatest daddy I could’ve ever asked for. Happy 50th birthday, daddy. I love you so much. ❤️

like i love this woman (my mom) more than life itself but she is the most emotionally and physically draining person to be around

no, you’re not always right

i dont even have the spoons or the motivation to get dressed or go to school what the fuck makes you think i can sit there and clean consistently for several hours

i literally want to kill myself constantly but its ok lol just send me on errands and scream at me and switch between loving me and being completely hateful/ abusive or even apathetic to me lol that doesnt damage me at all

In my mind’s eye, I look at that twenty-year-old, and I tell her that which I still tell myself today—Make it your heart’s vision to be more in love with Jesus when you’re thirty (or thirty-two) than you are right now at twenty. Make Him your consistent pursuit, and reach to grow in love, more and more, with each passing decade… yes, until you’re that fiery gray-haired woman whose heart has stayed steady through the years, and who is more in love with Jesus now than in all her days gone by.
—  Kinsey Thurlow

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Callie smiled so wide  it  nearly  cracked  her  face. “Arizona,
she’s —- she’s everything. She’s the love  of  my  life. I  don’t
know what  I  would  do  without  her  and  our  family.  There
was a time when I thought falling  in  love  wasn’t  worth  the
trouble and then she kissed me in  Joe’s  bathroom  and…it
was like taking your first breath. She makes  me  laugh  and
smile and happier than I’ve ever been. We just balance  one
another, you  know? Arizona  taught  me  how  to  love  again —
she taught me how to love myself again and she makes me
better. Plus, she’s given me two amazing, beautiful  children
that I love  more than life  itself. That,  alone,  makes  her  the
most amazing, stunning, perfect  woman in the world. We’ve
been though so  much  together  and  I  wouldn’t  change  a
single moment of it for anything because it’s  just  made  us

This is the man I’m in love with. We are each other’s first real love, we respect each other, take care of each other, we are each other’s advisor in everything from life to financial, we make decisions together, we’ve made plans for OUR future together. We’ve talked about me converting into a Muslim woman because we know this is gonna be more than a relationship one day and because I love him, all of him. And I love his family. I want to have a son like him because he makes me so proud with everything he does. He takes care of me in a way no one has, I am reminded of how strong and beautiful I am every day this man prays for me every Friday and believes in me when I don’t have any faith in myself.. He’s the smartest man besides my father that I know.
So to that anon who said I would give into my ex, you are so very wrong.

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If you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (positivity is cool)! :D Love you, Jess~!

Love you, Mel!! (sn: cant wait to see you all next friday! We gone party and get fucked up!!!)

1.) I love my sense of protectiveness. I am protective of my friends. Especially one’s younger or a bit more sensitive than me.

2.) I love my independence. I come from strong, prideful black women whom worked hard, and I can only hope I become 1/2 the woman they were, but more still remain true to myself.

3.) I love how open minded I am. I come from very one side immediate family members, but lately I can see some of my openness has rubbed off on some people.

4.) I love my hair. I get relaxers, but regardless its my hair. I nurture and take care of it because I have so much pride in my hair. Its the one thing I feel confident in. I know there’s the whole “I am not my hair thing” but if your hair and the things you do to it makes you feel confident, roll with it. Own it!

5.) I love my blackness. Self Explanatory.