ctrl alt delete you

Q’s been upset since the day Silva managed to make him feel like a fool.  Undoubtedly, he is curious whether the man has figured out the correct files from the false ones he carefully implanted ages ago, but this time, he plans to make a grand return and maybe even gloat a little.  He deserves that at the very least.  After all, he’s been such a good boy.  

He takes a sip from his precious mug before locking the armoury, making sure nobody will possibly disturb his thinking process because he needs utmost focus if he’s to keep up with Silva.  Carefully, he tracks one of Silva’s computers using leftover data from the first encounter and latches onto the machine from his laptop as he hacks into one of the cameras, attempting to hopefully seize the man’s attention.  "…Found you.“

Me having a boyfriend would be the equivalent of someone trying to play around with a clever parrot that speaks and says funny things, is shy and bites but then eventually learns you’re a friend and eats some seeds from your hand, then won’t leave you alone and continues to say weird ass things and screech for attention. I am the parrot.