"If I had not left you alone with that girl that you adore,

Would you still laugh with me now?”

"If I had paid close attention to you and watch out for you,

I would’ve made sure that nothing can hurt you anymore than life has.”

"If I had come out and supported you from the start,

Would you smile more..?”

"Why didn’t I—"

I have this curse that’s similar to “always the bridesmaid never the bride,” but it’s like, “always a friend, never the best friend.”


Red vs Blue Things:

              ↳ F.I.L.S.S: "I am the Freelancer Integrated Logistics and Security System. You may call me F.I.L.S.S"

If today’s the day I d i e
Lay me down under the l i g h t s
Let me f




in l o v e, let me save a l i f e

imagine tiny little 11-year old snape boarding the hogwarts express in robes that are too big for him with a big broad grin on his face because he’s finally going to a place where he might be understood and accepted. imagine tiny little 11-year old snape dreaming of a place where no one will hurt him or taunt him because they’re all just like him. imagine tiny little 11-year old snape meeting the future marauders and spilling out the wrong words because he’s never learnt anything different, and just like that, on day fucking one, he’s lost all hope of ever being accepted at this school. imagine tiny little 11-year old snape picking his way through the welcoming feast, crestfallen and dejected, feeling more lost and alone than ever.

Airport Swag


Captain Swan scenes | 6/

'As you wish.'


So I got all cel distracted yesterday and didn’t really give this moment its proper due, and that was a critical oversight on my part. We should ALL give this moment its due.

This moment where Minako, totally thrown and abandoned to the wolves of Whoever The Fuck This Guy Is, has a moment of “OH SHIT NOW WHAT” distress, literally shakes it off, and then puts on her cheerful sunny I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP MR. DEMILLE face.

This IS Minako, this is so at the heart of who Minako is. She flipped off one switch and flipped on another, and it took no more than the shake of her head to not just arrive in this place, but to get there, find her room, unpack, have dinner, and invite friends over.



005. A Quote That Represents Your Feels For Her (by Tháts)

"Hey, light of mine,
My dark past seem so distant now,
Thanks to you future seem so bright, you're my holy rite.
For long I don't feel alone,
For you I've being strong.
To you all my pretty songs,
Honest smiles and poetry rhymes,
All to thank you for the life, you've made it worth while.

Only for you I have fought all my sorrows and fears.
Hey, light of mine.
Thank you for fill my heart and made it your home."
- Babi S.

feelings are gross why do we have them.

anonymous asked:

You're really cute and I wish I could hold your hand but you probably don't like me. Anyway, the point of this message was to tell you how cute you are.

Awhh, thank you!
And, well, just start off by being my friend n.n 
I’ve tended to jump into things too fast in the past so I’m trying to learn to kinda chill out because if you rush things they just don’t seem to work out.
I wanna take my time to really get to know someone.
Besides, dont they say that best friends make the best partners?

I am so exhausted.

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Who is your favourite model and why? x

My favourite model is Mason Frizelle mostly because he’s a new model and I feel like I’m his first obsessive fan, thus becoming unintentionally very possessive lol Also because his appearance captivated me immediately upon seeing him, I was instantly weak man it was strange. He also seems to be a very boyish guy type but not in a douche way, and a little awkward but I’d imagine that we kind of have the same humor 

I also consider Benjamin Jarvis as my favourite, after reading his introduction on his DKNY profile I was absolutely smitten. He seems really genuine and his smile is killer! And ugh his laugh is heaven. I am in love with his personality and I’d just want to be around him 24/7, everyday of the week. Not only is he charismatic but he is utterly stunning and an extremely talented model. I want to be with him or be him tbh preferably both

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might just be an observation but you put on this front as if you're now this mature person who doesn't like baby things anymore so you moved on from 1d (obviously not since youre obsessed with their fans) and onto the 1975 (which u found out about through harry) and u spend ur time defending a guy who is so problematic and wont admit it bc youre childish and thick headed af

Wow it’s almost like you shouldn’t follow me or give a fuck. 

i think i mess up everything in life and it just hurts so much because i know wonderful people who care for me whom i just hurt and i don’t think i want to be alive anymore if i have to be honest. i lost one of my best friends tonight due to my problems and i’m too much to handle. i will probably hurt myself later tonight. promised that this year wouldn’t be full of pain, but i brought this upon myself and i can’t breathe it seems. i need to breathe, yet i’m still holding the kinfe, i’m still choking myself and i really need help. i just.. there’s no one left. i can’t talk to my friends if i keep hurting them and i.. am just so damaged and i cant stop crying for hours.