To be old and wise one must first be young and stupid
I ruin everything. I ruin anything potentially good for me. I ruin relationships. I ruin friendships. I ruin lives. I am a burden, a waste. I don’t have any purpose here. Why am I still here? It hurts so fucking much. I want to stop talking…stop thinking…stop breathing. I just can’t do it anymore.
—  I am a coward, I’m pathetic. // 9:47

You will meet some people that you will want to make a home out of. you will want to hang the paintings of your life up on the corners of their heart and you will want to use their hands as your foundation, holding you up and supporting you when the raging storms come.

but they may not always be able to be home. sometimes, all they can be is a door. a walkway that is small and brief, but can lead you into a new chapter of life. when i was 16, my mom told me that not everyone is meant to stay, we must allow them to leave. allow them to be free. because we can loiter in the walkway as long as we please but they will never be home. they are only a door. you must walk past them- embracing the beginnings they have created for you but also accepting that they cannot stay very long. their company is brief. they are only doors.

thank you for being my door. thank you for welcoming me into brighter lights and showing me new things. thank you for being wonderful; even if it was, only for, a short amount of time.

—  Appreciate people while you have them.
I”m tired of feeling like I’m too much. Like I care too much. Like I drink too much. Like I love too much. Like I’m sad too much. Like I break too much. Like I push people away too much. Like I question everything too much. Like I fuck up too much. Like I fall in love too much. Like I blame myself too much. Like I eat too much. Like I feel alone too much. I just want someone to tell me, “You’re not too much for me to handle. You’re not too little. You’re perfect for me.” I wanna stop overflowing, I wanna just be. I want to feel wanted. I want to stop choosing people that try to fill their holes with pieces of me, because I’ll never fit right. I want someone who just wants me to be me.
—  I’m tired of collapsing


Mako and Ami watching Usagi out of the corner of their eye, obviously not sure what to do. I can’t imagine Mako hasn’t tried hugging. I feel, in fact, completely confident that the day began with Mako basically being Usagi’s chair in class as she just sat Usagi in her lap and kept hugging her. It was only after the teacher’s increasingly forceful threats leading to Usagi’s insistence that she didn’t want Mako to get in trouble for her (USAGI CANNOT HANDLE MORE PEOPLE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF HER RIGHT NOW) that they were sitting in separate desks in the earlier shot.

But if hugging doesn’t work, and all the sincere and emphatic “It’ll be okay!”ing doesn’t work, Mako’s not sure what to do. It’s particularly hard when her mind’s so occupied with the WANT to make it better that there’s not much room left for planning.

Ami, of course, is with everyone else, wanting to cheer Usagi up. Her solution though, you guys. HER SOLUTION IS THE MOST PERFECT AMI SOLUTION. You can practically see her thought process.

"Okay, what makes Usagi-chan happy? Being with us, but we’re here, and she’s still sad. Hugs, but Mako-chan’s been doing that, and if a Mako-chan hug isn’t working then no hug will. Mamoru-san, but he isn’t here, and the letters/phone calls they’re surely already exchanging haven’t been enough either. What would be the next— Yes, that’s it! FOOD."

So Ami lies. Ami smoothly and perfectly makes up a story about Crown having a new cake menu, which would normally turn Usagi into a  quivering mass of excitement just at the mere suggestion. AMI LIES SO PERFECTLY EVERYONE AND WE NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT



Even here, when Mako is trying so so hard to figure out how to make Usagi happy, and Ami dangles the answer right in front of Mako’s nose, MAKO STILL DOESN’T SEE IT.

Then when she does, she’s a stammering mess trying so hard to play along and being so awful at it, because Mako you are all that is good in the world and don’t you ever change even a tiny bit except to become real so that I may hug you and be hugged in return.

We are best friends off set and it’s great being able to work with him, we have so much fun on set! And I really think (actually I know) our off-screen relationship has helped me with the Connor/Jude emotional scenes. I’ve said it before, but really we don’t have to act like we care about each-other on screen, we really do, and that definitely translates on screen.
—  Gavin MacIntosh on working with Hayden Byerly (JustJaredJr.com Interview)

WOMEN’S APPRECIATION WEEK [day 2]: Favorite Female Driven Show

Pretty Little Liars

"You think the truth is some big shiny disco ball of purity? Then go ahead and try it. Be honest, see where it gets you."

I’m doing okay without you but I’m not my complete self as well. Without even trying, I’ll catch myself reminiscing to others about all the stupid fun stuff we ever did; laughing as I tell the story then secretly fade my smile to frown. Missing you always & I hope your doing better than great… you deserve to.


