song: don’t speak 

breathing had never come without a battle for every inhalation. 
although he knew himself to be given a gift in the form of being
able to lift the blade, to fight. this time, the wave of black was
all-encompassing & he found his fingers slackening over the weapon,
allowing himself to submerge. surrender. he was… tired.

in his lungs, in his veins it ran. an ink writing over his core as if
he were made of paper. black & white, an eye blinked wide in
his mind, wide into wakefulness, sweeping over the expanse
of his thoughts, gazing over a soul that`s flame has run its course.
smoldered. sputtered.

there was no malevolence in this intrusion. there never has
been. for this being, omnipotent as it was, ukitake never found
himself straying from the path of measureless gratitude. bottomless
fidelity. he owed all of what he was, all of what he`d experienced, to this.
if what he`s borrowed was to be reclaimed here, to be used for
something greater than him, then he would relinquish it all without

                    you  k n o w, don`t you?
                                                your time is here.

yes. he breathes in one last time, satisfied.


Team Signless from the Musicians AU pseudocon and I have been scheming in our spare time.

Top to bottom is retired Lounge Singer Dolorosa, self-promoted internet Dubstep/Electro artist Psiioniic, Indie performer Signless (similar work to Bo Burnahm), and J-pop star Disciple.

Trying out a new coloring style with these! The process still needs tweaking and I wasn’t spending too much time on each one so I would go back and neaten them up before putting them in a portfolio, but it seems to make shading faces and hair a lot easier. c:

I refuse to believe that Nico came out to Percy and Annabeth before coming out to Hazel