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I’ve sort of had a disconnect with my muse as of late. I don’t know what it is about the Magic!Anon but it’s been wreaking absolute havoc on my writing ability for this blog and writing my muse. So I think I’ll be cancelling Miku’s and Luka’s unfortunately and retcon-ing the posts, as well as a couple of other posts (Don’t worry just a few) that I believe have been hindering my ability to write for her. I’ll be putting this blog on a little hiatus for a just a little while to get my muse back and I’ll be coming back to it with a fresh start. ^^ I love this blog, this blog is my baby and I am constantly thinking of things for it. Characterization is just super important to me, and there are a few things I would like to approach differently. Mostly, I want this blog (and Miku) to give people the same good feelings and positive vibes that I get from Vocaloid and I feel like I’ve strayed from that a bit. 

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*The blog will be on hiatus for a little while, and I’m gonna be working on stuff in the background and I’m not sure how long it’ll take me. I’ll still be lurking around and trying to be an active follower to those blogs I follow though!

*The Ask box will be closed during this time, but the submissions, my mod blog, and my ask.fm will still be open if you need to contact me

*No longer useable asks will be deleted unfortunately, but I will keep the ones I still have ideas for!

* I’m gonna be cleaning up and stuff will probably be moving around. Since the Magic Anon ask posts and a few others will no longer be considered canon. I’ll be moving them over HERE so if you can’t find a post that you like that’s where it’ll probably be.

*My 01 Miku muse might change a few things about her slightly when I return but she’ll stay the same for the most part c:

god, they love steven so much. it doesnt  have to make sense, it can be one of those weird human things they dont understand, but theyll do whatever it takes to be his parents and to be a rock for him like parents are and i just get so emotional about it. pearl’s meek little, how’s my volume? and garnet’s logic of “the more loud this is, the better steven will feel”. 


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Gabriel is on time out with TFW for misbehaving so no one is paying attention to him. He gets annoyed and says more and more disturbing things to get a rise out of someone and eventually slips and mentions that he's sleeping with Sam and that's how Dean finds out

NGL, “dean finding out” is always one of my favorite plot ideas, because I just love the all around reactions. I imagine it goes down kinda like

BUT THAT ASIDE. Gabriel’s definitely the ‘problem child’ who misbehaves for attention, and he never outgrows it. Ever. Sam starts learning to deal with it, and gets that whenever Gabriel does something really snarky and standoffish it means to give him lots of love. (A little too much love. Dean picks up on… wait a minute… you guys weren’t…. you’re not just… shit.)

Earlier in the day I’d typed “how to talk to someone with dementia” into Google. Experts suggested showing pictures. They said you shouldn’t argue with them, no matter how absurd the things they said. And, tell them you loved them. This gave me pause. Did I love Paulie? Was it possible to love someone you’d barely thought of in ten years, someone you’d so easily let slip from your life? What would it mean to love her? To love anyone? This sounds rhetorical, but it isn’t. Despite our cultural fixation on the idea of love, we have shockingly little consensus about the word: what does it mean? Is it a noun or a verb? What does it look like to love another?

Ladies’ code ; Ashley, Sojung, Zuny, EunB and Rise, I miss you so much. 
The little things in life are the happiest. Please, always remember these beautiful angels. Keep Eunbi and Risae in your heart and pray for a great, bright future for Ashley, Sojung and Zuny. Always love them like before, always pray for all of them and smile whenever you listen to their songs, don’t be sad. They are with us. Always will be.

let's talk steven universe

alright so this episode made me really uncomfortable with the amethyst / greg implications. 

i feel like, what if amethyst missed rose AND had a crush on Greg? like she loved Rose and kind of resented Greg for taking her away, but she was also jealous of Rose at the same time for having someone like Greg to love her so much? 

And so, once Rose was gone, imagine if Amethyst shape-shifting into Rose became like this complicated thing for both of them? Like they’d get together under the guise of watching Little Butler, but really there was some sort of strange “coping” that involved Amethyst becoming Rose so that she could “feel” close to her again / get close to Greg who would never love her in that way, and Greg missed Rose so much that he went along with it? 

