Real friendship, whether reinforced with spiritual camaraderie or not, does not count the cost. Real friendship is love effused. While love itself can be one-way (I can love you regardless of how you treat me), friendship necessarily is two-way. Friendship is about growing together towards greater unity, not trying to earn favor while hiding your own pain. Friendship is not feeling like you are a burden or that you and your friend are on separate levels.
—  thedeathofmyredlizard, from this post

I love this episode. The Doctor and Donna just have so much banter from the second they see each other, I just love their friendship. Donna is the best. 

Also Rose’s cameo still shocks me every time (feels).

Also, Adipose are so cute. I want one.

“people spend too much time looking at their phones” translates to “i have absolutely no difficulties existing comfortably in social situations at all and also i dont think we as people can form intimate and supportive and loving friendships and relationships with others online. i am also afraid of technology and i hate fun”

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a, d, e, g, n, r, y

A. Am I in love? Um… 

D. I have a preference for being awesome. Boy or girl doesn’t usually matter, but I currently have a boyfriend, so. 


G. I last said “I love you” to my mom, probably, or Elliot after I scolded him for tackle-hugging me. (Completely platonic– it’s friendship love)

N. I try to treat my friends well. Friends, verify this. 

R. 10 of my curiosities! Aliens, conspiracy theories, love, World War II, WHETHER OR NOT LEO FREAKING TELLS PIPER AND JASON HE’S ALIVE BECAUSE GODDAMN IT RICK RIORDAN, space, magic/witchcraft in medieval times, prophecies, art and different styles, humanity. 

Y. Eh. My town’s okay. I wish I lived in a city or the country, rather than the in-between place. 

The Yes-and-No Relationship

“Yes, there are butterflies but no, there is no title.”

I have read something saying that love and friendship are not that far from each other, they only vary in the level of romance. so why bother with the titles, right? Apparently, the title sets rules and limitations. But due to our critical minds and us, complicating things in life,  we unintentionally develop ideas and things to supply our thoughts and make them a little legit. 

Now, what is this crazy-looking Yes-and-No Relationship? Do you know that little space caused by two same poles repelling each other? Being in this kind of relationship feels like you have that uneasy space. Though we have different reasons that cause this space, what is obvious is that the two poles can neither completely be together nor separate (because two poles won`t repel if you`re not trying to put both sides together so basically, they are inseparable). 

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yknow what i love that needs more representation

queer people with platonic friendships with other queer people

yes i would do anything to kiss you again but more importantly you’re incredible and one of my best friends and i love everything about you and would rather die than mess up our friendship because it is one of my favourites and that is more important than anything else