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Hi!!😄😄so I love ur audios❤️❤️and I tried to download them so I could listen to them more or on repeat and stuff and I can't.😔😔 I've tried idownloader and many more apps and I don't know if I'm bad with technology or what😂😂😂but could u please help or tell me if I can even download them?? Sorry😂😂I'm kinda new to tumblr!!!

I literally just blogged the download links, when you click them and get to the page press download ! And save it to your pc folder x

Yes, it’s true. 

you can find this work and many others on my website: www.terriblyartistic.com and my insta: terriblyartistic 

I’ve thought about this in a really literal sense and tried to figure out why it was true. What IS so artistic about being in love, and or loving someone else. The simple answer, at least for me, is I feel that in loving someone there’s an unspoken commitment to value them more so than you could vow to value any living thing on the face of the earth – often so much so that their well-being is more important to you than your own. That my friends, is poetic, in every sense of the word. Being so, would also by default make it artistic. The complicated answer is more as follows. I feel that there’s a craft to loving someone. You have to take everything you love about them and their faults in equal measure. In a sense you find yourself sifting through the heart strings of certain people, taking the broken parts and mending them to the best of your abilities. The ugly parts that are unchanging have to be handled in an even more delicate way. As the person who’s job it is us to love unconditionally, it becomes your burden to ever so carefully and delicately store those parts away while loving and tending to them all the same. That whole process, to me, delicate hands and careful hearts is artistic. The reason I chose to showcase children in this piece, is that I feel they reflect the overall sentiment of love best. They love fully and without regard without really being able to understand/comprehend the feeling to it’s fullest. That’s brave, and artistic.

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Toby's (AP/ToT) reaction to finally being able to hold hands with his long time crush. (o* w *o

I literally squealed at this, he and Wizard/Gale are my faves from that game; and yes, I made it around his five-heart event… or, tried at most.   (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Toby had always wanted to hold hands with them, he wanted to know what it all felt like, but… he was too shy, because the one that he wanted to hold hands was the same person he had fallen in love with since the day they met; and what time could be better than this time?

He had invited them to the river for some fishing (although for him it was more like asking them out on a date). He looked over to see them really focused on catching that fish. Oh, how he wanted to hold their hand at that moment but… what if they break their concentration? What if he let their fish get away and they get mad at him? He quietly sighed and waited for the right time…

He waited for what felt like hours (albeit maybe about ten minutes) until he heard their line snag. “I caught something!” They shouted as they begin to reel the fish in. “That’s it, you’re almost there!” The fisher boy cheered until…

“YES~!” they reeled in the big trout, their cheers can even be heard at Julius’ home. “Congrats on your catch [name].” he applaud until his dream finally came true; they hold his hands with theirs as they said “Thank you so much for teaching me how to fish Toby.” It got him off guard since it was suppose to be HIM that was suppose to do the hand-holding, but he’ll let it slide since well… he finally was able to touch their hands. “Your welcome [name].”

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8, 12, 18?

Already answered 8, so here’s 12 and 18!

My favourite villain, without a shadow of a doubt, is Taskmaster. I know he’s had more of an anti-heroic slant since his 2002 UDON miniseries, but that’s just one of the many things I love about him. He has arguably the coolest power in 616, his costumes are badass, he has at least one Crowning Moment of Awesome per issue he appears in, and he just generally ticks so many boxes for shit I find cool. He’s also an incredibly complex and multi-layered character, and if anyone tries to tell me otherwise I will fucking curb-stomp them. Again, I could literally talk for hours about why he’s the most badass character in 616 bar Union Jack.

As for my favourite writer…that’s a toughie. Gail Simone definitely qualifies, having written so much stuff I love, but Kurt Busiek’s Avengers is what got me hooked on comics in the first place. Honorable mention goes to the incredible duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for their work on Guardians of the Galaxy (FUCK BENDIS 2K15), particularly Dan Abnett for his seminal novel Rocket Raccoon and Groot Steal The Galaxy, which is literally one of the best books I’ve ever read.