I mean, I can’t get over the line where Amethyst is like, “Relax Greg, I’ve seen your junk before” and like sure it’s a throwaway link but it’s also a REALLY OBVIOUS INNUENDO 

and so imagine if Greg had a romantic or sexual history with Amethyst!Rose and that’s just very ??? and once they finally decided to stop doing that, it makes sense why Amethyst going back to that would hurt Greg now and why it would embarrass Amethyst to have Steven walk in on that 

It’s just all very messy. You can tell how much the gems are kind of a little infatutuated with each other, so all these different relationships between them leave so much to explore 

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whispers super late but iwaoi and 12 please ??

12. things you said when you thought I was asleep 

The door of Iwaizumi’s house creaks open and Oikawa is faintly aware that there is more than a single presence but the blanket wrapped around him smells like Iwaizumi (clean, a little bit like orange blossoms) and the couch is too comfortable for him to care. 

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I just want to preface this by saying; what the ever loving fuck?

Like, I know that horrendous breeding practices permeate almost every captive bred animal to some degree but this is just unholy. These poor white-tail bucks must be so uncomfortable with those deformed antlers. They don’t even look healthy which you can see in the bottom photo where the buck’s left antlers look concerningly discoloured. 

These bucks are owned by Wild Rivers Whitetails which I really know very little about so I’m not certain if their operation is a canned hunt but whatever it is, it’s likely ethically reprehensible. 


Okay well, I have been drifting off from some of my fandoms sadly and I need more of them in my dash! So like, if you happen to post any of these things please reblog so I can check your blog out and follow!

-Hetalia/2p Hetalia
-Doctor Who
-My Little Pony
-Attack on Titan
-Kingdom Hearts
-The Walking Dead
-Five Nights at Freddy’s
-Full Metal Alchemist

And other bonuses of stuff I love:

*Disney stuff
*Anime in general
*Cartoons in general

15.2.27 || to my dearest and sweetest little ricky:

HAPPY 3rd 21st BIRTHDAY MY SON!!! ♡AHH WASLKDASMDJ  I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE 21 STOP BUT YOU STILL LOOK LIKE YOU’RE 5 ITS AMAZING YOU’RE SO AMAZING!!!  i feel so incredibly bad i didnt make anything for your birthday;;~;;  but instead im just writing you  a lame cheesy letter along with posting the very first gif i ever made bc its of youuuuu !!! aka my most favorite person in the whole entire world !!!(人´∀`)♡  AND YES IF YOU MUST KNOW YOU’RE REALLY TURNING 3YEARS OLD OKAY I REFUS E TO BELIEVE YOU’RE 21 IM WEEPING ALREADY! Anyways, i hope you have an amazing day fill with lots of love and adoration bc you deserve it all! you are so very precious to me will always have a special place in my heart because you have brought so much joy into my life! i dont think you will ever know how much of a happier person you’ve made me. just watching a 30 second fancam of you puts the biggest smile on my face ugh i just love you so muchhh!!! im always so thankful for you. you have grown into such a handsome and wonderful young man even though you still have a face of a baby but that makes me love you even more c: i cant even describe how proud i am of you!!! you’ve improved tremendously over the years! its always such a joy to watch you perform bc you’re so full of passion and you give every performance 150%!!!! and when you sing it damn near brings tears to my eyes ;;; your voice and existence is too precious for words. i hope you know you are loved and appreciated by many bc you give angels so much life! you’re like the sunshine that comes after a rainstorm.. nothing but light and warmth (* ♡´艸` *)pls stay the way you are forever, just being your cute self! i wish you nothing but happiness and heath forever and ever. you are a happy virus i hope i will never get rid of! i will love and support you always and forever my sweet bb have an amazing day ! ♡

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Imagine Oliver meeting Asher, tho. 'Cause Oliver may be a little awkward but there's one thing he's good at: listening. And at first Asher thinks he's just doing it to use him or smthing, but Oliver is geniunely interested and very gentle when he reprimands him everytime he says smthing stupid and Asher listens 'cause, dude, it's OLIVER. Anyway, long story short, it escalates to a point where Asher just gets Oliver like really expensives gifts with "no homo" scrawled on the cards (inside joke)

OMG PLS. I’m with you all the way here. Even though Oliver and Asher are basically total opposites, Oliver would totally appreciate Asher’s blunt honesty. Plus, Asher seems like one of those friends who would always make sure you are having a good time. Like, Oliver’s kind of shy, but Asher would grab his arm and get him out on the dance floor with a hot guy. And Asher would love to have someone actually listen to the things he says and come to his parties, which Oliver would totally do. ;___; I really love Oliver and Asher as BFFs okay?