In less than a week, dudeshesgay will be moving to Arizona. That is six hours and fifty-six minutes from where I live. I will forever be six hundred and thirty miles away from one of my best friends. From one of the biggest impacts in my life. I have been putting this aside, shoving it to the back of my mind, keeping it at arm’s length from my heart. But when it comes right down to it, this hurts. With every passing day, I realize how much closer it is for your time to leave. It hurts more than just a broken friendship because I know that life goes on and I just don’t want it to. I know that she will start school, find a job, find her circle of people. I’ll finish enlisting in the United States Navy, be sent to basic training for roughly two months, finish my degree, change jobs. I know that with time, this friendship will fade because that’s just how long-distance works. Life continues even when you try to slow it down.

No more seeing each other walk through the doors for our shifts and being overly-ecstatic that we get to be a couple of shitheads together for 8 hours. No more staying around in the parking lot after work to talk for 3 hours. No more late-night drives together. No more driving around, singing and talking about everything and anything and all the in-between. No more hang outs with friends at the movies to see a crap movie. No more dinners at 2:00am. No more driving around downtown LBK and checking out hole-in-wall pizza joints. No more driving out in to the middle of nowhere and seeing if our cars can hit 115mph. No more looking at my phone and seeing 127 selfies that were taken without my knowing. No more laughing until we are literally crying, falling on the floor. No more shifts together. No more anything together.

We have been through hell and back, more than once. I have said hurtful things, you have said hurtful things. We have broken each other’s hearts and ripped each other apart. We have made each other cry and made each other so mad that we can’t see straight. But we always came back and have been there when no one else would. We have always been right beside each other when things got bad. We have been the best of friends that we could. We have been the shoulder that we needed. We have been the ear that listened. We have been through thick and thin, hand in hand. I am so happy that you are finally putting the pieces of your life together and figuring these things out. If anything, you deserve to be happy and have structure. You deserve to feel okay and feel like the things around you are working out. You have the whole world in your hands and you know what you need and don’t need for yourself. I just want you to know that I am always here. Even though we are miles apart, I am just a call or text away. Just a stupid snapchat or tumblr pm away. No matter how big or how little something may be, I am here. Any time of the day or night, I am here. If you need to vent, rant, cry, not say barely anything, I am here. I am always and always will be here. I love you.

Always remember: I have an orange peanut. *for meeeee?* 

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Since Leliana takes the chocolates that Maevaris Tilani sends her, I like to imagine that she has quite the sweet tooth.

Josephine and Leliana have a secret stash of sweets somewhere in Skyhold. It mainly consists of chocolates sent to the inquisition by various nobles, and maybe even a few of the pastries/breads that the cooks make. 

Maker help the poor soul that may accidentally stumble upon it and eat some of the food. 

On May 19th 2014 

Something amazing happened. This beautiful girl came into my life. Im not really good with words, so hopefully this will be okay. and yes, this is quite early to post this, since our anniversary is like 2 months away, BUT I JUST COULDN’T WAIT :) Okay well here goes it. Ever since we first started talking, I knew you & I would make fast friends. We pretty much have everything in common. (Which is fantastic.) We both have a huge obsession with cats & mozzarella sticks, so if that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is. You are honestly one of the funniest people I know, and you never fail to put a smile on my face.Whenever I’m feeling down, you’re always there for me, even if you live miles away. And I know sometimes you don’t believe you make me happy, or maybe you feel that I’m not really interested but trust me, I am. Everything about you interests me. I mean, just seeing your name pop up on my phone makes me smile. It’s absolutely CRAZY that we have been friends for a year! It only feels like just yesterday, you were in my ask box saying hi. I feel like we’ve grown to be the bestest friends, and it can sometimes make sad that I can’t just come over to your house so that we can scroll on tumblr together, or cuddle & watch movies. (But hey, summer is coming very soon, and you know what that means!!!!) I honestly can’t wait to meet you, I’m literally getting so excited just thinking about it!!!! (I CAN’T WAIT TO HUG YOU) ANYWAYS. I just really want to say - thank you. Thank you, for being you. Thank you for putting up with me as well, ahaha. I know there are days where you feel like you are worth nothing, or you feel really sad… and I know I say this all the time to you, but you are so perfect, in every way possible. I know you may not believe me, which is fine, but you really are. You are so amazing, gorgeous, talented, perfect, creative, brilliant… THE LIST GOES ON. Anyways, I’m guessing I should rap this up, because it’s getting quite long. But I just need you to know, that I really really adore you Cate. And you are so so important to me. And I can’t wait for what’s to come next with our friendship. 

I love you Cate, and I hope you liked this, idk, kdjhjskhgjksdhf ok cool, k, awesome. yeah. <3