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What made you get into opera? :)

First of all, my parents - they took us to the opera with my sister a lot when we were teeny tiny kids (most of those operas were not what you’d call kid-friendly lol, but I loved it anyway), we watched Bergman’s Trollflöjten and listened to Solti’s last Zauberflöte recording a billion times (this is also why Zauberflöte is one of my all-time favorites). Then I kind of stopped listening to opera for a decade and I really can’t tell you what was it exactly that got me back into opera again. Mezzos (Joyce DiDonato and Elina Garanca, respectively) and pants roles, probably, and the joy of discovering pieces and singers and composers and everything, I really can’t point to one thing and say “yes that’s it that was it”. Lurking around the tumblr opera fandom did help a lot, though.



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Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: 21 Guns- Green Day (that’s pleasant)

Second song will describe your love life: Walks like Rihanna- The Wanted (sounds hot)

Third song will be played at your wedding: Everything I didn’t say-5sos (awe)
Add “in my pants” to the title of the

fourth song: Oh hell in my pants-SoMo (lol)

Fifth song will be played at your funeral: When I was your man-burno Mars (that’s weird)

Sixth song is your theme song: Mistake- Demi Lovato (true)

Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: Little things- 1D (awe)
Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the

eighth song: Brave with a shovel and screwdriver- Sara barellies

Ninth song will describe your week: Rush-SoMo

Tenth song will play when you miss someone: Don’t forget where you belong-1D

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Haha I wish sporting events here had good food like yours! That just means you had a great time! The rock version :) Which do you like better, the original or the remake? Hahaha that's cute. I guess, I just can't imagine even trying to write something in fear of it being horrible. It went well! I got a couple of hoodies and track pants so I think I'm almost set, just need a few more and warm socks, oh and a beanie or two haha. How's the game going so far? :)

I love food hence the working out lol. I prefer the original. Everything is better as the original. It’s not cute when she abandons me haha then I’m left cold and alone lol nice although in can’t really pull off the beanie look. The game is fun but we are losing :( however the wine is good and my friend is cracking me up. How’s your morning?

Sneakers and summertime.

I don’t like certain sneakers during the summer just for myself. I can’t wear most Jordans cause I rather have those for jeans and joggers and even pants. I really love runners more and more everyday. They are so comfortable Nd so stylish and go with everything. And I can wear em with no socks. Lol I just don’t like clothes in general. But papi slippers and runners all summer.

Day 5: First

There’s a first for everything.

My first true love, 06/02/2012. It’s amazing I still remember the date.
First Kiss was like in the 2nd grade
First embarrassing moment was when I peed my pants in preschool. LOLOLOLOL
My first car is an Acura MDX. (So Asian)
First Job and only job I ever had is at Salsaritas. And I’m still there after 4 years. LOL

IDK what else to put on here

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idk if you have the money i think you're allowed to spend it? i can understand why we'd look at emma with a question mark since she loves to state she's not materialistic and is money conscious yet she's wearing a pair of pants that cost more than a month's rent, and tbh i can find a better pair at target lol. also it's irritating how they blow up everything about her. like she's the only one who wears a button down top and a short skirt.. like wow

Yeah they can be over the top with their fascination on what she wears too.

Do you know anyone with a really weird name?


Do you pick your words carefully, or just tend to blurt everything out?

pick them carefully

Do you get annoyed by one word conversations?


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I wasn’t tagged by anyone but thought this would be fun!

Title of the first song you land on describes how you die:

쩔어 Dope - BTS

This means Im going to die awesomely

Second song will describe your love life:

Run - EXO-K

I cant tell if this is good or bad lol

Third song will be playing on your wedding:

춤쳐 Steal Your Heart - Monsta X

lol i guess it talks about stealing your heart and everything but still.. at my wedding that would be a dope song ahaha

Add “in my pants” on the forth song you land on:

U Got Me in my pants - GOT7


Fifth song will be playing on your funeral:

Outro: Love is Not Over - BTS

dang. this would be good at a funeral

Sixth song is your theme song:

좋아 Joah - Jay Park

no wonder. this makes complete sense. its always stuck in my head. everyday

Seventh song will be played when you think of someone you love:

Can’t Stop - CNBLUE


Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:

Kiss My Lips with a shovel and a screwdriver - BoA

LOL this kinda seems like it would not be a good situation lol

Ninth song will describe your week:

Danger - BTS

save me. oh no

Tenth song will be played when you miss someone:

너여야만 해 The Answer - Kim Sunggyu

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Also, if you want to do this tag, please feel free to tag yourself <3

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1 & 39

1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.

My favorite movie is SLC Punk. When I was younger I loved watching late night movies on like HBO and stuff, and one night at like 2am this movie came on. I watched it and immediately feel in love with it. I may have been 12, young, and very very punk back then, but it’s stood the test of time for me. Unlike my plaid pants and jean jacket lol

39. Talk about the things you’d wished you’d known earlier.

Oof… Ummmm…. Everything? Lol like when I was younger I was really messed up and I just wish I’d have had the words I have now because it would have made understanding my experiences so much easier. Like I wish I’d known I had bipolar disorder and what that looked like and that all these things about myself that I thought were just broken we’re actually fairly common and typical and there are ways to cope.

And that my sexuality was in fact valid and I was allowed in queer spaces because I am queer and being bisexual didn’t mean I was “less gay” than my friends (although I also wish I could go back in time and get rid of all that internalized misogyny and biphobia way earlier cause that would have made things much better).

I also would definitely have liked to be as comfortable in my gender and gender identity as I am now. Because that was a big point of stress and anxiety and arguing that happened from ages like

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YOU GO GLEN COCO. It's more of a hope that's it's Gansey's books, instead of basing it off of facts. We can always dream, and overanalyze everything.

lol yes as my url rather gives away: my life revolves around richard fucking campbell gansey iii and quite frankly i would love to have the entirety of trc from gansey’s perspective even if it’s just like ah so blue went into the weird cave and i’m out here pissing my pants and fuck time goes slowly doesn’t it 

that conclusion was mostly me consciously thinking, no dom FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES GANSEY GOD not everything is about him (lol)