Thanks to buying Van’s Blade Liger (which I desperately want to assemble and put in my cabinet opposite Raven’s Geno Saurer, but must finish 176 other projects first. Restrain yourself Beau) I now have a super cute little Zeke figurine to go with Shadow :)

Bit disappointed with how rough his default colours are, so that’s a good enough justification to repaint him as well? The details on him are pretty intricate though, 10/10 on that one.

I got a good lol out of the Blade Liger’s instruction manual labelling him as ‘Geek’

Might wanna brush up on your engrish translations there Koto…

Once I grab Reese’s Geno Saurer, that should give me Specular and Ambient. Then I’ll have all the organoids from the TV series :D