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I think it's important to make known to your kitten/little/middle anon that being little/etc means different things to different people. There is no formula. There is no "right way" to be a little, a kitten, or anything else. I identify as a kitten and a little. We don't, however, engage in pet play like leashes/etc. I have stuffed animals and love to color, but I don't do pacis or get spankings for discipline. I'll repeat - there is no "right way" to be a little.

*nod nod* Thank you.

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OK SO i have a smutty headcannon with Ben. I feel like Ben would be shy and like Peter when he meets someone he likes. But then in the bedroom... Thats when The Wade in him comes out xD I also feel like if he thinks his Dads are doing naughty things in the bedroom he'd yell through the door "Give it to him good Dad!(refering to Wade)" Peter would be mortified while Wade is like yeah! now thinkg about it thats so perverted but let's be honest... He's Wade's son xD im so sorry x)

HAHAHAHA OMG the part with shouting through the door is SO Ben! Omg i love it xD this is hilarious xD btw, he refers to Wade as Dad and to Peter as Pa or Papa (mostly when he was little or when he just acts like a child)

Ben acts super confident, goofs around with girls, trying to convince them he feels comfortable around them. While he’s just freaking out inside (though he does his best at convincing himself he’s totally okay), especially when it comes to girls he likes. Most of the time it works, but when it comes to bed, especially the first time… if it was a dude, he wouldn’t be SO nervous xD i mean, Wade would totally tell him what to do and how to do it, but since Ben is straight… and Wade did tell him about sex with girls and other things that Ben didn’t really want to hear, but you know Wade xD  still, super damn nervous

practice makes perfect though, when he finds the right girl, yeah, Wade’s traits would totally wake up in him after a few nights xD

AGHHHH because of that comic once again I was contaggied with Skywalker feels and now I want to draw several things but I just can’t with all of them like:

-Padmé combing Leia’s hair while telling her for 378629783 time how she recovered Naboo in the battle of Theed.

-Little Luke comforting a frustrated Anakin with a hug.

-Luke and Leia being telepathic twins and sharing secrets by only using their mind.

-Anakin flying like crazy with Teen!Luke and Leia on board, much to Padmé’s dismay.

-Padmé telling the twins to NOT use the Force choke thing in aggressive negotiations *glares at Anakin*

-Anakin trying to give advice Leia about love, now that she seems to be “dating” with a certain smuggler.

-Badass family kicking ass together. Anakin, Luke and Leia with lightsabers and Padmé and Han (yes, he’s going to be an in-law after all) with blasters.

-Anakin and Luke nerding out about mechanics, flying, ships and droids. Not mention fussing over R2.

-Leia and Luke coordinating their outfits.

-Teen!Luke whining about his power converters to Leia, who rolls her eyes and continues reading her holo book while pretending to listen to him.

-Anakin being an adorkable dad.

-Padmé being the boss of the house.

-Anakin and Padmé acting all lovey dovey in front of their children and make them facepalm with their corny dialogue.

-Luke and Leia presenting Han in a family dinner.

-Obi-Wan being a nest of nerves for dealing with three Skywalkers.


I would just like to say that I am very nervous to find out who A is, but also excited at the same time. We’ve been waiting years to find this out and soon we will have the clues to do so. I know everyone wants answers, but I’m really hoping that we will still be able to theorize about other things once we find out who A is. I love coming up with theories and reading everyone else’s so I hope this doesn’t ruin it for us!

i kinda wanna make it clear that i don’t ship hidekane romantically. it’s a cool ship though. i think i just really like writing about the relationships between characters no matter if i ship them or not. this is mostly like…”if things were different, then maybe i could see hidekane as something that would happen” so this is like a little canon-divergent scenario!

(i feel like i make tsukiyama sound like a bad person in this, but it’s only bc this scenario is really early on so there isn’t any room for all his character development. sorry shuu I promise I love you)

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