okay so at the start of the matt/richard panel richard was joking abt how they weren’t gonna answer questions properly but once matt was like okay question time, i shot my hand up straight away and matt walked over to me slowly and he looked straight at me and was like ‘how about this girl with the lovely purple hair and glasses, hi’ and i nervously replied 'hi’ back, and he asked me if i had a question and i was like 'yeah!’ and he was like 'why not a statement?’ and everyone was laughing but i was like 'cause i have a question haha’ and he was 'okay what do you have to ask’ and i was like 'so you just did the naked run’ and EVERYONE STARTS LAUGHING and matt takes the mic off me and is like 'okay good moving on’ and i was like 'no but my question!’ and i was laughing so much at this point, and he was like 'nah i’m joking’ and let me continue and i asked 'we see you running off into the distance down the street, i was wondering if anything else happened that we didn’t see?’ and matt was like 'well nothing rly but when i was running i was like, i’ve just become a father and i could be arrested in 15mins i better turn back and get my shorts’ BYE LIFE IS AMAZING 

photo credit to thekansasmoose, amy who was sitting in front of me and the lovely carly who posted the front pic of me on the ahbl page!

The look on Dean’s face either says….

Man he’s gorgeous or I would love to run my fingers through his hair.

You choose or add you own in notes.

Pic credit to Dean-Ambrose.net

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Size: 1554 x 1881 pixel at 600dpi
Medium: Computer SAI
Series: Hakuouki
Character: Hijikata Toshizou

I don’t know how to draw this man. But what I probably got right is his grumpy facial expression. Is it just me or does he look like someone tossed him on the ground and is threatening him? However I love his hair. It was fun drawing him even so I do not know :3

Reasons I love Vivek Shraya:

1.) God Loves Hair

The first book of his I read was God Loves Hair and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a beautifully illustrated book about growing up queer, femme, and Hindu, first in India and then later in Canada.

2.) She of the Mountains

If this book doesn’t make you feel things, you are probably dead. This is a story about two brown (South Asian) people falling in love in one of the whitest parts of Canada. It’s also explores issues biphobia and body dysmorphia, but the beautifully written love stories are what stuck with me most.

3.) Breathe Again

I can’t stop listening to this album of Babyface covers!

4.) Heartbeats

He and Karen Campos Castillo interview queer and trans artists of color (including Kiley May, who I have also interviewed) for their blog, Heartbeats.

5.) He’s also an amazing photographer. How can one person be good at so many things? It’s not fair!

Hoping to release my interview with him in July. Keep an ear (or eye) out.

Part 2 to "Imagine you are Charlie sister and Sam falls in love with you"

It’s been eight months since Y/n came to the bunker and stayed and Sam was so happy to see her every morning and every day.With time, the boys got attched to her, Dean was like a brother to her but Sam was in love with her.He wanted to tell her but didn’t want to be rejected.He went in thr library where Y/n was trying to get a book from a shelf but it was too high.Sam came behind her.“Let me help you..” He reached his arm to the shelf and took the book.“Thanks…"She turned around looking at her, their faces just a few inches apart.He closed the distance between them and put a hand behind her neck.She put her hands on his shoulder letting the book to fall to the ground.He smiled and kissed her lips gently and she runed her fingers trough his hair.She smiled."I love you, Y/n."He said resting his forehead on hers."I love you too, Sam.”

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mohabbatein raj made me cry, though. he was so adorable and unpopular opinion: i loved his fucking hair so much in that movie, omg

he was really adorable.
oh yes the hair was fabulous, but next time take a close look on his pants xD 

(sorry not sorry and i hope you´re not too young)